Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday News on March 20, 2015

Tunisia recently was ruled by a Western-backed dictator Ben Ali until the Arab Spring came to allow President Beij Caid Essebsi to be President. Some of its citizens have joined ISIS. Also, domestically, Tunisia is in a crossroads. While, unemployment has always been high, unemployment is still a serious problem in that nation. People inside of Tunisia rightfully want jobs, income, and real freedom. It is true that Tunisia adopted a new constitution. On many occasions, some governments has executed policies that compromise the civil liberties of their own residents (in response to horrendously evil attacks against innocent people). Recently, Tunisia government officials have ordered the arrest of the popular comedian called Migalo (or Wassim Lahrissi) and television host Moez Ben Gharbia of charges of having “offended the President.” One big point is that the Western imperialist policies in Syria and Libya have caused the massive turmoil in the Middle East, North Africa, etc. Even Egypt now is run by an authoritarian former army commander Abdel-Fatah El Sisi. The junta in Egypt is antithetical to the essence of freedom. It is obvious that ISIS was invented by Western-backed terrorists. Al-Qaeda itself was created by a CIA backed asset. We all send prayers and condolences to the victims and their families of this tragedy (in Tunisia). People deserve true freedom and true democratic rights to exist not imperialism or neoliberalism. All people are entitled to justice. The study about environmental inequality further validates the concerns of environmental justice activists. It is not a secret that pollution exposure disproportionately affects the poor and people of color. This study is important to refute the skeptics who believe that environmental inequality is nonexistent and people can pollute anywhere on the face of the Earth (for any reason). We need real regulations and green activists are working day in and day out to help out poorer communities. We have to learn about toxic waste dumping, GMOs, climate change, and other important subjects as it relates to the environment. We are in solidarity with community-based green organizations that are doing great work.

Netanyahu make no bones about promoting a reactionary, neoliberal, and imperial state. The neo-cons and many members of the political establishment are with him in agreeing with the oppression of the Palestinian people. Yet, heroic people are still fighting for the day in which humanity and justice will flourish all over the Middle East triumphantly. There should be a thorough, independent investigation to find the facts in dealing with Martese. Martese's face has suffered a lot of bleeding and the pictures of the man being injured are very disturbing. Some ABC Officers had to pay a settlement to Elizabeth Daly for its usage of excessive force. Things must change in our society. Many cops have impunity to literally kill people. In society, cops are readily given the benefit of the doubt at any circumstance. Eyewitnesses should tell their stories as well and we all deserve the truth. The protesters have every right to speak their minds and to proclaim the truth that Black Lives Matter. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have slandered the Black Lives Matter Movement. At first, I didn’t want to talk about this issue, but for them to tie the movement to the recent shooting of 2 police officers in Ferguson, Missouri has crossed a line. They are in league with the capitalist establishment and they are paleo-conservative reactionaries. Paul Joseph Watson recently wrote the lie that: “…Once again we see the establishment press affording legitimacy to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement despite its constant invocation and practice of violence…” The Black lives Movement in their organizations have explicitly condemned violence. They have condemned the violence of police terrorism in our communities and violence in general. The Black Lives Movement came about by people who were fed up with the War on Drugs, racist oppression, a bad criminal injustice system, and bigotry in general. This strong movement exist, because they were disastified with the political status quo. People in the Black Lives Matter movement are politically independent.  I do believe that black people in the Americas deserve reparations which the reactionaries Jones and Watson adamantly oppose. The Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay.

For a long time, it has been used a racist epithet. The terminology of describing black people as primates is blatantly offensive and racist. Her original statements never mentioned anything about his comments being distasteful at all. Raven Symone's original comments deny that the ex-Univision host made racist commentaries about the First Lady. People on Instagram have nothing to do with this issue. This issue is about how for too long, some people want to mock the beauty of black women and black people in general. Brothers and Sisters are tired of it. She has the right to her views and people subsequently have the right to disagree with her eloquently. No one said that everyone is racially angry, but some people are in denial about how slick racism can be. Post-racial propaganda is commonly promoted in our generation as we enter the year of 2020. We will not calm down when innocent, unarmed black people are being murdered in the streets by cops. We will not calm down when massive poverty exists in America and all over the world. We will not calm down when oppression still flourished throughout the Earth via many different types of manifestations. Irish, African, Asian, Indian, and other types of cultures have nothing to do with the disrespectful rantings of an ex-host. The truth is that some people need to realize what time it is and act accordingly. I have no issues with humor, joy, and enjoyment of life. We need humor from time to time, but not the overt degradation of our phenotypes (in an inappropriate fashion). I have no ill will toward Raven Symone. I wish the best for her, but I don’t agree with her on this issue. We can’t minimize the situation that we face. We have to be honest about how far that we have to go in order for us to witness the beloved community in which we all desire.

At the end of the day, the well-being of children is very important to advance. Homeschooling is a trend that is great for society. My philosophy is always that we should expand educational opportunities for all children. The goal is that every child should have the opportunity to receive a strong, affordable, and enriching education regardless of a child's color, gender, economic background, nationality, or background. The problem is that the affordability of many schools is lax in many areas. In other words, many great schools are too expensive for many families. If we can make diverse educational systems (from public, private, homeschooling, etc.) more affordable for especially poor families, then we can go a long way in solving the problem. Richer communities receive state of the art technology, targeted funding, counselors, and the whole nine yards, while 21st century resources are heavily restricted in poorer communities. This must change. Many public schools are struggling and some public schools are strong. I have no issue with homeschooling children at all and we need to promote solutions that are known to work (like small class sizes, mentoring kids, nutritional programs, creative curriculums, continuing to support strong, qualified, & excellent teachers, and allow strong community input in educational functions). Children must learn about music, art, and culture (especially black culture for black kids since we need to know about our heritage as a prerequisite for us to be free as black people). This is not about bashing every public school, because many public schools are doing what is right. I have no problems with strong, healthy public schools, private schools, and homeschooling at all. It is about opposing the status quo, because the status quo (like zero tolerance which has contributed to the destructive pipeline to prison situation which we are trying to avert, excessive standardized testing, etc.) is not working for our children.

Jason Riley is a reactionary person. I expect nothing less from him to spew retrograde rhetoric. The evil words spewed by some folks of the SAE fraternity have been condemned by black people from across the political spectrum. We have shown disgust not glee over the evil words. The fraternity members are totally responsible for using racial slurs not single mothers, not the black poor, not black liberals, and not anyone else but those racist frat members. So, that fact alone refutes his whole arguments. He wants to switch around the issue. The issue is about condemning racism in society and fighting for economic justice. Since he loves to talk about the pre-Civil Rights era, let me remind him that the civil rights movement existed long before the 1950’s. Black folks were fighting for their human rights for a long time. Black folks rebelled against the Maafa since the late 15th century. People like Riley have an obsession with the Democratic Party. The Democrats that I know don't call for a federal solution for every problem in our community. Not even their national platform call for that. In fact, many Democrats support neoliberalism, centrism, Wall Street bailouts, and privatization. Not all Democrats are monolithic in their views or ideologies. There were more moderate Republicans like Jackie Robinson & Edward Brooke who wanted the federal government to have a huge role in defending the civil rights of African Americans. I have no problem with social justice, with economic justice, with improving the environment, with protecting our civil liberties, and with the redistribution of economic and political power (as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, and other leaders supported). I’m a political Independent, but I will never mock the brutal history of lynching as a means to make some perverted political point. This liar talks about the “boys in the hood” when many black people in the ghetto are upright, strong, intelligent, love their families, and abhor injustice. There are groups now in the black community that are working to improve the conditions of urban communities all of the time. For Riley to stereotype his own people living in poorer communities outlines his nefarious character as a man. How dare he mock the experiences of the ghetto when the crime rates in the black community have declined since the 1970’s. So, Riley is part of Wall Street Journal and we know how Wall Street has used privatization schemes and other nefarious tactics in harming the economic vitality of Americans. Therefore, we will not back down. We will defend the truth and we will always stand up plus speak up for our rights.

By Timothy

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