Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday News

The Trump story gets more and more bizarre. Reuters reported that the Trump team had at least 18 times of contact with the Russians. Michael Flynn told the Trump transition team that he was under investigation by the FBI. This was weeks before Flynn was fired and Flynn was still selected by the Trump administration. The Deputy Attorney General have briefed Senators on the Trump's firing of Comey. Some believe that evidence of the obstruction of justice exists. Comey wrote his memo and the Deputy Attorney General said that he knew on May 8 that Comey would be fired. That was one day before Comey was fired. Obstruction of justice is very serious. FORMER FBI Director Robert Mueller is appointed by the Justice Department as special counsel in the Russia investigation. Trump has denied asking Comey to end Flynn investigation. Comey is known to create a paper trail and have other forms of documentation for his information. Comey's friend said that Trump's hug to Comey was viewed by Comey as a way to try to end the investigation in a slick way too. There should be an impartial investigation of all of the facts. I don't believe in McCarthyism that blames Russia for everything under the sun. Also, I don't believe in obstruction of justice or violations of any law. The truth must be known. If these allegations are true, then Trump should be impeached. Trump should be impeached for other reasons, but if these accusations are accurate, then he should be impeached. I don't agree with the Trump agenda.

Yesterday was Happy Haitian flag Day to all. Haiti is very important to us as Brothers and Sisters. It was the first black Republic of the Americas. Its independence was created in 1804 after the Haitians defeated the French, the English, and the Spanish. Toussaint Louverture, Sanité Bélair, and other heroes fought for the freedom of our people in the nation of Haiti. Their sacrifices are always honored by us. Haiti is a Caribbean nation with majestic culture, music, art, and extraordinary down to Earth human beings. The Haitians have made tons of contributions in music, athletics, government, literature, theology, science, technology, mathematics, legal affairs, sociology, anthropology, biology, and other aspects of human endeavors. I have Caribbean ancestry from my mother's side of my family, so we all celebrate Haiti and the Haitian people forever. Love is more than an emotion. It's a feeling of warmth. It's a feeling of joy when there is tranquility, authentic communication, and honesty to do things out of a sincere motivation. A lot of people are searching for love. Some are blessed to find it. It takes patience to find real love, because love readily incorporates pristine sacrifice and a determination to develop that sense of peace that surpasses understanding. So, I do believe in love as I believe in promoting happiness in life.

The events in Flint, Michigan are some of the most callous acts of the political establishment in the 21st century. Flint residents are victims of poisoned water and they are being forced by the authorities to pay for the water when the water infrastructure is still very weakened. Many people still suffer many illnesses and diseases (like Legionnaires disease) from lead poisoning & poisoned water. Also, many have died in Flint. Some folks' hairs have fallen out too. This showed that environmental justice is an important aspect of any society. Authorities have been bad to threatened shutoffs against families too. The assistance to families with children are minuscule and that money doesn't apply to families who moved from Flint (which makes that policy only a token measure). In essence, pipes need to be replaced. The whole water system in Flint must have radical improvements and families definitely need more investments. Virginia Tech’s Professor Marc Edwards, Flint pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, and other whistleblowers have done great work in making the truth known. Snyder and members from both major parties have done a seriously disgraceful job in fully addressing this monumental crisis in Flint, Michigan. Now, home values have declined greatly and many residents fear that their homes might be foreclosed in 2018 by their refusal to pay for poisoned water. The people of Flint don't need more corporate exploitation. They desire total justice.

This is an important issue. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, one officer was once again acquitted by the jury after the officer unjustly killed an unarmed black human being. It's a shame that we have to anticipate this tragedy result and officers (who abuse their power) are rarely prosecuted for such heinous actions. Those, who do manslaughter, readily experience prison time, but the officer doesn't. Terrence Crutcher is the name of the Brother who was killed. His family is suffering unspeakable pain when justice unfortunately is not being served here. Right now, many protesters in Tulsa are expressing legitimate outrage at that verdict. Sessions is the new Attorney General and we know what he stand for and it isn't for social justice. So, our rights are disrespected by a system which wants the status quo. Therefore, we have to fight for our rights and for justice regardless.
Black Lives Matter.

A lot of people here are from Texas. Many of my relatives came to Texas before. They visited Austin, which is a place with history. One of my relatives visited San Antonio which has a lot of diversity and inspirational culture. Many of my relatives visited Waco and Dallas (which is a large city with a huge downtown area). Since I have an inquisitive mind (and I like to study stuff in my spare time), I have researched Texas and its history (especially its civil rights history, because the civil rights movement wasn't just in Virginia, Georgia, or Alabama. It existed in Texas too). One of the greatest civil rights heroes was Sister Juanita Craft of Dallas, Texas. This information is to reiterate the crucial point that regardless of where were live or work geographically, we are all in this together as human beings. We share one Earth and we work hard in this world so future generations can live in the Promised Land for real. Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother Reggie Jackson. He played baseball for a long time. is an American former professional baseball right fielder who played 21 seasons for the Kansas City / Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and California Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB). Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993. Reggie Jackson was called Mr. October when he played for the NY Yankees, because of his clutch play in the field. He was born in Jackson was born in the Wyncote neighborhood of Cheltenham Township, just north of Philadelphia. He played basketball, baseball, football, and track and field when he was in high school. He graduated form high school in 1964. He was injured before and doctors said that he could never walk again. Yet, he had faith and overcome the odds to be a great athlete in his own right. After his career, he worked with the Yankees and other things. I wish Brother Reggie Jackson more Blessings.

By Timothy

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