Thursday, May 04, 2017

Savant's New Words

The difference, , is that the republic in the USA is not as unstable as was the Weimar Republic. Otherwise, Il Duce Don would be able to exercise a dictatorship EXCEEDING that of Adolph Hitler. But the Don is trying his best to inch America toward an authoritarian state. But since the American republic is not as weak as was Germany's we more intelligent Americans, we Americans with an adult social conscience (which I hope you will one day develop) have more time to stop the aspiring tyrant in his tracks. What's frightening (but not surprising) is that idiots can elect an idiot like Trump--and actually BELIEVE the guy. Hey, if you were duped by Nixon, by Clinton or by Obama, you were at least fooled by an INTELLIGENT player. But to be duped by a MORON like Trump! LOL! If I had voted for Trump I'd be too embarrassed to admit it....  (20 hrs ago | post #223)

You may have a point about my calling him "Il Duce Don Trump". His authoritarian proto-fascist proclivities notwithstanding, Trump is a simpleton and a fool. Mussolini was more educated, and Hitler was probably more intelligent. We have a moron who thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive, and that Andrew Jackson was around during the Civil War. I'm not sure even GW Bush was that dumb. Should I call him Il Duce Don or DUMBO Trump. And don't come with any excuses or talk about how you don't have to educated or smart to be President. In the SIXTH GRADE I knew that Andrew Jackson was dead before the Civil War happened. In the SIXTH GRADE I knew that Frederick Douglass had died long before I was born--before my mother and grandmother was born. Explain to me how a kid from the ghetto can be smarter than a RICH 70 year old man,  (Tuesday | post #215)

I also know that Hitler, while crushing trade unions, killing liberals and socialists, was in the pay of big bankers and industrialists. Big business and the old aristocracy had the attitude that Hitler and his thugs would help kill off the socialists, commie, trade unionists and other leftists who were SERIOUS about ending plutocracy, not just trying to fool German common people--which Trump--like Il Duce and der Fuhrer--achieved with frightening success. BIG BUSINESS AND FASCISM by Daniel Guerin is often quite insightful in point out the hoax. Hitler destroyed trade unionists, not industrialists. I will give my thoughts on Venezuela later.  (Tuesday | post #214)

Also, Il Duce Don Trump is actually more of a PLUTOCRAT, than a populist. Or ifone wishes to call him a populist then his populism is akin to other forums of bogus, right wing authoritarian populisms. It is the authoritarian right wing populisms of Juan Peron, L'Action Francaise or Hitlerian fascism. Such populism is a bogus cover for plutocracy which, when fully developed and in power, expresses itself as totalitarian fascism. This is what many Americans--mostly white--have voted for. And if fully empowered it will CRUSH the very fools who voted for it. Just as the Republican Party no longer the party of Lincoln, and the Democrats no longer the party of FDR, the so-called populism of Trump is not the populism of post-Civil War America  (Monday May 1 | post #208)

  Hispanics" in ancient Egypt? How could there be Hispanics in ancient Egypt when there were no Hispanics anywhere? Now let me point out something: People didn't have racial identities 4,000--5,000 years ago as they do today. So, that complicates things already. People who would today be regarded as Blacks or whites were not so regarded in those days. As historian W.E.B Du Bois notes, differences in skin color was a matter of curiosity but no identity was based on it, and no privileges or disadvantages were connected with it. A "black" or "white" person who was an Egyptian or Roman thought of himself as an Egyptian or Roman, not as a Black or white. Now Herodotus, who visited Egypt (as did many Greeks) reports that Egyptian priests told him that Egyptians originally came into to Egypt from the lands to the south of Egypt. You can find that in his HISTORIES.. On at least some translations, he speaks of the Egyptians as black and curly hair. But in Egyptian art, Egyptians are depicted as Black, brown, red and white--even occasionally yellow. Not only did Egyptians come from the south, but was invaded from the North. Hyksos, a Semitic people conquered Egypt and ruled for a while. There were those called the "Sea People" whose origins are unknown, but whom some scholars believe to be Mycenaean Greeks. Egypt was invaded by Assyria, Persia, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. So, you can expect an extraordinary mixture of peoples--but peoples who did not have our modern racial self-conceptions  (19 hrs ago | post #4066)

Oh yes, what I stated earlier still stands: The Republicans, once the most progressive of the two parties, is no longer the Party of Lincoln . The Democrats are no longer the party of FDR. They're both the party of America, INC--whatever(incr easingly small) ideological or policy differences there may be. They're both pillars of plutocracy and intolerance. A plague on both their houses!  (Sunday Apr 30 | post #205)

Don't you try to be slippery, for you're certainly not that good. Trump is as much a Republican as Sanders (originally an independent) is a Democrat. And the fact remains that elections do go back and forth--and have for much of America's political history. In 2006--2008, Democrat swept both the Senate and the House, and took the Presidency as well. The traditional base of the Democratic Party is actually split--not solidly Republican. Well, maybe in the South it is, and even there is being challenged. And no matter how you slice it, Trump lost the POPULAR vote by over TWO MILLION! Or was it THREE? That's way past the light edge GW Bush got in his tainted victory of 2000. And it shows that the elite who organized the republic designed things to prevent popular democracy (as they unabashedly admit in the FEDERALIST PAPERS), and that their design is still operative.  (Sunday Apr 30 | post #204)

But my position was that very few Blacks in America see themselves as true Israelites. If you wish to show otherwise then statistics would be VERY important. I can offer statistics which show that at least 80%--90% in America regard themselves as Christians. But evidence that many regard themselves as "true Israelites" is not forthcoming. As for "truth" being popular, there is often the question of what the truth is. Is it really true that Black in America are Israelites? Most don't think so. But is there evidence that they are?  (Friday Apr 28 | post #8967)

I am familiar with a number o left wing parties from the Greens, to the Socialist Workers Party, to heavens knows what else. NONE of them are in power. Is there even ONE state with a Green governor? Or a socialist one? If by left party you mean the Democrats, then you're talking about another corporate establishment party. They used to be to the right of the Republicans. But that was before the 1960s, and even more so, before Franklin D. Roosevelt. And to put it more bluntly before the Right hijacked the Republican Party.. (Some of my students who've not studied their history are surprised when I tell them that there were LIBERAL REPUBLICANS when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s! Or that at one time the Republicans were MORE LIBERAL than the Democrats!). Today, the Democrats are more "liberal " than Republicans, but that's not saying much considering how far Right the Republicans have moved, and considering that the Democrats are also a party of the Establishment. What the Dems try to do is co-opt progressive oppositional movements, or to negate them if they cannot be controlled. That's what happened with the Occupy Movement. That seems to be the approach to Black Lives Matter. (BLM refused to support ANY candidates, and their leaders refused even to TALK to Obama when he invited them to his office). Left extremism??? One can speak of such, but would have to be delusional to attribute that the Democrat Party, Inc. Asked the former (or even current) supporters of Bernie Sanders how "left wing" is the party, especially the DNC. They'd crack their sides laughing. Probably, so would I.


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