Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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One of the most sad parts of Trump is his total ignorance of history. He made a recent statement about how Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War. He said that Andrew Jackson had a big heart. The truth is the opposite. Andrew Jackson had a stone cold heart and he owned slaves. He wanted the expansion of slavery in Western territories. Also, Andrew Jackson supported the oppression of Native Americans (he allied with the Trail of Tears journey, which was about the forcible removal of Native Americans from the Deep South into Oklahoma) and he economically crippled America. The Civil War existed because the South immorally wanted slavery and the tensions economically, socially, and politically between the North and the South. The South refused to end slavery ASAP, so they seceded from the Union. In essence, Trump is trying to promote historical revisionism and Andrew was a wicked male. I'm from Virginia. I know about the Civil War and its history. When black folks fought en masse in the Union, the Civil War ended in less than 3 years. So, Trump is an extremist. Michael Slager is a murderer and a coward. His plea shows that this murdering liar deserve no respect. Walter Scott was an unarmed black man. He was oppressed and killed by an ex-cop. Another point must be reiterated too. Black people have spoken up about this issue for a long time and on many occasions, our voices have been ignored by far right extremists. Also, many Trump supporters condemn social activists as social justice warriors. They forget that these social justice warriors gave everyone the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, and other blessings that many take for granted. Social justice warriors are about that life to help people and fight for justice for real. So, police terrorism is opposed by me. Far right talking points (which condemn victims and praise cops unconditionally) can go straight into Hell. Slager is a con-artist and a person desperate for attention, which is why he took the plea. I send prayers and condolences to the family of Brother Walter Scott.

I want to mention this point. This is an important issue. I was inspired to write about it, because of one spiritual woman and a great Friend. She knows who she is. :) It is important to recognize the truth that Strength is Beautiful. That means that there is nothing wrong with a woman with muscles. In this generation, we have more people who show tolerance and respect for women who are into fitness and exercising. Back in the day, there was a lot of intolerance about that (even against great pioneers like Lenda Murray & Serena Williams). Even today, many misogynists and wrong headed people believe in the lie that a woman shouldn't have muscles in a great way. We will let the truth be known that men and women have every human right to exercise, to be free, and to express themselves in a progressive society. Therefore, we are living now and we have this opportunity to inspire people (both men and women) to live out their destinies. We want people to succeed. Some are gifted in fitness, art, teaching, athletics, education, construction, architecture, theology, and other fields. That's fine and we believe not only in respect and human dignity. We believe in living that credo forever. So, the words from the haters don't mean a hill of beans. Truth conquers all and Everyone should follow their dreams.

This is a sad day in America. Mary McLeod Bethune believed in equal opportunities for students. She fought for public resources to help students and Americans to achieve their dreams. She also was a civil rights champion, who abhorred bigotry and injustice. Today, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will speak in the commencement address for the HBCU Bethune Cookman University. That is a disgrace to give a platform of DeVos to spew her ridiculous propaganda (after she made disrespectful comments about HBCUs in general. HBCUs were formed not to promote a privatized school choice agenda. They were formed to establish public institutions to give black people more educational opportunities and to fight back against racist tyranny in American society). In her confirmation hearing, she failed to answer basic questions about education. She is clear in her intentions to cut resources and totally dismantle large sections of public education programs. When I was in high school, no one taught me the revolutionary side of Dr. King. When I got older, I learned of this information. Dr. King praised democratic socialism. His allies were socialists from A. Philip Randolph to Norman Thomas (who was a socialist that Dr. King praised). Dr. King didn't believe in Stalinist Communism because Dr. King said that it included ethical relativism and a crippling totalitarianism. Respectability politics ultimately doesn't work since a perfectly uplift human being can still be oppressed and murdered regardless. So, more people have to understand that Dr. King and Malcolm X including Ella Baker were militant human beings who desired change.

This is a very sweet story with an important message. One teenager named Priscilla Samey brought her Harvard acceptance letter to her prom. For generations, elders and great human beings have told the truth that education is an important gateway to so many blessings of society (from powerful occupations to the growth of a progressive standard of living). The young Sister should be commended and congratulated for her sacrifice and her great intellectual skills in pursuing her dreams. She wanting to study political science in Harvard is magnificent. I had a minor in Political Science and it's one of the greatest subjects to study. Also, she wants to have a major and a doctorate in dealing with business administration including business law and that is great too. We all wish Priscilla Samey the best and she is living her life. Her life shows the greatness of Black Excellence. Gabby Douglas is from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Her recent action of releasing her barbie doll is great, because it shows how she wants to inspire people to follow their own dreams. Also, this action outlines the creative spirit found in the black community. Gabby Douglas has made many accomplishments and overcame so much adversity to be a champion. She is a great black person and her story is about how perseverance is a reality among many in the human family.

The history of Bleeding Kansas is an important part of American history. Back then, the Congress couldn’t deal with slavery in the states. It did have jurisdiction in the western territories. California rejected slavery unanimously in 1850 and became a free state. New Mexico back then allowed slavery, but it was rare there. Kansas was off limits to slavery by the Compromise of 1820. Free soil elements feared that if slavery were allowed, then rich planters would buy up the best lands and work them with slaves. This left little opportunities in their minds for free white men to own farms. Many of the free soilers opposed slavery not for moral reasons, but for economic and political reasons. Few Southern planters were truly interested in Kansas. Yet, the idea that slavery was illegal there implied to them that they had a second class status (which is silly). The Southerners had an ego and wanted to promote their extremist doctrine of state’s rights. States’ rights to them were about the right of a state to have slavery, which is ludicrous and wrong. With the passage of the extremely controversial Kansas–Nebraska Act in 1854, Congress left the decision up to the voters on the ground in Kansas. Across the North a new major party was formed to fight slavery: the Republican Party, with numerous westerners in leadership positions, most notably Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. To influence the territorial decision, anti-slavery elements (also called "Jayhawkers" or "Free-soilers") financed the migration of politically determined settlers. But pro-slavery advocates fought back with pro-slavery settlers from Missouri. Violence happened among the pro-slavery and anti-slavery human beings. The Marais des Cygnes massacre of anti-slavery Kansans occurred on May 19, 1858. 56 people were killed by the time the violence abated in 1859. In 1860, pro-slavery forces were in control, but Kansas only had 2 slaves. The antislavery forces took over in 1861 as Kansas became a free state. Bleeding Kansas proved that there was no compromise with slavery. Slavery is immoral period. The Civil War existed and the North and the South clashed militarily for the future of America.

By Timothy

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