Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Interesting Debate about BLM, Antifa, and other Issues.

Person #1: I don't believe Arpaio said something like that...unless it has been taken out of context and there was much more to the statement...I will keep my ears open for any word on that subject. We have a tendency in this news world to grab only sound bites that make things appear to be other than what they are. Agendas are rampant!

Me: The agendas of xenophobia, far right extremism, sexism, racism, and other evils are the agendas that we should oppose.

Person #1: As well as far left extremism, Antifa, nd BLM , when all lives matter...everyone has the right to free speech but no one has the right to violence, looting, burning

Me: I didn't recall BLM having a stated policy of violence, looting, or burning property (in their platform). I don't see it. Also, there is no moral equivalency between Neo-Nazi terrorists (including white supremacists) and Antifa (who opposes fascism). I don't agree with the burning or destruction of innocent property or unjustified violence, but the vast majority of protesters never did those actions. Any left wing extremist using unjust violence is wrong. Also, BLM is never a terrorist organization, but an activist group desiring an end to police brutality and racial injustice. Black Lives Matter is a new movement that is going through growing pains and it is a key part of the African American experience. The Trump agenda is repugnant and opposed by even many Republicans.

Person #2: BS. Antifa has assaulted people constantly. BLM has done the same. Google and you'll get lots on both. Violence and lawlessness has no business in a civil society.

Me: You can curse all you want. There is no stated platform of policies of BLM wanting violence or destruction of property and you can't cite any evidence of that. There is no moral equivalency between those who are white supremacists and Antifa period. There is no evidence that the majority of BLM or Antifa did violence in those areas. Most counter protesters were peaceful. I don't agree with unjust violence regardless who does it, but Antifa and BLM has stated their opposition to racism and white supremacy. Likewise, the white racists supremacists endorse racism. One white supremacist actually murdered one innocent woman and many of them chanted anti-Semitic, racist slogans. How did the Revolutionary War exist? You recall that the revolutionary war was created by outright looting, war, burning, and lawlessness against the British Empire (along with public acts of speeches and civil disobedience against established authority. Also, the British Empire committed many atrocities against Americans too). The Civil War ended by the actions of resistance and usage of justified violence (via arms) against Confederate traitors. You omit that. I don't believe in unjust violence and lawlessness against just laws. If a law is unjust, then people have the right to use peaceful civil disobedience (like old school civil rights people have done decades ago) to oppose that unjust law. I have the right to not be conservative on every single issue.

By Timothy

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