Friday, August 18, 2017

Real Facts.

Recently, Donald Trump praised Confederate statues, which is disgraceful. Trump called the Confederate monuments beautiful and he is plain wrong. Also, I find many people even trying to defend Robert E. Lee. That is also disgraceful and repugnant. Robert E. Lee owned slaves and he also stayed with the Confederacy knowing that Confederate documents explicitly said that they were formed to promote slavery. The Confederacy was headed by overt white supremacists, traitors, and terrorists. Robert Lee spoke in disagreement of slavery as an institution while he owned slaves which makes him a hypocrite. Robert E. Lee allowed slaves to be whipped and brine to be poured on the wounds of slaves. Lee's troops under his command were allowed to raid settlements during major operations like the 1863 invasion of Pennsylvania to capture free black human beings for enslavement. After the Civil War, Robert E. Lee never wanted black people uniformly to have voting rights. Robert E. Lee wanted all African Americans deported from Virginia after the Civil War. I want to make this clear: Donald Trump is a racist and a white supremacist. Anyone defending Trump is a racist or a supporter of racism without question. We have every right to oppose fascism and racism. We have every right to defend ourselves, our friends, and our families. We have every right to love truth and defeat evil. I want to mention this to let the truth to be made known. Some good news is that the city of Baltimore removed all Confederate monuments. Catherine Pugh is the mayor of Baltimore and she did the right thing. Some of my relatives live in Baltimore too. I visited there before too. I love Baltimore's architecture.

Bigotry has no place anywhere in the world. The Trump administration has given aide to bigots and extremists since the beginning. Not only has Trump being sued of racial discrimination involving housing. He has entertained the racist lie of Birtherism. Many members of his administration have ties to the alt right movement like Gorka and Bannon. One of the biggest lies that far right people are saying is that somehow Antifa is equivalent to the white supremacists. That's a lie since Antifa is against white supremacy and fascism while the supremacists have used shields, bottles, and other weapons to enact violence. Antifa is opposed to white racism and the white supremacists endorse white racism. The other lie that the far right has used is to say that the BLM is racist when the BLM's own platform condemns racism and opposes police brutality. The Governor of Virginia did the right thing. Trump might be impeached. I hope that he is out of office too. His cabinet team are filled with deplorable people. I don't understand how many black person is in his cabinet. Kenneth Frazier, one of the few African American CEOs in the Trump Business Council, has resigned because of the events in Charlottesville. Trump has attacked Frazier after his resignation. Trump's cowardly comments about domestic terrorism in VA are going to be remembered by us as black people. Alt right is nothing more than a slick word for white supremacism. Donald Trump is a total racist as others have said. Trump's refusal to call out neo-Nazis and white supremacists by name initially is cowardice and disgracefulness on his part. I heard of the story from the 1920's too (about Trump's father). Trump also wanted the death penalty against the innocent Central Park Nine to this very day. We seek justice and liberation for our people.

These are Afro-Peruvian people from Peru. There are 1.2 million Afro-Peruvians in the world. Most of them live in the provinces of Lima, Callao, Nazca, Chincha, Ica and CaƱete. Many Afro-Peruvians live on the northern coast in Lambayeque and Piura. The greatest concentration of Afro-Peruvians and others of Afrodescent is in the Callao, an area that has historically received many of the Afro-Peruvians from the north and southern coast. We are an international community. Recently, it was the Birthday of Sister Angela Bassett. She is 59 years old. For decades, she has represented black excellence to the fullest. She has been in theater and movies. Her roles are diverse from dramas to action adventure films. She has helped so many lives and her beauty radiates inside and out. She was born in Harlem, NYC. She later lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and in St. Petersburg, Florida. At Boca Ciega High School, Bassett was a cheerleader and a member of the Upward Bound college prep program, the debate team, student government, drama club and choir. Bassett became the first African-American from Boca Ciega to be admitted to the National Honor Society. She went into Yale and had a B.A. in African American studies back in 1980. She had a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale too. She worked in theater throughout the 1980's. From the mid-1980's, she worked in TV and movies. Her famous early roles were in Boyz n the Hood from 1991 and Malcolm X in 1992. She starred in the Jackson family miniseries from 1992 too. Bassett was cast as Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It (1993). She was the first African-American to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. During this decade of the 2010's, she continues to act. Her husband since 1997 has been Courtney Vance and she has children too. Angela Bassett has established accomplished a lot by her own merit. She has promoted the arts, diabetes awareness, and other causes. Angela Bassett is the standard of human achievement and compassion for everyone.

Not to mention that a false idol of stone being eliminated doesn't mean that we can't remember the past. Many of these alt right extremist care more for stone than black human lives. A Confederate statue is equivalent to a Nazi statue. We can remember the past without racist statues. That is like saying placing a statue of Osama bin Laden in Ground Zero is legitimate (for history sake) when it is offensive to do that. I agree with many people that eliminating offensive monuments isn't about omitting the past. Museums, books, and other modes of information can help people understand the past omitting racist monuments being paid by our tax dollars. It is about building a better future. The defenders of Trump (who made overtly racist comments yesterday) are disgraces. In fact, many bigots want to hide their racism and sanitize history, which is worse than protesters opposing racist statues. People, who defend white supremacist statues, are wrong. Opposing racist statues is righteous.

Her actions are courageous. I hope that her charges are dropped. The white racists who beat up a black young person are not being arrested right now, but a young black woman was arrested for opposing tyranny. Sister Takiyah Thompson, is a hero like Bree Newsome. Takiyah's story is proof positive that many young people are woke, know what time it is, and are doing something about it. Not all Millennials are apathetic. A solution is not about doing nothing or ignoring the issues of the day. A solution is organizing a political and economic strategy that can grow and develop our communities (which involves the unity of the poor and working class people). The mayor of Baltimore Catherine Pugh did the right thing to take down Confederate statues in her city of Baltimore. Not to mention that Baltimore is in Maryland and Maryland was never a Confederate state at all. Confederate statues in America soil is repugnant. Sister Takiyah Thompson has my support and solidarity. The Durham monument of hate deserves to be taken down. The biggest terrorist threat to America domestically are white supremacists. I send great honor to Takiyah Thompson. The sad part is that tons of Evangelicals are silent on this tragedy and not speaking out. In life, you have to call evil by its name. White nationalism and white supremacy are based on lies. The alt right are made up of cowards who not only hate the truth, but they want to scapegoat others for their own insecurities. Confederate statues are very evil. The Confederacy was evil and it was defeated in 1865. More and more black people are waking up and seeing that the only way to defeat the cancer of racism is by direct action, speaking out, and promoting policies to eliminate the institutions of racism. Racism is not just individual prejudice. It is an institutional system too. We defeated the Confederates, we defeated the fascists in 1945, and we will win in the end.

By Timothy

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