Monday, September 25, 2017

Words on the Kneeling Protests.

There has been a lot of words about the recent evil statements from Trump. First, I recently was on YouTube and debated over 4 Trump supporters on this issue. I'm a debater by nature, so I'm used to debating multiple people at the same time. I know how to use my words. I'm used to it. The major point is that Trump has used vulgar language to slander not only Colin Kaepernick (who is a hero), but many other athletes and protesters in general who oppose police brutality and racial injustice. The truth is that players have every right to peacefully kneel during the singing of the national anthem. There is no NFL policy that bans such actions. Even if such an action was banned, it would still be morally right to kneel regardless. Trump (who is a notorious habitual liar and he called neo-Confederate people "classy people" which is a lie) disrespected social activism in general. Trump is a white supremacist as Jemele Hill has accurately stated.

I salute the players kneeling in London among the Ravens and Jaguars teams. I salute Oakland Athletics player Bruce Maxwell for kneeling during a baseball game too. He is the first MLB player to do it.

Kneeling has nothing to do with disrespecting any flag. It has to do with addressing real issues in America and promoting justice. Recently, the NFL Commissioner and other NFL Owners has criticized Trump's profane-laced tirade. Trump has criticized NBA players too like Step Curry (who is one of the greatest players in the league now). Therefore, this decade feels like the 1960's to me with discussions about class, race, gender, and a lot of political issues. The good news is that tons of people are in support of not only Kaepernick, but in support of social justice in general. We are not dismayed. The younger generation has tons of heroes who are doing great work. Our eyes are on the prize. We shall Overcome in the end. The haters must not know who we are and what we represent. We are here and we are blessed with amazing gifts. We are part of America too and we have every right to allow our voices to be heard in favor of black liberation and human dignity. Plus, we a'int going nowhere. Our legacy has been a powerful one and we will continue to stand up prodigiously for our human rights as one community.

Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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