Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Information.

Consistency is always important. Some people will support a person's stance, but refuse to follow up with sacrifice in continuing the policy. That is why some people (who agree with Colin Kaepernick) will continue to watch the NFL while others will sincerely boycott the NFL (as we can understand football without watching the NFL). Also, as for Kaepernick, I agree with his views and the way he went about it via his method. He didn't use profanity, and didn't use slurs. He made a simple knell and that national anthem was created by a racist, slave owner whose lyrics originally condoned slavery. Jemele Hill spoke truth to power and she has my solidarity and support 100%. Also, it is important for people to walk the talk. Freedom isn't won by complacency. It is won by determined action and a mindset of personal determination. One important news is that A Different World is now 30 years old. Time flies. That show was remembered by me. I was in elementary school when it was on the air. It certainly inspired me to understand the diversity of black people being beautiful. Also, it did inspire me to go into college. The show perfectly mixed humor with conscious topics. The actors and actresses on the show were differently brilliant and they pursued other careers as well. Kadeem Hardisson was great his role. His character evolved from a younger person unsure of himself into a more confident man who married a woman who was the opposite of his personality (as opposites can attract at times). The other cast members shined.

For those who desire love, it's never too late. There are people in their 50's who became married for the first time and many people are having children in their 40's and 50's too. Therefore, it is important to never count love out. Love is beautiful, because it is forgiving, it requires no unnecessary limitations, and it is powerful. Love is a creative force that has caused positive change for thousands of years. I also believe in Black Love, because I was born literally as a product of Black Love. Also, I am a black person and anyone can witness that Black Love is beautiful. Love is diverse too. It can deal with friendship, mutual respect, and other components of human expression. Therefore, in our generation, we won't quit since quit is not in our DNA. Our ancestors suffered a whole lot worse than us and they never quit either. We keep the faith and keep on moving forward as Brothers and Sisters.
Bless Black Love.

I read the first 20 pages of the Vietnam War book (by Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward). It certainly gave an outline of the history of Vietnam. It showed that Vietnam for centuries were conquered by the French Empire. Later, World War II came about and the Japanese occupied Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh back then wanted the West to support his independence movement (he even desired the Western countries to recognize Vietnam after the end of WWI). A lot of his views were nationalistic and later he embraced Communism back in the early 20th century. After World War II, French re-conquered Vietnam. The French were very brutal. Many Vietnamese people have said that the French military forces used rape, torture, murder, and other actions. The Vietnamese resistance movement used motorcycles and guerrilla warfare tactics to fight back against their occupation. By the 1950's, the American political leadership supported the French since they falsely believed in the now discredited domino theory (which was about if Vietnam fell to Communists, then the whole of Southeast Asia would be Communist states). Eisenhower gave funding to the French forces, but he later knew that there would be no victory for the French military because of the conditions on the ground. Many French people started to oppose the war because of it toil on people. Ho Chi Minh and other anti-colonial forces consistently and continually fought for the purpose of establishing an independent Vietnam. By the 1950's, they were at odds with Americans (who supported the French). Many factions of the Vietnamese independence movement (of both Communists and non-Communists) fought to defeat the French occupiers by 1954.

I don't know why people are shocked at Kid Rock. This is the same guy who supported George W. Bush as President. This is the same person who disrespected Beyonce in vulgar terms. This is the same person who has always supported the evil Confederate flag for years when he was never born in the South at all. Even if he was born in the South, he's still wrong. He is hanging out with Ted Nugent, who is an overt racist. Nugent have said massively uncalled for, disrespectful comments about President Barack Obama. Kid Rock criticized Colin Kaepernick when Kaepernick is exposing police brutality and opposing racial injustice (not disrespecting the American flag). Kid Rock is very disrespectful in supporting the racist Confederate flag. The Confederacy fought against the United States of America. This is why boycotts have worked. People should not go to his concerts or buy his records. Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist and I am in sympathy completely with the views of Jemele Hill. I stand with Sister Jemele Hill.
Black Lives Matter.

The Jemele Hill is part of a large issue. It is part of the issue of black voices being demonized by those who support an overt racist Donald Trump. Trump has mentioned that a Mexican American judge isn't qualified to preside over a case because of his Mexican heritage, which is the textbook definition of racism. He wants the death penalty of the Central Park Five despite the Central Park Five being innocent. He has promoted support of neo-Confederate protesters, he talked about how the police should use police brutality against suspects, and he has glorified sexual assault against women. He has used many vulgar words against women and those who disagree with him. He was sued because of housing discrimination issues. Many current and previous members of his campaign are extremists, alt right members, and others with controversies. Therefore, we live in a time where we have to defend the voices of our community. I stand with Jemele Hill completely. Sister Jemele Hill spoke truth to power and she has my solidarity and support 100%.

By Timothy

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