Friday, September 22, 2017

Late September 2017 Friday News

We haven't forgotten about Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria is one of the most vicious storms of our lifetimes. It has totally devastated Puerto Rico. Many people have been killed. Puerto Rico's entire electrical grid has been destroyed and many estimates say that it will take months before the land of Puerto Rico will receive total power. 3.4 million people live in the area. Small towns, cities, and the capital of San Juan has witnessed record total destruction as a product of the storm of Maria. Maria has traveled from Dominica, into Puerto Rico, and into the Dominican Republican (causing flooding there). In the city of Guaynabo south of San Juan, people were terrified to witness the chaos caused by the storm. Many people have problems in trying to contact their loved ones. The towns of Algarrobo, Puerto Nuevo, and Cabo Caribe experienced roofs destroyed, medical supplies damaged, and other resources. Rescuers include local Puerto Rico human beings, the Coast Guard (and other members of the U.S. Armed Forces), other volunteers, etc. Puerto Rico for a number of years has been a victim of austerity and their resources stripped by hedge funds folks and other wealthy bond traders. The storm of Maria has further exacerbated its economic crisis (which was caused by depressions, reduction of federal subsidies, the triple tax exemption, etc.). The publicly owned Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has been targeted for privatization for years because of austerity measures. Austerity causes reduced revenues and other economic problems. The federal agencies plan to invest about $1 billion initially, but much more money is needed to rebuild Puerto Rico. This terrible incident proves that the free market is not infallible and you need real investments to help human lives. So, we are in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and the rest of the Caribbean. We certainly send prayers to all the victims of the hurricanes during this season.

The truth and reality is that art has tons of benefits to society. It can improve the creativity of humanity. Art is known to spur up the mind to paint great images, to sculpt magnificent objects, and to establish beautiful mosaics. Also, art is readily subjective. It doesn't have to be in a one specific format. Art causes the mind to think, because art can cause people to focus on creating a work that can value and it can be part of the abstract mind of a human being. Art relieves human stress. Art also improves problem solving skills. Art is readily used to unlock the mysteries of art or fully express what someone is going through. It can also cause people to develop their own solutions for art, because thinking outside of the box is key in establishing charity of how complex the world is. A feeling of self-accomplishment definitely exist among artists after they completed a work. That work can be a painting using acrylic or a creative architectural building. That sense of fulfillment certainly represents an very essential element of the expansive capacity of art in general. New connections among brains exist every time when we learn something new. When anyone does art that is new, it just expands the connectivity of the human mind. We know that music can improve the mind and cause better brain plasticity. There are many studies that show that art can improve a student's performance in reading, math, and science. That is why investments in music and art is just commonsense. We have new 21st century scientific studies that document how art can improve cognitive abilities and attention. Dr. Michael I. Posner and Brenda Patoine has shown research proving this to be true. Dr. Arnold Bresky (who is a physician) has used art training to help those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Drawing and painting improves the soul and the mind greatly. Writing literature and using a diversity of art can lessen the tensions in people's lives. Art is for everyone too. Anyone can perform art. Performing dance is art. Using technology to create digital images is part of art. Therefore, when you see an artist sacrificing his or her time to do great things in inspiring humanity for their works, please take the time to thank them for their creativity and for their excellence.

Very sad story. The the 6th grader has shown courage since the freedom of conscience means the freedom of conscience. There are always laws on the book and legal rulings (like the 1943 case of West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette) that allow students to refuse to stand during the pledge out of moral or personal reasons. The teacher is out of line for assaulting a child. The teacher should be fired ASAP. The student and the family are owed an apology and justice. That sixth grade teacher (in another story) ought to know better. That teacher should realize that there are a diversity of ways to creatively inspire the youth to learn. There is nothing wrong with hip hop music that inspire progressive thinking, respect for women, and respect for community. Yet, Kodak Black and others promote nihilism, colorism, misogynoir, and other evils that people have the right to reject Kodak Black's agenda passionately. Kodak Black is wrong on so many levels and that teacher is wrong for advancing that assignment.

Yesterday was the Birthday of the famous actress and singer Taral Hicks. She is now 43 years old. She was born in the Bronx, NYC. She is known for her great charisma and down to Earth personality. She graduated in 1993 from Grace Dodge Vocational High School in Bronx, New York. Her older sister sings as well. Taral Hicks has been in many diverse films like A Preacher's Wife, A Bronx Tale, Belly, Just Cause, and many independent films too. She is now married with 2 children. She lives in New Jersey and she's a teacher too. That is a greatly noble profession and she is living her blessed life. She continues to work hard everyday of her life. Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother G. C. Cameron. He is now 72 years old. He is a famous R&B and soul singer. He is the lead singer of the Spinners. A lot of people know about the many classic records from the Spinners. He was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He was a Vietnam war veteran in the Marines. He was part of Motown for a time. He is also part of the expression of the record, "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday", the theme song of the 1975 film Cooley High, which was later covered by Boyz II Men. He recently worked with a reggae band and is involved in many endeavors. Sister Debbi Morgan is  one of the legendary actresses of our generation. She is now 61 years old. She was born in Dunn, Harnett County, North Carolina. Her acting career has spanned decades. She lived in New York City when she was 3 months old. In the Bronx, NYC, she was educated in a parochial school. She was in shows like What's Happening and Good Times during the 1970's. In 1979, she received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Alex Haley's great-aunt Elizabeth Harvey on the 1979 miniseries Roots: The Next Generations. She is greatly known for being in soap operas like All My Children during the 1980's and the 1990's. In that show, Angie (he character) and her love interest, Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams), became the first African-American "supercouple" on the daytime series. She was in Generations in NBC. Also, she was famous for being in the movie Eve's Bayou, and the Hurricane. She has been on many TV shows and other movies. She has played a diversity of roles. Debbi Morgan is a living example of hard work in action. She is one of the most underated actresses of our time. She has won many awards from the Emmys and the NAACP. She has been married to Jeffrey Winston since June 2009.

Self-protection and self defense are unequivocal human rights. So, this news is welcomed news (of a record increase of black women owning guns in Chicago). Black women have every right to protect themselves with firearms if they desire. This principle has been promoted by the Maroons, by Malcolm X, by Ida B. Wells, and by our other black heroes. We live in a very imperfect world and human beings have to use all legitimate means necessary to protect themselves. I do believe in a progressive society (filled with democratic rights, health care for all, racial justice, social justice, environmental justice, etc.) and we have to make that society real by a diversity of actions. Chicago is a city with a long history from migrations, trade, the Chicago Renaissance, Fred Hampton, Harold Washington, etc. It's a city found in the Midwest with great culture and a lot of strong people. Also, it is important for black people to have the right to protect ourselves.

By Timothy

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