Wednesday, April 04, 2018

50 Years After Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Passing

Today is the 50th year anniversary of the assassination of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wasn't alive back then, but my parents were. It was one of the saddest moments in American history where one innocent pacifist, Baptist clergyman, who was working to promote workers' rights among Memphis sanitation workers, was murdered in a brutal fashion. Dr. King's life was life of change. Dr. King never wanted society to exist in stasis. He worked relentless for equality and justice. Not only was he was a person who loved freedom. He was a revolutionary too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a well known critic of imperialist wars (as he said during the 1967 Riverside speech that the U.S. government was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today), of capitalism, and of racism. He publicly blamed white racism for the oppression against black people. He wanted to end slums, so people can exist in adequate, quality housing.

He desired a guaranteed annual income and a radical redistribution of economic and political power. Dr. King also had many allies just as committed for social justice as he was like his wife (Coretta Scott King wanted nuclear disarmament, equality, and labor rights long before the 1960's). A lot have changed since 1968. We see more diversity in many arenas and we witness greatness among many (we see many advances in technology involving social media and cell phone technology), but we have so far to go. Economic inequality has risen since Dr. King's passing and racism hasn't ended either. We see widespread police brutality and a current President who has more concern with his Tweets and his ego than with programs of social uplift. So, we will continue to work for fighting for the rights of my people (i.e. black people), immigrants, women, refugees, and the rest of the human race.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a victim of violence, racism, and discrimination. He was also survielled illegally by the FBI (whose leader back then was the racist J. Edgar Hoover), the CIA, and the NSA because of his anti-Vietnam War views and his other progressive views. He traveled the world into Alabama, NYC, India, Africa, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Norfolk (in Virginia), Florida, etc. to spread his message of peace and nonviolence. As time has gone onward, more people see that his views were much more radical and revolutionary than many of the so-called "militants" who criticized him unjustly back then. One of his greatest contributions was his defining the true essence of Love. He was right to say that Love is more than an emotion. It is about true, sincere goodwill to human beings because they are created equal. He also defined greatness as a person serving in the cause of helping their neighbors and improving their communities. One of his last acts was him promoting the multiracial Poor Peoples Campaign which wanted to abolish poverty in American society. In our time, we want his vision of economic justice and racial justice to be made a reality. So, we shouldn't sugarcoat his legacy. He was an advocate of democratic socialism, he opposed the death penalty, he wanted nuclear disarmament, and he believed in total freedom for us all. On this day, we remember his strength and sacrifice. We also acknowledge others who died for us from Medgar Evers to Harry and Harriette Moore.
Rest in Power Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mike Rappaport is back again with his disgraceful racism. Recently, he shown an offensive image about Kenya Moore. Rappaport is not new to this. When black women (who are great journalists like Monique Judge and Yella Challahan) criticized him legitimately, he went on an offensive tirade against them and cursed them out. I knew that Rappaport was fake for years. He has mistreated other women like Lili Taylor too years ago. He was the same male that disrespected Spike Lee and Janet Jackson. He needs to keep black successful people's names out of his mouth. So, just because a person may criticize Trump, listen to hip hop music, or try to be "liberal" doesn't mean that this person is a friend of us. Mike Rappaport has shown his true colors for a long time. Kenya Moore is a beautiful black women who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect just like us. Kenya Moore did the right thing by refuting that coward Rappaport. In life, the snakes will show and we will reject the views of snakes 100%. We will be strong like lions and compassionate like doves. Therefore, I have to get this information out, because it is important especially for young people to not follow people like Rappaport. We should follow the views of real heroes like Dr. King, Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker, Malcolm X, and other Brothers and Sisters who fought for justice.

Today, many protesters have risen up in the states of Arizona, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Oklahoma. They desire adequate wages for teachers and strong resources to help students to realize their educational potentials. The reason is that investments in education translates into a better society overall. We know of the problems too that deal with education. Some teachers work 2-3 jobs in order to have enough income to survive. Many schools are over crowded, have outdated books, and other issues. Also, many budgets in various states have massive tax cuts for wealthy corporations and austerity cuts in dealing with education. That is one major factor on why the protesters are out. We know what works too. Small class sizes, elimination of racial bias, compassion, investments, intervention to students, and other forms of execution of great education works. Therefore, we are in solidarity with the protesters across America. Also, we have to expose evil. Today, Trump has lied about immigration and Sinclair. Sinclair Broadcasting is a group advancing overt propaganda in forcing journalists to show the exact same message. Sinclair has 193 TV stations. Also, Trump is lying to say that Democrats want no borders and we have a total out of control migration. The reality is that undocumented immigration has declined and DACA is a legitimate, cogent policy in helping people to live out their Dreams while living plus working in the United States of America. So, vigilance is what we advocate.

By Timothy

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