Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Discernment and Truth.

There are many news coming up. One is about how the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave his testimony to Congress yesterday. He talked about privacy, the Internet, fake ads, Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and other issues. He should have done more when many people's data were stolen, sold, and exploited by spying organizations. He spoke to the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees. Both major parties are in unison in criticizing him. The reason is that they feel that Zuckerberg didn't do enough in stopping the threats to privacy made by many entities. Eliminating very offensive, illegal posts is fine. The issue is that we should have our privacy, but we shouldn't have total censorship of the Internet. Some people exploit the legitimate issues of privacy as an excuse for them to promote unwarranted censorship of posts whether they be political or otherwise. In essence, the oligarchy doesn't care about the interests of the masses of the people (which relates to democratic rights, universal health care, an end to oppression, labor rights, etc.). They care about power for themselves and profit. So, we have to promote real privacy and fight against unwarranted censorship at the same time. Also, Trump is in a new era. Michael Cohen has had his property investigated by the FBI. Trump is furious and is considering to fire Rubenstein and Mueller. This is a battle among many in the intelligence community and the Trump faction (which is made up of militarists too). Trump's corrupt behavior certainly have provoked this situation. If Trump was innocent, he wouldn't use stonewalling tactics and try to try to end the Mueller investigation so prematurely.

That is why it is no secret that Trump is filled with controversy from his racist statements to his real estate/speculating past. Cohen is the keeper of Trump's secrets which is why the FBI is investigating him. Also, Stormy Daniels is cooperating with federal investigators. The raid goes into the investigation of possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations, information relating to the Stormy Daniels situation, etc. The doors got kicked in. The warrant was agreed too by legal authorities. Mueller and the investigators are doing its job. It is not a disgrace as Trump has falsely characterized this situation. The FBI raid existed after a lawful warrant was issued. Some people think that Trump may fire Mueller which will cause a constitutional crisis and possible impeachment of Trump (that will be an obstruction of justice). Cohen is completely loyal to the person named Trump. Trump is a person consumed with scandal, bigotry, fraud, and the abuse of democratic rights plainly speaking. Mueller is doing what we pay him to do which is to find the facts and to make sure that those who commit crimes are held to account.

At the same time, the world is dealing with the complex war in Syria. The war is among many sides. America is allied with rebels and Syria's Assad is allied with Russia. A chemical attack happened and many people want Trump to use a military strike. Russia says that it will attack American military forces in the region if the U.S. attacks Assad's military forces. There is no solution in Syria without a long term political strategy where Syria exists independent from Assad's rule (in the midst of social tolerance among Christians, Shia, Sunnis, Druze, etc. We know that Assad is an autocrat and committed atrocities along with many rebels from Al-Nusra too), but not to be ruled by a pro-Western puppet. Syria's independence socially and politically must be the long term goal for a solution. So, this is the dangerous real world that we live in.

I'm going to tell the truth in season and out of season. In the recent days, we have seen the exposure of culture vultures like Mike Rappaport and Gary Owen (who is a white comedian). A culture vulture is a non-black person who uses black people including black culture selfishly for profit or exploitation (not in the cause of enriching black culture in general). Mike Rappaport slandered Kenya Moore in racist terms. Kenya Moore is a beautiful black woman. Kenya Moore courageously refuted Rappaport. Also, Gary Owen made racist, anti-black jokes about Mike Blackson. I don't agree with Blackson on every issue, but he doesn't deserve to be call slurs or racist invective. Then, Owen used his wife (who is African American) as a means to inspire her to call Blackson the N word. That's sick and disgusting. Any black person calling another black person the N word at the behest of a white person is a traitor period (also, I don't agree with Stephon Clark's evil Tweets). Owen laughs and said that he wishes that he could say the n word in a video. He's a despicable person. This tells me that white racism isn't just shown by far right extremists (which we know exists). It is also shown by phony "liberals" who claim to be down, but they aren't.

You will notice that many people are silent, because those people have a vested interest in promoting the myth that slandering black people gets a pass if the person doing it is a so-called "liberal" or hangs out with black people. Yet, I will not be silent. I won't cower. Cowards like Rappaport (who doesn't respect his black wife since he used Twitter to disrespect black women journalists who disagree with him. He has some sick obsession with disrespecting Lebron James too) and Owen (who doesn't respect his black wife) should be checked, boycotted, and ignored. I will speak up and oppose the agendas of those 2 culture vultures and defend the dignity of black men and black women period. Unlike others, I won't make any apologies for my views on this issue. I stand for every syllable on my views on this issue.

Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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