Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday News in early July of 2018.

It is truly an honor to celebrate the life of the indomitable Sister Rachel Robinson. For decades, she has stood up heroically for civil rights, social activism, and human justice. She married one of the greatest baseball players in history who was the late, great Jackie Robinson. She is now 96 years old and it was her Birthday yesterday. She was born in Los Angeles, California. June 1, 1945 was the date of her graduation from UCLA with a degree in nursing. In 1946, she married Jackie Robinson. She was his rock and she cared for him and their children a great deal. Always in support of racial justice, Rachel Robinson stood up for freedom, liberty, and a pure love for truth. Sacrifice towards constructive solutions exemplifies her aphorism (or hallowed precept). She became an nursing expert in New York state. In 1972, she incorporated the Jackie Robinson Development Corporation, a real estate development company specializing in low- to moderate-income housing, and served as president for ten years. In 1973, she founded the Jackie Robinson Foundation, a not-for-profit organization providing educational and leadership opportunities for minority students. The Foundation has provided support for over 1,000 minority students and has maintained a 97% graduation rate among its scholars. Writing literature is part of her life as well. In 1996, she co-authored the book entitled, "Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait" with Lee Daniels.

She received many awards like the UCLA Award, the Candace Award for Distinguished Service from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Equitable Life Black Achiever's Award, the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award by Commissioner Bud Selig (in 2007), and the Associated Black Charities Black History Makers Award. In 2017, Rachel Robinson came into the Baseball Hall of Fame with an award. She and Jackie Robinson are the first couple both placed into the Baseball Hall of Fame. She worked with the great actress Nicole Beharie to make the movie 42 as realistic as possible. I saw the movie 42 (the great actor Chadwick Boseman played Jackie Robinson) before and it's a great film. Her children and grandchildren take great inspiration from her spirit. A lifetime of service, human compassion, and great strength accurately define the longevity of Rachel Robinson. She is a role model and a legend whose excellent legacy is perpetually eternal. I wish Sister Rachel Robinson more blessings.

It has been over three years since the passing of Brother Stuart Scott. Yesterday was his Birthday. Scott taught us about many lessons. He taught us about unapologetic self expression as he was unlike any sports announcer in history. He spoke words that appealed to the youth, especially fans of hip hop music. He mentioned cultural references when dealing with sports. He was an expert on discussing about many sports from baseball, basketball, hockey, football, track and field, etc. He loved his family including his daughters very powerfully. He was born in Chicago and was raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Communicating with people with empathy and concern was one of his many gifts. While he was on ESPN, he treated his colleagues more than just friends, but family. It was a family affair with his humor, with his charisma, and with his courage. He wanted people to realize that cancer never defined his life, but his life is defined by him. There is no First Take, no Undisputed, and no other sports shows of that nature without Stuart Scott. He was the first and he was the best.
Rest in Power Brother Stuart Scott.

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg and FOX News propagandist Jeanine had a spirited discussion on the View (about many issues from Russia to Trump's political policies in general). Once again, Trump supporters have no legitimate arguments to show, but they will show deflection, lies, and propaganda to show their point of view. Whoopi said that she is legitimately tired of Trump agitating hatred in his speeches like demonizing Mexican immigrants in racist, xenophobic terms. Then, Jeanine Piro talked about deaths, but she omits that the vast majority of immigrants (both legal and undocumented) are not murderers. Murderers exist among every background. Trump had called for violence against protesters, he has disrespected women, he wants to have a meeting with Putin in America (in the White House when Putin is an autocratic dictator), many members of the Trump team have been indicted or convicted for crimes, he endorses waterboarding (which is torture), and Trump is notoriously a traitor to democratic values. Trump has dreamed about being President for life and he uses vulgar, disrespectful language to describe those who disagrees with his repugnant policies.

Trump supported a travel ban based on nationality and he has allowed babies to be placed in internment camps. That is fascism. Election meddling is a serious issue and cyber warfare is not to be played with. Piro wants to talk about liberals in a disrespectful tone, but liberals and progressives brought America collective bargaining, civil rights, women's rights, labor rights, the Clean Water Act, safer workplace conditions, many environmental protections, Social Security, Medicare, voting rights, Medicaid, a higher minimum wage, and other blessings that tons of folks take for granted. Piro needs to praise liberals & progressives for that, but she slanders them since she is a far right extremist. Therefore, Piro and her pro-Trump FOX news state TV should feel shame. People like Piro desire to bait people that disagree with her, but we are better than that. We believe in the separation of church and state, in free speech, in universal health care, and in other human rights that should always be inherit in any progressive society. I still believe in the Dream after almost 35 years living on this Earth.

By Timothy

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