Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday News in late July 2018

Today, Mueller and his team are investigating Trump's tweets as it relates to Comey and Sessions involving researching about obstruction issues. With Michael Cohen possibly flipping, Trump is very nervous and using distractions in order to try to downplay the seriousness of the Mueller probe. Also, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weissenberg has been subpoenaed to testify in the criminal probe of Michael Cohen. Giuliani, who is Trump's new lawyer, made a sick joke about 9/11. 12 Attorney Generals are suing the White House for attacking the Affordable Care Act. One EU person had to use cue cards to explain trade issues to Trump. So, these events show that elections have consequences and Trump isn't up for that job of President. Cohen is saying that Trump knew in advance about the Trump tower meeting. This story gets interesting. Cohen is the subject of an investigation. He might cooperate. What these means is that this event today could be the start of the end of the Trump Presidency. Trump is now angry at Michael Cohen and according to new sources is yelling expletives as this news story is going on. So, the friendship between Michael Cohen and Trump is over.

While it is important to expose Putin as a capitalist autocrat and expose the Russian election meddling (as that act is disgraceful and evil), it is important also to expose U.S. imperialism too. Corruption doesn't just exist in Russia. It's found worldwide. Imperialism is about the state or other capitalist entities using power to unjustly dominate the resources of the world for the sake of financial profit and expanding geopolitical power. Imperialism isn't just about foreign affairs. It deals with domestic oppression against black people, the prison industrial complex, voter suppression in America, and other evils (no one should be naive of the FBI and the CIA's nefarious acts of COINTELPRO, Operation Phoenix, etc.). From the end of WWII to the end of the Cold War, there was a multipolar world with the U.S. and the USSR competing against each other (in terms of resources, etc.) for the influence of the world order. After 1991, U.S. imperialism expanded greatly to be the dominate geopolitical hegemony on Earth. With the war on terror and the Great Recession starting in 2007, American imperialism has been challenged with the conflicts in Iraq plus Afghanistan, wage stagnation, the growth of new social movements along with the growth of China.

China has the second largest GDP on Earth with hyper development as much of its economy now embraces some aspects of state capitalism. Russia is a powerful nation, but even Russia doesn't have the economic influence as China has (China has multi billion dollar investments in the world. Russia has massive economic inequality and other issues). So, Trump's rhetoric (filled with racism & xenophobia) about America First is about competing against China to implement some U.S. style imperialism along with a far right nationalism that wants to further dominate the world's resources. The Pivot of Asia agenda is about containing China. Trump believes in the hybrid evils of economic nationalism (filled with unnecessary tariffs and scapegoating Chinese workers plus other workers instead of exposing the neoliberal capitalist system for causing deindustrialization, loss of jobs, etc.) and militarism (as shown in his airstrikes in Syria, ending the Iran nuclear deal, and threats of war against Iran).

So, we must not go into the 2 extremes of what the neocons advocate (which is about blaming Russians alone along with refusing to expose imperialism while ignoring Trump's attacks on immigrants, the environment, the freedom of the press, etc.) or Trump style nationalism. An independent course is needed. We have to stand firm and express solidarity and unity with American workers plus our other brothers and sisters worldwide (who are workers too) in opposing the corruption found in the 1% (who dominate political establishments and are tied to Wall Street interests). We should be clear to expose the Trump's anti-democratic agenda and Putin's oligarchical anti-freedom agenda too. Doing this along with promoting liberation of humanity & fighting for the extinction of imperialism makes perfect sense.

The state of Georgia is on the cusp of history. Now, Georgia can be the state where the first black woman Governor can exist in American history. Stacey Abrams is running for Governor in Georgia. She has great qualifications, great political experience, and is an eloquent spokeswoman for progressive causes. She believes in expansion of Medicaid in helping people involving health care. She supports funding for transportation and in investing in families. Families make societies greater and investing in our families make blessings more real. So, the battle is on. November is not that far away and I certainly wish the best and I wish for victory for Sister Stacey Abrams. More and more people are talking about Nia Wilson. Nia Wilson was a young, beautiful black Sister who was murdered by a sick coward. The murder took place in Oakland and her sister, Letifah, survived. Ansar Mohammed, the father of Nia Wilson, spoke about wanting justice for her daughter. She is entitled to it. The murderer is a sick person. White racism, hate crimes, and murders are serious issues in this country of America. In fact, hate crimes have increased in California and in other places of America since Trump was elected back in 2016. So, we have to know about these issues, so we can grow our consciousness and promote unity plus solidarity in our community.
#Say Her Name
Rest in Power Sister Nia Wilson.

By Timothy

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