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Eric Jon Phelps' words on Israel and Babylon


Hi Eric,

thanks for your great work. Why did the Germans in WW2 want to herd the Jews into Palestine? What purpose did it serve (for the end times)?Thank you in advance.


Dear xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting me.

The Pope's paramount Nazis and the Pope's subordinate Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists (Sabbatian Frankists) worked together for the entire duration of the war and thereafter. The purpose was two-fold:

1. To rid Europe and the historic "Pale of Settlement" of its racial Jews; the devil always delights to kill the race destined to inherit its Abrahamic promise after its national repentance and subsequent world reign of her Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. To re-establish the Pope's Dark Age "Kingdom of Jerusalem" (Israel) for the purpose of establishing a Jewish numerical supremacy in the area surrounding the Temple Mount so that the Third Hebrew Temple could be rebuilt after the destruction of the two mosques now on the Mount. The Third Temple will be built and used by the final Pope turned Antichrist to dwell in as he becomes "the abomination of desolation" as spoken of by Christ in Matthew 24:15.

This is why Hitler, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Himmler, Weizmann, Ben-Gurion, Churchill, Stalin, FDR, the World Jewish Congress, Franco and Mussolini all worked together during the Crusade. The Israel now created is to serve as the geographical slaughter-pen for the Pope's final attempted annihilation of the racially beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people during "the time of Jacob's trouble."

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Bro. Eric,

The interview of 1/31 you sent me is a tremendous storehouse of information. It's definitely an eye opener and education in itself. I've forwarded it to several friends and preachers.If the new Babylon is to be rebuilt, I have no problem with that, since it gives us more time to carry out the ministry before Jesus comes.


However, it seems to me that according to Jeremiah 50:4, 5 and verse 20, this Babylon will be destroyed during the time period when Israel will be restored, i.e., the Tribulation Period.

Agreed. The Babylon of Jeremiah 50 is the same Babylon of Revelation 18. It is a literal city, the commercial emporium of the world, and is to be destroyed by fire from God as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed at the end of the trib. Rome, "Mystery Babylon" of Rev. 17, is destroyed by the final pope turned Antichrist via his 10 kings at mid-trib. The destroyed city of Babylon on the Euphrates will never be rebuilt during the 1000-year reign of Christ.

My question is, do you honestly think that this new Babylon will be built and will come to fulfill the description she has in Jer. 50-51 before Israel will be saved?

Sure. Rome's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists will contribute to the building of Rome's rebuilt city of Babylon as well as its operation. This is why the Lord calls for "my people" to come out of Babylon (Rev.18:4) before the city is destroyed. The "my people" can only be racial Jews under the unconditional Abrahamic covenant, as the Body of Christ does not go through the Great Tribulation.

This would put into question the doctrine of imminancy, don't you think?

No. The imminent (momentary) return of Christ "in the air" to receive the physical, resurrected bodies (physically dead and alive) of his true Church has always been imminent. We are not to look for signs or seasons. The Lord could have taken out his Church the day after the Apostle Paul penned 1 Thess. 4; or I Cor. 15. God could have left this world without any witness for any period of time He so desired. He owes man nothing; He will save his predestined elect. We cannot forget that for over 400 years (from Malachi to John) God sent no prophet to Israel and performed no obvious miracles, yet the nation was still under the Mosaic Covenant. How much more could God permit world Gentile humanity under the rule of Satan to continue with a "word from the Lord."

We would have a tremendous about of time then, before the Lord returns. It took nearly 200 years for the US to become the super power, political and commercial giant that she is now. In other words, we can sit back and not have to be concerned about the Lord's appearing, since the new Babylon has yet to be rebuilt.

Again, the Lord's appearing is imminent; Babylon can be built after that event if necessary. Nothing overrules the risen Son of God's imminent appearing for his Body; this event is foremost and primary over any and all prophecied events particular to the setting of the Great Tribulation.

Please answer me on this. What would you say if they would ask you this during an interview? I'm anxious to hear you on this, and if I could get a satisfactory answer, I would most gladly welcome it. So please educate me on this particular matter. This new Babylon, I can tell, really has your interest and attention.

I hope this is helpful. And, by the way, it was you who forced me to reconsider that the Babylon of Revelation 18 was not Rome. I was not reading that chapter literally which was a great error. The Lord moved me to reinvestigate the possibility of a rebuilt Babylon on the Euphrates. To my delight, I found the writings of Clarence Larkin, William Newell, David Baron and Ford Ottman in which they all, in reading the scriptures literally, said that the Babylon of Revelation 17 was Rome, but the Babylon of Revelation 18 was a rebulit literal city on the Euphrates River---"Babylon." They then went into the political events of the time (1918) and showed the plans of England, Germany and the Sultan of Turkey to accomplish this feat. I was humbled; accepted the Lord's correction, confessed my sin of being "illiterate" when reading the Word of God---and made the change. So I thank you brother for your prodding and insistance on reading Jeremiah 50 and Isaiah 13 literally! Additionally, the Moslem world is calling for the establishment of a new Caliphate which will be centered in a new, rebulit Babylon! It was on the news a few weeks ago; I nearly fell out of my chair.

This interview you sent me is a real trophy, and I certainly will pass it along to others and promote VAIII as well.

So glad to be of help.

Bro. Carl

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Bro. Eric,

You said this in your response the other day about the rebuilding of Babylon:

I can prove from the works of Clarence Larkin, William R. Newell, David Baron and Ford C. Ottman (all of them writing in the 1920s) that plans for the rebuilding of Babylon have been in the making since Napoleon I. Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Sulton both worked together with aid from engineers sent by King George V, to propose the building of a railroad to Baghdad to Babylon. The Jesuits want that occult commercial city rebuilt as much as the Third Hebrew Temple. The first and last Nimrod apparently will rule the world from that favorite city of the devil---what a way to end the times of the Gentiles.

Even those these good men testify to the fact that plans to rebuild Babylon have been in the making since Napoleon I, that doesn't make their Biblical interpretation for such an event correct. They can build all they desire, but their thinking that they're fulfilling Bible prophecy may just be wishful thinking. Historical actions and prophetical commentaries based on personal interpretation don't necessarily line up with what God has set in stone for the future.

Agreed. But the understanding of all these men was derived from a literal understanding of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs intended to be read as such---unless otherwise indicated from the texts.

First of all, the Babylon of Jer. 50-51 is not just a city, but it is also described as a "land," a "nation," and a country with "many cities." So it's obvious that the city of Babylon that Larkin, Newell, Baron, and Ottman were referring to is not the Babylon of Jeremiah 50-51. Did these four in their commentaries mention the whereabouts of the US in Bible prophecy?


In this particular interpretation, are we speaking here of another 200 years for the new Babylon to come to prominence in order to be called the "praise of all the earth", the Lady of Kingdoms, the "hammer of all the earth", an international warehouse to supply the great shipping merchants of the world, and a melting pot of "mingled peoples" (in N.Y. city alone there are 200 different languages)?

Good point.

Do you honestly think we have that much time left before the Lord's return?

His appearing? Never. His Second Coming to the earth? Maybe.

The only other alternative would be to say that Babylon would be rebuilt after the Lord appears to snatch out his church, which would be little time for her to grow to such prominence, especially during a time of world conflict and jack-hammer plagues. In a brief time period when half the world's population will die, I don't think this would be the appropriate time to build cities.

I am convinced that there will be a time period between the appearing of Christ and the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel with Israel's signing of the "covenant with death." That time period may be long or short.

As progressive revelation unravels closer to the coming of the Lord, the limited knowledge of authors back in the 1920's would be up for question and evaluation according to what we're seening in this day and time. While God sees ahead to the finished product, the limited finite mind of even a Bible scholar can only interpret the details of prophetical events according to the amount of light he has received in a given point in history.

True. But a literal reading of the prophets is the safest ground in avoiding error.

What's your reaction on what I'm saying? Do you think that with the condition the world is in presently we have all this time left for the rebuilding of a new Babylon?


And for her to come to prominence to fit the description of the end-time Babylon of Scripture? If so, then where is the doctrine of imminency?

Previously addressed.

And if you admit to the imminency of Christ's coming, then you have to put the prophecy of the rebuilding of Babylon within the seventieth week of Daniel, since she obviously has not been rebuilt up to this time.

Disagreed. Previously addressed. The building of Babylon has nothing to do with the imminent appearing of Christ for his Body.

You mentioned in your discussion of Islam and Romanism that the three prominent cities with major Jewish population were New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Isn't it interesting that the Super Bowl this year is in Miami? If it was in the Jesuits' plan to invent professional sports, who has the final say with regard to where the Super Bowl will be played?

Great point. The Knights of Malta own most all of the football teams. One of the Kennedy assassins owned the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Redskins. He was Edward Bennett Williams.

Bro. Carl

Brother Eric


Bro. Eric,

When I asked you in an earlier email as when the rebuilding of Babylon would occur, you answered "after the crusade."My question is, When and how will this crusade end? At the end of the thirty-year war that started at 9/11? I notice that you and those who write along the same lines say little about the divine intervention of the Lord's appearing among all your exposure and warning of the coming Jesuit activities. Does this mean to say that you expect all this to take place before the appearing of the Lord for His church? Does that not again put into question the doctrine of imminency?


With your being an independent Baptist Dispensationalist, I would think that you would be more conscious of that imminent climactic event.

That blessed Hope gives me the courage to do what I do.

But you know as well as I do that this would put you into the same category of those "cowardly" Baptists that do nothing but win souls, build churches, and wait for the Lord to return.

Agreed. Serving the Lord includes a civil responsibiliby to one's nation. Bible believing men are patrotic nationalists and have proved it many times in the past.

Meanwhile, the Jesuits are taking over our country. I could not be sure that that is the case, but from some of your writings, you certainly come down hard on those who are not on the activist front line of trying to foil the Black Pope's plans.

If resisting the plans of the Jesuits in the area of public information is "activism," then that is your term. Activism to me has always been synonomous with socialism, communism, etc. But then you are not a Calvinist, and thus repudiate the wonderful heritage of personal liberty Presbyterian and Baptist Calvinists bequeathed to us.

If God in history has used evil despot rulers to carry out his plan of judgment, what makes you think that you can stop this world wide "mystery of iniquity," if this is God's plan to bring about judgment on the world?

I have never said that I am going to stop the mystery of iniquity. Truth opposes it; the Spirit of God restrains it.

If we are to submit to governmental authority (God didn't say that authority had to be righteous), then that to me would indicate that "the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." Shall we draw our swords and cut off the Jesuits' ears? Or maybe we should be using a spiritual sword to defeat the enemy, seeing that Christ's kingdom is not of this world.

Please read the works of men who have addressed this argument in the past. I suggest Timothy Dwight and Samuel Rutherford's Lex Rex. But because you hold to the Arminian doctrine of "Free Will" as do most Baptist Dispensationalists, you must arrive at your conclusions of unlimited submission to the sin of a usurping political tyranny. We have spoken of this previously.

I think you are a wonderful tool in the Lord's hand to expose this wickedness, but I would question your custom of branding your good soulwinning, separated, Bible-defending brethren as "cowards" just because they don't take up the activist's (Peter's) sword of just defense against tyrannical conspirators.

I have watched the preaching of the gospel for thirty-five years and the country continues to worsen. The reason for this worsening is not the decrees of God---for none of us know them with regard to the decay of the US. We are reaping what we have sown. The Baptist preachers I know would NEVER oppose the sin of this Jesuit-usurped government as they cower in fear before their oppressors. None of them would ever dare to refuse to pay an income tax on their "wages"---wages having never been defined as "income" by the Supreme Court. Rather, my brethren have retreated into the closet of waiting for the Lord's appearing to the exclusion of doing their civil duty of making our public servants obey the law. This will be layed to our charge at the Bema. Our Baptist-Calvinist forefathers did their duty (Clarke, Williams, Leland, etc.), but we have not. Generally, we are cowards, and we hide our fear behind the glorious doctrine of the Blessed Hope.

I know you won't answer me on these matters, since I've mentioned them before, and you have chosen not to answer. You admitted to me one day through an email, that I "keep you sharp." Well, that's all I'm trying to do, since your explanations to these objections would not only convince me of my wrong thinking, but also give you keener insight on how to deal with these same objections in the future. All I'm trying to do is see your viewpoint in light of the Scripture.


I'm not approaching your position with preconceived ideas or a closed mind. The information that you disclose is intriguing, to say the least. It exposes the "mystery of iniquity" that the majority of preachers know little about.

Praise the Lord.

Their idea of God's prophetical plan is obscure and superficial. They preach and teach that evil exists in the world, but they have very little knowledge about how this evil is defined and how it is operating.

Agreed, and this had made us victims and easy prey for the devil and his Jesuits.

However, this may be to their advantage, since they would hopefully concentrate more of their time and effort into carrying out the Great Commission, while not being concerned about the conspiracy around them. The Jesuit conspiracy is all the more reason to preach the gospel as only the Holy Spirit resident in a believer can give a man the ability, courage, and persistance to resist the devil that he would flee from us.Your good brother, friend, and grateful history student,

Bro. Carl

Your greatfull receiver of biblical correction.

Brother Eric

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