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A personal note:

When I was a little kid (primary school age) I was obsessed with reruns of the old 60's Star Trek, especially Spock. I didn't get the devilish connections though. Nor did I see the United Federation of Planets as being sinister, although it hit me like a brick wall a few years back that the UFP thing had been a complete Psy-Op to prepare a whole generation (or two or three) for accepting the inevitability & desirability of the United Nations as Global Government & by which time I had discovered the agenda for a totalitarian New World Order.

Fortunately, by my teenage years I came to have a disdain for the "Trekkie" mentality & have since observed that people that are most proactive in this arena (I worked with a girl a few years back that worked promoting "Star Trek" with one of the 60's stars, Walter "Chekov" Koenig I believe, for zero "credits" - LOL!! See "Economics" below - who was complete mind-control material. "HR" (Human Resources) Departments at big companies & local Councils are full of the pro-"UFP" (UN) zombies. As late as the immediate wake after 9/11, I was bemoaning the (now I realize a complete Psy-Op) "undermining" of the UN by Bushco. Praise the Lord that I woke up to this UN Propaganda by late 2002. Americans might find this hard to relate top, but outside of the US there is no similar "Constitution" & "Bill of Rights" & so unless one is wise to the crypto-totalitarianism of the New World Order agenda, the EU & UN can seem attractive choices. I actually woke up to danger of the UK being fully economically & politically enmeshed in the EU about 6 months before I became aware of any NWO conspiracy specifics & had been aware that something wasn't correct about the official 9/11 story soon after. It took a little while to put the pieces together though.

- TS

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Father Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus
George Takei, Japanese/American actor most famous for his role as Star Trek's Mr. Sulu

He studied at the University of Alcalá, there earning his licentiate in philosophy, until 1960, whence he traveled to Japan to familiarize himself with Japanese language and culture. Nicolás entered Sophia University in Tokyo, where he studied theology, in 1964, and was later ordained to the priesthood on March 17, 1967.

Later he attended the University of California at Los Angeles, where he received a bachelor of arts in theater in 1960 and a master of arts in theater in 1964. He attended the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford-Upon-Avon in England, and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. In Hollywood, he studied acting at the Desilu Workshop,[5] Takei is fluent in English, Japanese, and Spanish.

He had an uncredited role in the 1963 film PT-109 as the helmsman who steers the Japanese destroyer over John F. Kennedy's PT-109

[NOTE: Considering both Takei's being Jesuit-trained at Sophia University at the same time as the current Black Pope & the Jesuit orchestration of JFK's assassination as demonstrated by author/researcher Eric Jon Phelps (See: ), can the symbolism of Takei being selected for this role in the very year of the slaying of the 35th US President be mere coincidence? - TS]
United States Ship PT-109 was a PT boat last commanded by then-Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (LTJG) John F. Kennedy (later President of the United States) in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Kennedy's actions to save his surviving crew after the sinking of the PT-109 made him a war hero, which proved helpful in his political career.
The incident may have contributed to Kennedy's long-term back problems. After he became President, the incident was thoroughly studied and celebrated, becoming a cultural phenomenon inspiring many books, movies, television series and collectible objects and toys. Interest was revived in the 2000s with the discovery of the wreck by Robert Ballard.

Star Trek In 1965, he met with a young producer named Gene Roddenberry who cast him as Mr. Sulu in the second Star Trek pilot and eventually the Star Trek television series. While working on the show he appeared as Captain Nim in The Green Berets. It was intended that Sulu's role be expanded in the second season, but due to Takei's part in Green Berets, he only appeared in half the season, with his role being filled by Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov. Takei admitted in an interview that he initially felt threatened by Walter's presence, but later grew to be friends with him.
Takei has since appeared in numerous TV and film productions, including the first six Star Trek motion pictures, and today is a regular on the sci-fi convention circuit throughout the world. He has also acted and provided voice acting for several science fiction computer games, including Freelancer and numerous Star Trek games. In 1996, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Star Trek, he reprised his role as Captain Hikaru Sulu on an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, appearing as a memory of Lt. Tuvok, who served on the USS Excelsior under Sulu, during the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.


"Rome will recover once again her position
as center of the Civilised World"

-Centro Mondiale Commerciale
(Permanent Industrial Expositions)




Greetings, just a brief question. I have read some of the information on your website linking to Luciferian Freemasonry.

On Craig Oxley website, I have read many of your posts, and you speak very highly of Luther, Washington and Bismark giving freedoms to the public. Now that may be so, but weren't those guys Freemasons surrounded by Freemasons?

Luther was not a Freemason, ever! He was a mere Augustinian monk who left the Order after he was saved by the grace of God, he fully understanding justification by faith alone (Romans 1:17). Washington was inducted into the lodge in 1754 but according to his own letter quoted in VAIII, he did not enter a Masonic lodge but once or twice during the last thirty years of his life. Futher, Washington became a true saved Bible-believing man; for one of his captains, Baptist Calvinist Pastor John Gano, baptized the father of our Calvinist Republic (1787-1868) in the Hudson River after the War for Independence. Bismarck was a low level Freemason whose loyalto was to the Word of God and to his Kaiser. For this reason he expelled the Jesuits in 1872, gave 550,000 German Jews the vote, and planned for another war with the French thus working with General von Molte the Elder to devise the Schliffen Plan. Washington lived during the first great Masonic Schism and Bismarck lived during the second great Masonic Schism.

All three men were hated by the Jesuits. Luther died in 1546 under questionable conditions, looking like poison to me. Washington was poisoned with anthrax and the guides at Valley Forge will even tell the tourists this fact. The assassination of Bismarck was attempted once in 1866 and again, after his victorious victory over the French, in 1874. Bismarck even had the priests arrested in their pulpits for preaching sedition against the Kaiser via the Falk or May Laws.

Why should the rest of the populace feel that we should be guided by individuals who swear secret oaths. Your Luciferian Freemasons link suggest that Freemasons are going very much against the word of God and the word of the Bible.


Yet you praise Luther and Washington as being "bible-believeing Christians". Isn't there a conflict between of loyalties if you are a Freemason.

The first great Masonic Schism was in about 1750. The suppression of the Jesuits was carried out by those Masons advising the kings of Spain and Portugal. Thus at that time Freemasonry was divided---thank the Lord! There was Illuminized Freemasonry serving the Order and low-level Freemasonry that was largely anti-Jesuit and nationalistic. Washington and Lafayette were both anti-Jesuit, low level, nationalistic Freemasons. Thus, politically speaking, they were a boon to the patriots of their day. Neither were devoted Freemasons, as were Jesuit Coadjutors Frederick II and Napoleon I, and neither were active in the Lodge. Nonetheless, no leader of any nation should be allowed to be an active member of a lodge and must formally renounce any attachment to any secret society. The Lord Jesus Christ said nothing in secret concerning his nationalistic purpose; neither should the man of God.

Another point which confuses me a little, You often refer to "bible-believeing Protestants" and the Protestant Bible. I thought the Bible was the same for both the Protestants and the Catholics and the only signficance was the interpretation.

Disagreed. The Bible of the Protestant Reformation is the Greek Textus Receptus and Hebrew Masoretic Text as translated into the languages of the nations. In English it is the Geneva Bible, the AV1611; in Arabic it is the Cornelius Van Dyke translation of 1867, etc. The bible of the Jesuits is Jerome's Latin Vulgate as translated into the English Rheims Douay Version. Today every English bible subsequent to the AV1611 is now in fact Roman Catholic as they are based upon a Westcott and Hort Greek Text. That text is a work of the Jesuits and is merely the Textus Receptus revisied in over 5700 places to comport with Jerome's Latin Vulgate. These false Protestant bibles include the ASV, NASV, NIV, etc. The Order's Council of Trent specifically rejects the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures as not being the Word of God. Thus Protestantism and Romanism have absolutely nothing in common including church history.

I know many Catholics who grew up believeing the bible. I went to schools that were predominantly Catholic and reading certain chapters and stories from the bible was part of our education. So whats the difference between the Protestant and Catholic Bibles. The Bible is the Bible regardless of where your coming from.

Disagreed and disproved above.

I also have issues regarding the authenticity of the Bible, how much of it was changed and manipulated particularly in the early years by the early Popes. Didn't Constantine change and manipulate some of the Bible, so how do we know which stories were his and which are genuine?

What God inspired He preserved. If not, we are all yet in our sins and we have no hope of ever abiding by any final authority given by God. Therefore, God has preserved his Hebrew and Greek Testaments that He inspired through "holy men of God." All scriptures are "God-breathed." By the end of the Second Century, the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ had decided upon and accepted what is now the Canon of the New Testament. Constantine, the sun-worshipper and founder of Roman Catholicism, was never allowed to corrupt the true Bible at the Council of Nicea; he had expensive versions of the corrupt manuscripts made from vellum that were written in all upper case Greek letters---completely contrary to the true, Koine Greek NT Scriptures. And the popes neither corrupted the true Bible nor did they succeed in destroying it out of Europe. Rome has always hated the true Bible being in the hands of the "vulgar" peoples with it translated into the "vulgar tongues" of those peoples. The Jesuit Order's Counter Reformation Council of Trent (1545-1563) makes this clear.

Thus, the genuine Bible, the true Word of God, is the Hebrew Masoretic OT composed of 37 books, and the TR Greek NT composed of 27 books---66 books in all---uncorrupted by the Jesuit/Masonic rationalism of the 19th Century. When that Bible is translated into other languages those Bibles are also the Word of God in a specific language as mentioned above. Therefore, we have a lettered Final Authority outside of ourselves. If not, our ultimate final authority will be the pope of Rome.

I have heard King James Bible mentioned alot too. What is the difference with the King James Bible. It has been said to me that the King James Bible was translated in a very big hurry, so it was liable to mis-translations.

Disagreed. The 47 learned and godly Puritan men on three councils (Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster) labored in their work from 1607 to 1611. It was open to the public and not hurried. You should consult Final Authority by William Grady (1993), Our Authorized Bible Vindicated by Benjamin Wilkinson (1930) and Translators Revived by Alexander McClure (1868). These works will answer all of your questions as to the topic of the AV1611.

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family, even though I am not affiliated to any religion these days. I feel the Bible can be read by anyone without needing to be part of an organised religion.


I have sometimes considered going to Protestant Mass, but is the Protestant Church just as corrupted as the Catholic church?

Protestantism is completely corrupted. The heart of the Protestant American Constitution is complete eaten out. It is fraught with Jesuitized, Illuminized Freemasonry; it uses only English bibles based upon pro-Jerome Latin Vulgate Greek Texts. The same is true for the Orthodox Churches of the East. Do not waste your time in any main-line Protestant Church as they are all apostate. The Protestant churches in the National Council and World Council of Churches are all serving the pope.

I recommend that you purchase an Authorzed King James Bible (Oxford Edition) and read the gospel of John. When finished then read the book of Romans following John. The Spirit of God will work upon your heart as he did mine, Lord willing. If you have any questions, let me know.


Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Greetings, I recently made some interesting finding's with respect to the alleged connection between MARTIN LUTHER'S rose and cross seal and that of the rose and cross symbol of the adherents to the ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGION (BABYLON THE GREAT) (ESOTERIC/EXOTERIC) "ILLUMINATI" which I would like to share with you. "According to the ROSICRUCIAN DIGEST vol 85 number 2 , 2007 page "2" ESSENES were a branch of the "ILLUMINATED GREAT WHITE LODGE" from Egypt preceding Akhnaton , pharaoh and founder of the first monotheistic religion. (Essene is derived from the word kashai which means "SECRET)..."The rose cross became the offical symbol of the ROSICRUCIANS, but was used by various branches of the essenes and the GWB. Before it's official adoption as a universal emblem"THE EMBLEM OF THE EARLY TEMPLARS WAS A "RED ROSE ON A CROSS", ADOPTED BY THEM BECAUSE OF IT'S USE BY THE ESSENES. see (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER OF AMORC) ... In contrast according to MARTIN LUTHER'S letter to Lazarus Spengler 18th of July 1530 quoted at see (Lutheran cross) Martin Luther explains his thoughts and reason for his rose and cross "seal" which was to be a "BLACK CROSS ON A "WHITE" ROSE WITH A GOLDEN OUTER RING" He goes on to explain why? his "seal" is a symbol of his theology. So now I am able to understand the tactics being used by the jesuits in associating THE ESSENES ROSICRUCIAN "RED" ROSE ON CROSS SYMBOL with that of Martin Luther's (LUTHERAN SEAL) which is distinct in design and intent. It is the objective of the SATANIC ORDER (S.J.) to discredit any and all people's associated with the PROTESTANT MOVEMENT and make it appear, as in this case that Protestantism as it was "founded", to be associated with the "ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGION". It also explains why? "today" the Lutheran church is associated with the "RED ROSE" and cross SEAL and why? many researchers believe that Luther was a member of a secret society, because of "JESUIT INFILTRATION" into the Lutheran church......THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND GOD BLESS YOU. BLESSED SABBATH DAY!!!!!! Mr Flores/Brooklyn N.Y.



Dear Brethren and Friends,

I am utterly convinced that the Order killed between 6.5 and 7 million Jews from 1933 to 1945 during the Black Pope's Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945).

I am however reconsidering as to how that inquisition was really carried out. For example, it does not seem truthful to promote that the death camps of Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor killed 1.5 million Jews, 750,000 for Treblinka alone. Further, the Jesuit-staged Nuremberg trials were all about asigning blame, not the assertaining of the real truth behind the murder of the Jews. Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh was a key censor of the trial, he refusing to prosecute Hoeshoffer, Hitler's geopolitian whose plan for the conquest of the east was followed by Hitler. SS General Ernst Kaltenbrunner (who was hung) was the enemy of SS General Karl Wolff---who never was prosecuted at Nuremberg but was protected by the British. Goering (who committed suicide in his cell) was the enemy of SS General and Hitler's advisor, Martin Borman, who escaped justice via Pope Pius XII's Vatican Ratlines. Nuremberg was indeed a show trial with Walsh controlling all the translation in the courtroom in Roman Catholic Bavaria.

Thus my conslusion is this: the number of dead assigned to the death camps was deliberately raised to an impossible amount in order to blame the German people for the pope's mass murder of the Jews. I do not deny the number of Jews killed; I question as to how that mass-murder was carried out.

The truth must be that the murdered Jews were eliminated by forces other than the Nazis---specifically the Soviet NKVD working with the German Gestapo and SS aided and financed by London and Washington. Even as both the Soviets and the Nazis worked together in the Katyn Massacre (shooting 15,000 Polish officers and police in the back of the head and then burying them in mass graves), the Soviet must have aided the Nazis in the roundups and murder of the Jews in Eastern Europe and Western Russia called "The Pale of Settlement."

The Holocaust deniers have a point: there was no way that the death camps could have killed the amount claimed at Nuremberg of by the pope's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists who aided in the compilation of the "History of the Holocaust." I include in that number of papal Jewish liars Raul Hillberg, remembering that these papal court Jews aided Eichmann and Becher in the deporation of 400,000 Jews to Auschwitz towards the end of the war.

Further, if the secret that Stalin was working with Hitler in carring out the pope's murder of the Jews in Russia was ever made known, all of the Order's CFR directed American Lend Lease Aid would have been immediately cut off and the Order would have been stifled in the building of the Black Pope's "Big Red Machine." Remember that Polish General Sikorski, who fled to England with his Polish army, was murdered by the British for accusing Jesuit-trained "Uncle Joe" Stalin of participating in the Katyn Massacre. This nearly disrupted the Allied nations, so his aircraft was ditched after a takeoff from Gibraltar.

Thus, in order to cut off the Holocaust Deniars at the knees, we must find how the Order using its Soviet/Nazi alliance during the entirety of WWII killed off the Jews of Eastern Europe. No doubt millions perished in Roman Catholic Poland's six death camps, but there must be something more, more death pits and shipping off to concentration camps in Jesuit-ruled Soviet Russia that will account for the number of Jews killed during the war, the number in excess of six million according to a statement by SS Eichmann to SS/SD William Hoettel in 1945.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Brother Eric

It is my understanding that although the Holocaust Deniers are correct in saying that 6 million Jews couldn't have been gassed to death, the Deniers are guilty of deception via ommission. The gas chambers were to knock the Jews out to make it easier to take them to the ovens alive & that the carts were used not for the disposal of the bodies but for the transportation from gas chambers to ovens. This was a continuation of the burning alive practices of the Vatican throughout the Inquisition(s) of the pre-modern era & was a high occult ritual of the most evil order.

My computer's dictionary says this under its second definition for 'holocaust':

'historical a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar.'

This information is put forth by both Barry Chamish (in one of his videos: the Vatican Takeover of Israel one I believe) and - believe it or not - Frank O'Collins (in one of his interviews with Greg Szymanski)! It makes complete sense & I would be most interested to know what your thoughts are on this.

In truth & awareness -

Brother Troy

Please note how a Holocaust is a SACRIFICAL BURNT OFFERING TO THE GODS. So burning had to be part of the Judiac Holocaust. It is very true though that theres much deception on this subject. People like Ernst Zundel do not get jailed for nothing and these people are hounded like hell for their words. Remember that the Eleusian Jew of the 12th Mystery Degree and minions are very powerful also and they will punish enemies more visibly than others. It's just like one gang who kill more people and more openly than another who works differently for revenge.

Craig Oxley


Also, I forgot to add: in 1989 in my 'jugend' (youth), when I was in Germany we stayed in a campsite in Munich. The tokens (metal of a bronze colour) for the showers had on one side a Nazi eagle & on the other said 'GAS'! Now this I presumed meant something else in German & never did check it out, but I have just checked on two internet translation sites & both say that the German word for gas is 'gas'! I bought two tokens & kept one which is no doubt still in storage in New Zealand. I was stunned by this & presume that this has since changed, but who knows?

Brother Troy


QUOTE (CRAIG-OXLEY @ Aug 6 2008, 08:46 PM)
I include in that number of papal Jewish liars Raul Hillberg, remembering that these papal court Jews aided Eichmann and Becher in the deporation of 400,000 Jews to Auschwitz towards the end of the war.

At least Raul Hilberg gave us this in his book The Destruction of the European Jews, which shows perfectly how the Nazis just carried out age old church policy – just like Hitler supposedly said once.

Canon Law: Prohibition of intermarriage and of sexual intercourse between Christians and Jews, Synod of Elvira, 306
Nazi Measure: Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor, September 15, 1935 (RGBI I, 1146.)

Canon Law: Jews and Christians not permitted to eat together, Synod of Elvira, 306
Nazi Measure: Jews barred from dining cars (Transport Minister to Interior Minister, December 30, 1939, Document NG-3995.)

Canon Law: Jews not allowed to hold public office, Synod, of Clermont, 535
Nazi Measure: Law for the Re-establishment of the Professional Civil Service, April 7, 1933 (RGBI I, 175.)

Canon Law: Jews not allowed to employ Christian servants or possess Christian slaves, 3d Synod of Orleans, 538
Nazi Measure: Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor, September 15, 1935 (RGBI I, 1146.)

Canon Law: Jews not permitted to show themselves in the streets during Passion Week, 3d Synod of Orleans, 538
Nazi Measure: Decree authorizing local authorities to bar Jews from the streets on certain days (i.e., Nazi holidays), December 3, 1938 (RGBI I, 1676.)

Canon Law: Burning of the Talmud and other books, 12th Synod of Toledo, 681
Nazi Measure: Book burnings in Nazi Germany

Canon Law: Christians not permitted to patronize Jewish doctors, Trulanic Synod, 692
Nazi Measure: Decree of July 25, 1938 (RGB1 I, 969.)

Canon Law: Christians not permitted to live in Jewish homes, Synod of Narbonne, 1050
Nazi Measure: Directive by Goring providing for concentration of Jews in houses, December 28, 1938 (Borman to Rosenberg, January 17, 1939, PS-69.)

Canon Law: Jews obliged to pay taxes for support of the Church to the same extent as Christians, Synod of Gerona, 1078
Prohibition of Sunday work, Synod of Szaboles, 1092
Nazi Measure: The "Sozialausgleichsabgabe" which provided that Jews pay a special income tax in lieu of donations for Party purposes imposed on Nazis, December 24,1940 (RGBI I, 1666.)

Canon Law: Jews not permitted to be plaintiffs, or witnesses against Christians in the Courts, 3d Lateran Council, 1179, Canon 26
Nazi Measure: Proposal by the Party Chancellery that Jews not be permitted to institute civil suits, September 9, 1942 (Bormann to Justice Ministry, September 9, 1942, NG-151.)

Canon Law: Jews not permitted to withhold inheritance from descendants who had accepted Christianity,3d Lateran Council, 1179, Canon 26
Nazi Measure: Decree empowering the Justice Ministry to void wills offending the "sound judgment of the people," July 31, 1938 (RGB1 I, 937.)

Canon Law: The marking of Jewish clothes with a badge, 4th Lateran Council, 1215, Canon 68 ( Copied from the legislation by Caliph Omar II [634-44], who had decreed that Christians wear blue belts and Jews, yellow belts.)
Nazi Measure: Decree of September 1,1941 (RGB1 1,547.)

Canon Law: Construction of new synogogues prohibited, Council of Oxford, 1222
Nazi Measure: Destruction of synagogues in entire Reich, November 10, 1938 (Heydrich to Goring, November 11, 1938, PS-3058.)

Canon Law: Christians not permitted to attend Jewish ceremonies, Synod of Vienna, 1267
Jews not permitted to dispute with simple Christian people about the tenets of the Catholic religion, Synod of Vienna, 1267
Nazi Measure: Friendly relations with Jews prohibited, October 24, 1941 (Gestapo directive, L-15.)

Canon Law: Compulsory ghettos, Synod of Breslau, 1267
Nazi Measure: Order by Heydrich, September 21, 1939 (PS3363.)

Canon Law: Christians not permitted to sell or rent real estate to Jews, Synod of Ofen, 1279
Nazi Measure: Decree providing for compulsory sale of Jewish real estate, December 3, 1938 (RGBI I, 1709.)

Canon Law: Adoption by a Christian of the Jewish religion or return by a baptized Jew to the Jewish religion defined as a heresy, Synod of Mainz, 1310
Nazi Measure: Adoption by a Christian of the Jewish religion places him in jeopardy of being treated as a Jew, Decision by Oberlandesgericht Konigsberg, 4th Zivilsenat, June 26, 1942 (Die Judenfrage [Vertrauliche Bellage] , November 1, 1942, pp. 82-83.)

Canon Law: Sale or transfer of Church articles to Jews prohibited, Synod of Lavour, 1368
Jews not permitted to act as agents in the conclusion of contracts between Christians, especially . marriage contracts, Council of Basel, 1434, Sessio XIX
Nazi Measure: Decree of July 6, 1938, providing for liquidation of Jewish real estate agencies, brokerage agencies, and marriage agencies catering to non-Jews (RGBI I, 823.)

Canon Law: Jews not permitted to obtain academic degrees, Council of Basel, 1434, Sessio XIX
Nazi Measure: Law against Overcrowding of German Schools and Universities, April 25, 1933 (RGBI I, 225.)

Hitler: „As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos etc., because it knew what the Jews were like. I don't put race above religion, but I do see the danger in the representatives of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity a great service.”

„The Nazi Persecution of the Churches” by J.S. Conway, Pgs. 25, 26 & 162.

Apart from that I have the suspicion that some claims about the Holocaust were deliberately exaggerated, so that the topic could be easily dismissed by the Holocaust deniers as a whole. The same reason why the „protection” laws (aka hate crime laws) were invented as I believe.

People like Ernst Zundel do not get jailed for nothing

You know my opinion on this: they don't get killed either, like real truth sayers (e.g. Rivera). I once read the statement that the media and the judicial system are not really helping the issue by having lenghty show trials and reporting in full detail about them, giving revisionists like Zündel a perfect platform. I think this is by intention. I know the effect on the German public, and especially the conspiracy scene. Of course they scream that Zündel et al must be right then. Many do not realize in what clever and wicked ways the conspirators work and to what degree the opinion of the masses is manipulated – even that of the people who think they are awakened from the deception. The truth has many levels – unfortunately.

Best regards,




Dear Brother Eric,

I heard you say you were going to talk about South America and Mexico. How the Vatican plundered all the gold and silver from these lands through the Spanish empire. I took a trip to Mexico a couple of years ago and I can tell you first hand that your account is correct. My trip took me through the central cities of Mexico high in The Sierra Madre Oriental. These areas have massive veins of silver which run deep inside these mountains. Even to this day there is a vast amount of silver in these areas. I rode a horse up to the top of one of these mountain peaks accompanied by a Mexican guide. There he showed me the mine shafts which he said were dug by the Indians with only crude picks and very dangerous elevators. The first shaft he took me to was unbelievable. I don’t know how deep it was but it was the deepest hole I have ever seen. You could say a bottomless pit. He dropped a rock in to it and it seemed never hit the ground. The speed of the stone was so intense you could hear it cutting through the air and then finally after a long moment it hit the bottom. It was truly amazing how deep this was and to think they were dug by humans with crude tools is remarkable. The guide told me there were mine shafts throughout the mountains that were miles and miles long. All this was done through the use of the Indian population.

Through my travels I noticed any time there was a mine shaft close by was a huge Catholic church. Some of them were even used to store the gold and silver. Throughout these cities you will encounter paintings depicting Indians mining while Spanish masters oversee. I’m sure thousands and thousands died from this slave labor. At one point I asked a guide who was more than likely a full blooded Indian what he thought of all this. His replay was, “That’s the way it is you will always have a master who makes all the money.” Interesting remark all I can say is the Indians I meet were some of the kindest people I have ever encountered.
Another interesting area you may want to focus on is the Mexican inquisition. I visited one of the inquisition dungeons in Guanajuato. It was so weird to see one of these dungeons in person. You only see them in movies or see them on TV but to actually be there makes it all too real. It was sick to see what they did to so called heretics. It was deep underground with all of the instruments of torture still intact. The spiked seat, virgin maiden, the rack, the dunking wheel, and many other evil machines were still there. In the center of one of the rooms was a deep pit were a fire burned incredibly hot. There they would lower a cauldron which held the quartered body parts of the dead. This way you were never heard or seen again burned to ashes reduced to nothing. The stench must have been horrible along with the screams of pain and agony. And to think Catholic priests carried this out is sick. To call themselves Christians is a joke. Without a doubt they are servants of the devil and I know they want that power back. The power to instill fear in people and torture those who don’t agree with them. That’s what I got from that dungeon an evil satanic power. I believe they hunger for the past when their open inquisition ruled.

From what I understand the inquisition was started in Mexico because many Jews went there. The Vatican did not like this so they ordered an inquisition in Mexico. The Jews who were in Mexico then started hiding and changing their names to not be found out. So many people were inquisitioned to get to them. And I’m sure they threw heretics in there to, such as Indians who would not convert. But if I am correct the main focus was the Jews.

One last point before I finish. Benito Juarez was a great president probably the only true patriot Mexican president. I am sure the Vatican hates this man and curses his existence. Well there is a city in Mexico named after him called Juarez. It is the border city of El Paso. In Juarez there have been over 400 murders of young girls and I believe some boys to. This is only the official count other sources put it into the thousands. None of these murders have been solved not one. They still continue today. I sometimes wonder if this is retribution on Benito Juarez or maybe some kind of sign to others. I just find it interesting that the city that bears his name has the highest unsolved murder rate that I have ever heard of.

I hope you find this interesting and I will be listening to your show on Mexico and South America. I am sure I will learn a great deal from it. Probably nodding my head thinking he’s exactly right.

Sincerely in Christ,
Marco Roberts


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