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Some quotes from 2006 & 2008. Looking for any more specifics on these lodges. I am quite aware that there was a major expose of Vatican prelates & priests three decades or so ago & may post more on that here. Any details to do with lodges specifically within the Vatican itself & about this "Grand Lodge Ekklesia" is what I would like to find out more about.

- TS

QUOTE The four masonic lodges within the Vatican

T: ... Are you able to discuss those masonic lodges within the Vatican?

L: Yes, the Lodge Ecclesia..

T: Yeah.

L: ..yeah, the Grand Lodge Ecclesia.

T: Yeah.. And, there's a Grand Lodge Ecclesia, but there's four different lodges. How does.. how does that work? Would there have been four different ones, but there being this... is the lo.. Grand Lodge Ecclesia the name for all four of them, overall?

L: Yes.

T: And, the... I believe the last time we spoke you were saying that two of the are Scottish Rite, you thought, and two of them are Grand Lodge... Grand Orient. Is that correct?

L: No, two of them are York Rite and two of them are Scottish Rite.

T: Ah, two of them York Rite, two of them Scottish Rite. The... So the York Rite, they would be like Grand Lodge under the UGLE presumably?

L: But all of them are under UGLE.

T: Oh, are they? Well.. Even Scottish Rite ones?

L: Yes, because the first three degrees everybody is under UGLE,...
QUOTE Many of the top-level Jesuits are also masons

T: ... I understood from Alberto Rivera's revelations that the.. uhm... that the Jesuits.. uh.. at the top level, are masons themselves. Do you know if that's correct?

L: Yeah... a lot of them are, yes.

T: And what form of masonry would that be? Memphis and Mizraim or...?

L: No, the York or the Scottish Rite within the Lodge Ecclesia.

T: OK, that..the Jesuits who are masons would be masons within the Lodge Ecclesia...

L: ...Well, but then you have certain Jesuits who have been introduced also to the Memphis and Mizraim and they have had relationship... because the Memphis and Mizraim, ehh... People at the highest levels have also participated in rituals in the Vatican which we can define as black masses, if you want. But at times, they were only pagan rituals that were done to, ehhhh... to continue that old tradition of pagan beliefs that still goes on in the underground of the Vatican and what is really the..the..the Catholic faith which is really at the roots a pagan faith, because they have no..never really truly accepted one god, they have always.. ehh.. worked in a way since the establishment of the christian faith by the emperor Constantine, just to take on board all the best of the pagan faiths and make it their own.
QUOTE Son of the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England's Officially Submits to the Vatican Luciferian Powers
by Leo Zagami, Nov 23, 2006

The royal son of the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England converted to Catholicism in 2001 Lord Nicholas Windsor, godson of Prince Charles, married a Croatian noblewoman in a religious ceremony at the Vatican on October the 4th of November. They were legally married in a civil ceremony in England on October 19.

On November 1st Lord Nicholas Windsor and his fiancée Donna Paola Doimi de Frankopan were granted an audience with Pope Benedict XVI at the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican . The couple received a papal blessing four days ahead of their marriage. Friends said the honour was "a complete surprise". The wedding ceremony has been postponed by five hours to allow time for a Mass to be heard for a dead cardinal.

The Vatican witnessed an historic moment in relations between the Catholic Church and the British Monarchy on Saturday the 4th of November, when Lord Nicholas Windsor, son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, married in a church situated in the papal gardens behind St. Peter's Basilica!

Lord Windsor, the least known member of the Royal Family married British-born Croatian noble, Donna Paola Doimi de Frankopan, in the Church of Santo Stefano degli Abissini. Bishop Alan Hopes, an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Westminster, conducted the ceremony of shame.

Lord Windsor, whose godparents are The Prince of Wales and the late Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Coggan, became the first ever member of the Royal Family to marry at the Vatican and finally show to the world the true face of the United Grand Lodge of England, a Vatican driven Masonic Order that rules worldwide Freemasonry trough the Duke of Kent but actually takes orders from the Superior General of the Jesuits and the Gay Pope trough the Grand Lodge Ekklesia based in Vatican HQ's.

This Grand Lodge constituted of 4 lodges operates secretly in the Vatican since the end of world war II with a official Masonic charter given by the United States Masonic Authorities.

Lord Windsor is the first ever member of the Royal Family to marry openly and legally within the rites of the Roman Catholic faith since the Reformation ! That's the final move to show the idiots in the Masonic Ranks bellow who is really in control of the United Grand Lodge of England. A meeting of the Privy Council confirmed in October before the marriage the Sovereign's full approval of the wedding as is required by law.

Lord Windsor converted to Catholicism in 2001 and by doing so automatically lost his rights of succession to the throne because of the notorious 1701 Act of Settlement that bars Catholics from becoming monarch , but we know that his position in the Masonic order and the Knights of Malta will always put him on top of the real pyramid of power in the UK.

The little known and publicity shy Lord Nicholas has since his conversion, been very active in Church affairs. He privately joined tens of thousands who queued for hours to file past the body at the lying in state of CIA/Jesuit actor Pope John Paul II in April 2005.

He and his Cambridge educated wife, Paola attend Mass regularly at Westminster Cathedral and Brompton Oratory.

In 1994, his mother, the Duchess of Kent, became the most senior member of the Royal Family to openly convert to Catholicism. Lord Nicholas's uncle's wife, Princess Michael of Kent, and his sister-in-law, the Countess of St. Andrews, whilst Catholic from birth, both conducted civil marriages.

His father, The Duke of Kent, who is the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England, was there attending the Vatican ceremony with his Brothers from the Lodge Ekklesia that is also directly linked to the P2 and the Monte Carlo Lodge.

The Duke who is known to be very close to his son, also and unusually issued an official engagement photograph taken by him at Kensington Palace.

Spokesman for the couple, Mr. Anthony Bailey [T.S.'S NOTE: London-based Anthony Bailey is the Grand Magistral Delegate for the Duke of Castro's Papal-loyal Franco-Neapolitan Constantinian Order. His knighthoods include: Knight of the Order of the British Empire [KBE], Knight Commander of the Papal the Order of St Sylvester [KCSS], Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Knight Commander with Merit of Star of the F-N CO [KCMCO], Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Francis I [KCFO]. See: & ] said before the wedding: "The wedding will be a small and strictly private family affair. It is expected that only immediate family members will attend. Lord Nicholas's godfather, The Prince of Wales, will not be attending as His Royal Highness will be returning from an Official Visit to Pakistan at the time which was arranged many months ago. Lord Nicholas and his bride will however be organising a private party to celebrate their marriage in London sometime in the New Year for other members of the Royal Family and close friends who were unable to travel or have other commitments at this time." ...
QUOTE Illuminati Dreams of Building Solomon's Temple
by Mr. X, Dec 14, 2006

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)

- The Mother Lodge of worldwide Freemasonry.

- Formed by combining the two existing forms of Freemasonry in 1813. The first Grand Master was the Duke of Sussex.

- Edward, the Duke of Kent is now the Grand Master of this lodge and therefore the worldwide king of Freemasonry.

- The Assistant Grand Master of UGLE is Lord Northampton, Spencer Douglas David Compton, the 7th Marquis of Northampton (he runs the show and directs the plans to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem). (T.S.'S NOTE: Since March 11 2009 this position of UGLE Pro Grand Master has been filled by Peter Lowndes. See: ) ...

- Lord Northampton is an avid supporter of Di Bernardo's illuminati Accademy in Piazza di Spagna created with the Jesuits and the Opus Dei , and has charged him with the task of preparing the way for rebuilding the Temple of Solomon . In June, 1996 Di Bernardo at the time Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy published his book "Rebuilding the Temple." ...

In the end the Vatican Grand Lodge Ekklesia will always prevail over every one else but always togheter with the Grand Lodge of Israel and good old friend of the Knights of Malta Yasha Beresiner the Zionist (T.S.'S NOTE: "R. W. Bro. Yasha Beresiner, of the United Grand Lodge of England, and Grand Almoner, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel ... Brother Beresiner ... from England" - ) and Giuliano Di Bernardo the good Vatican boy.


PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge N°2076, London, United Grand Lodge of England.
Grand Almoner, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.
Born : Istanbul,Turkey, 12 June 1940.
Nationality: dual British (European Passport) and Israeli.
Education: in Turkey & Italy, then Romsey College (U K), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law, 1967 LLB; University College. London, postgraduate law studies.
Masonic career :
Initiated in Lodge of Faith & Friendship No 7326 (EC) October 1975;
Master1987,88,Secretary 1988-1996, Chaplain 1999 2000;
Appointed to London Grand Rank 1991;
Appointed AGDC, Regular Grand Lodge of Italy,June 1996;
Founder Member of Mount Sinai Lodge 8991 (EC) & foundation SD 1980:
Master 1982?84, Chaplain 1995/6, AImoner l997?;
Founder Member of Montefiore Lodge of Installed Masters No 78. Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, December 1996, Master 1998,99;
Invited to join Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 (EC) February 1991,
Treasurer. 1992?95, Master 1997/8, Chaplain 199912(0)0;
Joined Euclid Installed Masters Lodge No 7464 (EC) 1979, Chaplain 1999;
Joined Loggia Nuova Atlantide No 71 (RGL Italy), 1995;
Joined the Civil War Lodge of Research No 1865 (Virginia, USA),July 1998;
Appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer (PGStB) of the UGL of England 30th April 2003
Appointed PGSW Regular Grand Lodge of Italy July 2003
W.Master Chimera Lodge No 160 Arezzo Tuscany October 2003
Appointed Honorary Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, January 2005.
Proclaimed a member of the Order of Blue Friars (USA), February 2009
Honorary member of the following lodges:
Ars Macionica No 30 (RGL of Belgium). 1998:
Fraternidad No 68 (Spanish speaking).Tel Aviv (GL State of Israel), 1996;
Michigan Lodge of Research No 1, Detroit (Michigan. USA),1994:
S Giovanni No 10, Varese (RGL Italy), 1995;
Semper Fidelis No 5990, Charleroi (RGL Belgium), 1993;
Tommaso Crudeli No 21, Arezzo (RGL Italy). 1994;
Affiliated with the Lodge of the Holy Land No 50 (GL State of Israel), 1991.
Beyond the Craft :
In England
member of HRA (PZ, LGRC). Mark (PAGDC). Mariners(ProvGR), Royal & Select (TIM), OSM, Operatives (V°), August Order of Light (G of Light);
member of HRA (Italy).A&ASR (Belgium, 18°).

Other Masonic Lodges and bodies:
In England,
Jewels of the Craft (Founder Member), Leicester Lodge of Research No 2429 (Correspondence Circle), Manchester Association for Masonic Research, Mark Token Collectors' Club (Founder Member), Masonic Philatelic Club, Temple of Athena Lodge No 9541 (Correspondence Circle);
Southern California Research Lodge, Philalethes Society International. Scottish Rite Research Society (Southern JutisdiCIion,USA).

user posted image


Craig Oxley:

QUOTE How can it be said that the Grand Lodge of EKKLESIA controls the UGLE when Leo said it was the UGLE that controlled these lodges? I know it would make sense the other way round?

Dear Craig

I had pondered this myself.

Theoretically: All Scottish Rite & York Rite lodges which receive a patent from a "regular lodge" (i.e. UGLE-defined regularity) are considered to be regular. Presumably this includes "covert" lodges which receive a patent from say the Washington DC-based Supreme Council 33° of the Southern Jurisdiction of the USA - which I presume issued the patent for the Vatican Scottish Rite lodges. The York Rite (as it is known in the US - in England the York Rite degrees are ostensibly considered to be separate chapters, all ultimately deferring to the Duke of Kent) is too complex a web to guess who may have issued the patent for the Vatican's York Rite lodges.

Bear in mind how the degree system which became the Scottish Rite was derived from the system developed by the Jesuits in Clermont College, then eventually became the Scottish Rite per se in Charleston, South Carolina in 1801. That Supreme Council then granted patents to lodges in Paris & Rome over the nest two to three years. As we know there is a Scottish Rite Supreme Council of the 33° in Piazza del Gesu in Rome, just opposite the Jesuit's mother church, the Gesu.

Practically: The Duke of Kent defers to the Jesuit Superior General, the Pope & to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. Who is this Grand Master? I would deduce that it is Giuliano di Bernardo (former Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy - Gran Loggia Regolare d'Italia) who is also the Grand Master of the Academy of the Illuminati in Rome.

If we reread Zagami's statements, the above proposed situation fits comfortably enough.

In truth & awareness -




QUOTE (craig-oxley @ Oct 7 2010, 11:38 PM)

PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge N°2076, London, United Grand Lodge of England.
Grand Almoner, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

Born : Istanbul,Turkey, 12 June 1940.
Nationality: dual British (European Passport) and Israeli.
Education: in Turkey & Italy, then Romsey College (U K), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law, 1967 LLB; University College. London, postgraduate law studies.

Some Judaic Aspects of Freemasonry

Table of Contents


One, Chiefest, comprehensive, Proving to Gentile, Jew,
Our Order all extensive, And to its spirit true;
Go ask the Prussian people, They’ll praise our Zetland’s name,
While synagogue and steeple Our oneness loud proclaim

-- Freemason’s Quarterly Review 31 December 1846

Haven't read this interesting-looking PDF document yet, but the Zetland (Shetland) reference is intriguing as that was where my (Royal Arch Freemason) mother's father's family were from (via Orkney, Caithness & back to Norway eight centuries back. I don't know of any other Zetland. For what it's worth that is the location of Ultima Thule that the Germanic esotericists were obsessed with for reasons that I don't recall.

One of out ancestors was a victorious commander of troops at the Battle of Bannockburn, after which the Order of the Rosy Cross was founded under Robert the Bruce.

I have read it asserted that the Norse royalty (pre-1300) were descended from the House of David, but I have not fully looked into this.

One thing I do know for sure is that islands off Scandinavia were Templar strongholds for some time after their suppression.

Beresiner being Past Master of the renown Quatuor Coronati Lodge N°2076, London, United Grand Lodge of England & Grand Almoner, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel places him in an interestingly unique position.



From page 4 of the above document of Beresiner's speech:

QUOTE The first Grand Officer of the Antients who has a Jewish name is David Lyon, appointed Grand Tyler for the three year period between 1760 and 1763.

& on page 9:

QUOTE Dermott already mentions Rabbi Leon in the introduction to the first edition of Ahiman Rezon as Mr. Lyon, one of the Masonic authorities used by Dermot when compiling the Constitutions.

I didn't realise that "Lyon" (as in Elizabeth Bowes Lyon & Leo Lyon Zagami) was a Jewish family name. That would be an interesting line to follow.


reality research resource


Actually that has me thinking of that quasi-crypto-Roman Catholic Knight of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the "Reverend" Luis Leon, the Episcopalian rector of the "Church of the President", George W Bush's one time pastor:

Anyone still got those photos of him in his Holy Sepulchre robes?


reality research resource


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Hello Anonymous. I would apreciate it if you stopped using my name my email address and posting retarted messages all over the net. This is the real Kevin yes I do live in Canada and my e-mail address is And no I am definatly not scared of freemasons.

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now you are finding out the errors of you ways, your language, punctuation and spelling leave something to be desired, but then I don't teach in the Catholic system.

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Will the next Pope be a Freemason?


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