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Technological frontiers and the Illuminati

Some have criticized the lame duck session in Congress as ushering in tyranny. Some in Congress desire to pass laws that violate individual rights. Some are pushing the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Acts. These bills are in the fast track into becoming law. Both of these laws reek of tyranny, because it's a means for corporate consolidation of power. In 2008, there has been Chinese made toys found with toxins. So, consumer groups supported the Consumer Produce Safety Improvement Act. The bill passed with 407 Ayes and 0 Nays in the House. The public found out that the bill will have fines, regulations, and taxes on neighborhood garage sales that is beyond trying to stop dangerous Chinese imports. The is trying to clamp down on an individual right to sell their used items without government oversight. Some feel this is about the corporate government to prevent the black market to threaten their cartel control of consumerism. Establishment liberals believe that this bill will protect us from food borne diseases from factory farming. The government should protect our liberties in the right, but not in the wrong way. The vote in the Senate was in 74 to 25 in favor of it. Big Agri lobby supports the bill. Some think it will make former Michael Taylor or a former Monsanto executive to be the food czar, it can violate U.S. sovereignty over its own food supply by forcing compliance with WTO, and promotes Codex Alimentarius (or the limiting of natural food supplements). We don't need the NAIS or National Animal Identification System. The NAIS would if it was enacted to  force bio-chipping and other identification and tracking methods for all animals, whether food or pets. Some think that it's a step in the right direction like Michael Pollan and Grist. The COICA or the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act is a bad bill as well. The bill is straight oppression against Internet freedom. It isn't even a discussion about what it consists of. It will create a list of domains like a terror watch list (in order to give the government justification to shut down sites that disagree with the government's agenda). The governments wants to shut down access to site it flags without a judge, due process, no jury, etc. This law can apply to websites hosted outside the U.S. where the corporate-government will claim global control over information on the Internet. The government wants to use the ISPs or the Internet service providers to block blacklisted websites. The bill is very draconian. Copyright laws exist that if a media corporation can demonstrate that a given website used their material against Fair Use rights, they can be sued individually for damages. This new law bypass current legal laws of innocent until proven guilty. It can have no warnings, no presentation of evidence of wrong doing, and no determination of fault by a jury of peers to sue people. The law's supporters claim that it only deals with sharing movies, music, and TV shows. Yet, the copyright violations are defined very broadly will surely extend to any usage of Associated Press or Reuters stories (or the like and or images). This broad definition can make alternative new sites to be in violation. The reason is that almost all article or commentary about world events quote a link to mainstream media stories as a reference (this could be a violation). The COICA can crush any opposition to the mainstream media's domination of the mainstream news. The free and open web has been under threat since its invention. If properly debated and dissected there is no way this bill would be passed, hence the rushing to pass it under a quiet Congressional session. This bill could be law since Congress overwhelming supports it. If it's a law, the corporate-government tyranny would regulate information out of competition in the marketplace. Independent voices could be ended when people know about the bill's real composition.

Abortion is linked to premature birth. November is the Prematurity Awareness Month. It has been dedicated by activists to highlight the risks of and impact created by preterm birth. The March of Dimes said that more than a half of a million babies are born prematurely in  America each years. Most people like women don't realize that abortion is linked to an increased risk of preterm birth among subsequently born babies. There is a paper. It was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2009. A Canadian research team examined data from 37 studies. They found that having a prior abortion increased the risk of subsequent preterm birth by 35 percent. This is while having more than one prior abortion rose the risk by 93 percent. Preterm term is about a birth that occurs before 37 weeks gestation. Children whose mothers had a previous abortion were more likely to be born prematurely. This puts them at greater risk for problems such as low-birth weight (which has been linked to physical and developmental problems), epilepsy, autism, mental retardation2 and cerebral palsy. A research team looking at data from 2002 estimated that prior abortions led to 1,096 cases of cerebral palsy among babies born prematurely that year. There are risks to the mother with preterm birth as well. Other studies found that women who give birth at less than 32 weeks double their lifetime risk of breast cancer. More evidence tying abortion and preterm birth continues to grow. Another paper was published in 2009. It found that having a previous abortion raised a woman's relative odds of having a subsequent birth at less than 32 weeks by 64 percent. Even back in 2006, the Institute of Medicine found a list of risk factors that were associated with premature birth (prior to the first trimester abortion). Brent Rooney or the Director of Research for the Reduce Preterm Birth Coalition pointed out that abortions continue to be done despite strong evidence of its risks. There is no evidence that an abortion is 100% harmless. “In the ‘Court of Medicine’ a ‘defendant’ new surgery or new drug is presumed guilty of serious adverse side effects until by strong evidence it is demonstrated to be innocent,”  Rooney noted. Yet 50 years after the development of the suction abortion procedure, he said, there has never been a “‘study of studies’ or systematic review” that has proven that abortion does not cause premature birth. Instead, the evidence seems to be pointing in the opposite direction.  Women are still not being told of the links between abortion and preterm birth. This means that women and girls who have abortions need to be shown all of the information before making a decision. If not, it's a form of coercion. Putting unborn children and mothers' lives at risk is wrong.

DARPA is still here obviously. DARPA is the Pentagon's technological research team. It has a program called INSIGHT. They want to replace largely manual exploitation and have chat-based operator interactions. In other words, they want certain devices to use a system that mines different inputs. This process includes the use of drone footage and on the ground Intel that quickly stitches together data to identify potential threats. DARPA calls this new system as a next generation of the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (or the ISR) exploitation plus resource management system. Human input according to DARPA can be faster than human analysts. They want an interface that's adaptable, letting users provide context and pick the best surveillance combo for a given situation. The Pentagon is investing in the super powered surveillance for a while now. DARPA wants the INSIGHT program to be rapidly utilized in the recon field. The program has new spy cams like ARGUS-IS, a 1.8 Gigapixel camera that tracks over 100 square miles in real time. And ongoing Darpa projects might be rolled into the Insight system too. The agency’s solicitation cites a handful, including the recently-launched PerSEAS, a program to design complex algorithms that can somehow spot threats based on little more than “weak evidence.” There is the AGI Manhattan Project. This is about the transhumanist goal of trying to make man "gods" via life extension technology literally. It's one of the last goals of the real global elite. Some people want to be posthumans or people living hundreds of years. There are pieces that show this Singularity agenda. The New York Times even recently did a piece, titled "Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday", that championed Ray Kurzweil, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Peter A. Thiel, Peter H. Diamandis and Keith Kleiner as being at the forefront of the Singularian Movement. The Singularity University, located at NASA's Ames Research Center, is their epicenter. Ray Kurzweil is the famous promoter of transhumanism. Supercomputers and tons of governmental agenda promote technological advancement. National laboratories, branches of the military, and the executive branch know all about these procedures. NASA's "Planetary Skin" program seeks to build a global nervous system or a network of sensors to monitor the whole planet. Globale warming alarmist has been used as the justification to promote Planetary Skin. It cost 100 million in its initial phrase. The future deals with designer babies, synthetic biology, more genetic engineering and other inventions. Neurometrics is about using the brain and biometrics to control people. Some of this stuff is beyond normal science fiction books.

There are those who want a new Bretton Woods system to handle economic issues in the world.  There should be transformation in the global financial system. This relates to trade and the ecosystem. Corporate globalization didn't work at all. Some want capital controls, restraints in the growth of credit, and the use of governments to respond to economic situatiosn (or upsizing the state to promote policy autonomy to elected governments). There should be a downsizing of the single global market. Some want an international trading system based on the concept of appropriate scale. Nixon unilaterally destroyed Bretton Woods in 1971. He defaulted the U.S. government's commitment to meet its obligations in gold. There has been the introduction of legislation to liberalize the credit created. This caused financial markets to be liberated from social, political, and environmental constraints. The world changed upside down. The finance sector became the its master instead of being a servant to the economy. Some people want to have stability and restore stability over the economic decision making to elected government. One way to doing this is to reinstate and coordinate capital controls across borders. Capital controls are like restraints on capitals being different  exchange controls, restraints on the availability of foreign or local currency. Globalization have made destabilizing surpluses in places like China and deficit in places like the US and the UK. States should have political autonomy to allow legislators (not central bankers) to handle economies. Governments should manage currencies, interest rates, and external balances. States should have the freedom to tax and spend to meet the democratically determined priorities. Environmental and social standards plus regulations ought to exist to promote social plus economic justice (to sustain the life support systems of the planet). Trade should be international, local, and regionally. So, that would cause fairer competition and reduce transport costs and maintain advantages of scale. Trade policies should have more pro-environment value not just pro-production value. Our economy now is about Wall Street centralizing wealth. Macroeconomic reform and financial deregulation contributed to our crisis since the early 1980's (The Reagan-Thatcher era caused local and regional enterprises, family farms, and small businesses to be gone or displaced). This consolidation of power increased with the 1990's boom. Now, public services are gone or privatized, populations are in poverty, and factories are closed down.

Secret Societies are still here. There has been an influence of the Illuminati and Freemasonry on German Student Orders and vice versa. Terry Melanson and many other people have researched information pertaining to this issue. The German Studentenorden influenced ideas to the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt told one of his students (or the 18 year old Franz Anton von Massenhausen) that he was thinking about forming a secret order in the University of Ingolstadt. He wanted to battle against both the Jesuits and the Rosicrucians according to Melanson (Eric Jon Phelps would disagree with him). Massenhausen told Adam even before the Illuminati was formed that he was apart of a student secret society in Gottingen. He talked about its statutes, clothing that they wore, and other parts of it. Weishaupt took Massenhausen's statements to form the Order of the Perfectbilists (with Adam, Massenhausen, and 3 other people). The Illuminati infliltrated educational places and students societies too as Klaus Epstein proved. Klaus wrote that the famous Karlsschule in Stuttgart had many Illuminati members on it staff. Basedow taught Illuminati principles, but he wasn't a member of the Order. Several professors in the University of Gottingen were Illuminati members. The  Konstantisten and the Black brothers (or the Black Order) were students orders as well. The Black Order arose in 1771 in Erlangen. They promoted Pythagoras as the Bavarian Illuminati did. The Black Brothers were in good terms with the Freemasons as admitted by Illuminati historian Rene Le Forestier. The Amicisten (or Amizisten), Constantisten, Unitisten and the Harmonisten were 4 major student orders that have existed during the time of the Illuminati. Their images and logo have occult images relating to Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and even a skulls and cross bones. The student secret orders in Europeans influenced the Student secret societies in America like the Skulls and Bones. This is new territory of research into the Bavarian Illuminati that I have never heard of in my life. Illuminatus Baron von Knigge was apart of the Constantists. The Revolutionary spirit of these secret orders influences world revolutions and other events according to James H. Billington and other researchers.

By Timothy

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