Monday, January 28, 2013

Near February 2013 News

Michael Moore praised the CIA propaganda film called "Dark Thirty." He is singing the praises of the film on the Goldman Sachs linked Huffington Post. The Huffington Post is known for idolizing the man Leon Panetta. The fake left always backs the establishment (for example, the Nation is supporting the torture inspirer John Brennan) just like the fake right. The film was influenced by the CIA and the White House. Moore claims that the film doesn't justify torture when in fact it does greatly in a serious way. The CIA corresponded with the filmmakers to negotiate favorable access to a movie that one CIA official called getting behind the winning horse. The screenwriter Mark Boal met with the CIA at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia for a meeting scheduled on Friday. This was done only 19 days after the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Mark knows a lot of this assassination since the CIA was involved in the film. Mark Boal was accompanied by Michael Feldman of the Glover Park Group, a Washington consulting firm specializing in “strategic communications,” according to the CIA emails. The director, Kathryn Bigelow, also visited Langley to “meet the people Mark had been talking too,” another CIA official noted.” Michael Moore makes the ridiculous and unsubstantiated claim that President Barack Obama stopped completely Bush's torture program when he came into office. The current administration is advancing indefinite detention and global drone battlefield tactics in the world. The drone attacks have intensified in the nation of Yemen. Despite the claims of large numbers of civilian deaths, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a controversial U.S. ally in the war on terror, has always supported the drones. These drones cost Yemen tons of money financially. Four sisters of the Ali Mohammed Nasser family in Yemen were killed by a drone attack. Afrah was 9 years old when she and her three younger sisters Zayda (7 years old) , Hoda (5 years old) and Sheika (4 years old) were struck by an American drone. Ibrahim, a 13 year old boy of the Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye family in Yemen was struck by a US drone, together with his younger brother Asmaa (9 years old) and two younger sisters, Salma (4 years old) and Fatima (3 years old). These children are innocent. They are not different from our own children. Torture is of course wrong and evil of course. Not only is torture wrong and evil, but also drone bombings killing civilians including children as well without due process of law. According to the Washington Post on January 1, 2013, the Obama administration has embraced rendition. Rendition is a policy where there is a holding and interrogating of terrorist suspects in other countries without due process. There has been a widespread condemnation of the tactics in the years after September 11, 2001 attacks. Moore believed that once the current President was in office, the CIA had to turn into more police work as a means to find Osama bin Laden. The reality is that the film was created as a means to promote the foreign policy agenda of the establishment among other reasons. We now have a policy where the U.S. military can arrest, detain, and hold anyone in the world indefinitely until the end of the global war on terror via the NDAA. Critics believe that it can theoretically apply to U.S. citizens. The ACLU even mentions that: "...The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president — and all future presidents — to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield..." That is a key summary of the law. The Nobel Peace Prize winning President loves this nefarious NDAA law. Michael Moore may be right to agree with universal healthcare, but he is wrong to support a film that advances torture, propaganda, drone strikes, and dead kids in faraway lands. You even have folks like Prince Harry gloating that he killed Muslims and comparing it to playing a Xbox video game. He called his acts of killing Muslims to be a joy by his own words. This is the sick mentality, which is commonplace among the cultural ethos of the war on terror. In contrast, his heroic mother Princess Diana said the following words: "...Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.” Therefore, it is customary just for us to advocate peace and to advocate teh end the war on terror. We have better things to do like building up the infrastructures of the world, having a real policy of justice for human beings, and to agree with constructive activities. The Windsors or the Saxe Coburg Gothas are known for their advancement of the British Crown, of war, of allying with Nazi figures, and other evil deeds for a long time.


There is the U.S. debt ceiling controversy around. The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans. They have pushed back the deadline for raising the federal debt ceiling on Wednesday. They want to vote on a measure that would suspend the current limit on federal borrowing until May 19. The vote averted an immediate crisis over the debt ceiling that could threaten to harm U.S. including world financial markets. The move can set the stage for more negotiations in the next few months. The two business major parties do agree with some deep cuts in social programs as a means in their minds to handle the deficit. The White House issued a statement that they like the postponement of the debt ceiling. White House Press Secretary said that if a bill would reach the President's desk, then he would not stand in the way of the bill becoming law. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hailed the House action, declaring, “I’m very glad that they are going to send us a clean debt-ceiling bill.” Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington State, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, immediately embraced the requirement in the House bill that the Senate pass a budget by April 15. The catch of the voting for this debt ceiling extension is that the Republicans want the intensification on the assault of the social safety net against programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Some Republicans want to follow Paul Ryan's approach. This plan will try to reduce the annual federal deficit to zero over ten years. Ryan doesn't give details on this plan or the cuts required in handling the situation. Ryan once said that he wants parts of Medicare to transform into a voucher program and eliminate much of Medicaid. There is the sequester debate. Both parties are to later negotiate on how to handle the spending cuts to the military. It will take effect on March 1. Some want offsetting cuts somewhere else to prevent the scheduled cuts to the military. The aim is at the social safety net programs. The difference among both parties is how much of the social programs will be cut economically. The debt ceiling could be pushed back into May of 2013. The Treasury hit the previous debt ceiling of $16.4 trillion on December 31 and has been engaged in stopgap measures to avoid further borrowing. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had said that these efforts would be exhausted as early as mid-February, warning that federal payments, including March 1 Social Security checks, might be endangered. The vote for the temporary suspension of the debt ceiling was 285-144, with most Republicans supporting the bill (199 for and 33 against) while Democrats were split (86 for and 111 against). Most Democrats withheld their votes until all the Republicans had voted, in an effort to compel as many Republicans as possible to support the measure, which was opposed by Tea Party groups. Many Republicans voted to extend the debt ceiling deadline, because corporate America was concerned about something. They were concerned that if another debt ceiling crisis came about, then it would led into a downgrade in the U.S. credit rating like happened in August of 2011. This could damage the U.S. and world economy. There is an economic slowdown in China and other economies in Asia including Latin America. Some European nations are experiencing an economic slump. The President is open to compromise on a cutting deal that cuts Medicare and Medicaid, it can raise the eligibility age for Medicare form 65 to 67, and change the formula where cost of living increase for Social Security recipients come about. In the final analysis, both parties love some quasi-austerity goals indeed. We live in a time where students have huge school loans. Some individuals have to work 2 or 3 jobs at work to maintain a living. Some jobs have no health care, no pension, and no sense of security. We are not in a post racial America, because racial injustice still remains in society. America has a stagnant growth of 1.3 percent while corporate profits are in record levels. According to CNBC, corporate “cash balances have swelled 14 percent and are on track toward $1.5 trillion for the Standard & Poor's 500, according to JPMorgan. Both levels would be historic highs.” Record wealth among the super-rich isn’t trickling down to the poor or middle class Americans at all. Both parties want austerity or massive cuts instead of saving money and investing money as a means to enrich the lives of all Americans. There may be no other option, but to have investments via spending as a means to jump start the economy since massive reductions in government spending will increase unemployment in America.


The Belgian MP Laurent Louis expressed public opposition to the France intervention in Mali. He gave a strong speech listing concrete reasons on why France is wrong in attempting to reconquer the nation of Mali. This is neo-colonialism and this action by Western powers is ever wrong. Laurent Louis said that the action in Mali can cause a destabilization in the nation. He is accurate to say that it is wrong for nations to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and to overthrow legitimate leaders under the guise of advancing "democracy" and fighting "terrorism." The war on terror has been expansive over the course of years. There have been the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, we see conflict or revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other places in the Middle East. He criticized Belgium for funding the Islamist rebels to overthrow Bashar Al Assad. Ironically enough, these similar cliques are being battled by the French. Many of the militant rebels in Syria want to impose Sharia law in Syria. Some of them reject any progressive or democratic reforms in the nation of Syria at all. Louis wanted Belgium to improve its economic conditions in a recession like world, but he rejects sending the Syrian rebels 9 million euros. He disagreed with Western nations taking over nations, building military bases all over the globe, and funding extremists. For thousands of years, war has been heavily strategic. Some wars involve a faction to gain more oil wealth, resource wealth, or various forms of other economic wealth. Big corporations heavily benefit from wars. Even the Mali battle is being exploited by corporate interests. His speech shows excessive profanity, which I don't agree with at all. He admitted that, "...Haven't we created September 11th, after all, to justify the invasions, arbitrary arrest, torture and massacre of innocent populations?" This sounds similar to the 911 Truth Movement. Louis wants Belgium to leave the UN, NATO, and the EU. The reason is that he feels like these organizations are not trying to orchestrate peace, but violence and the destabilization of sovereign countries (as a means to make nations submit to financial interests not human interests). He tells the truth that opponents to the Mali regime are not all terrorists at all. He wants President Hollande of France to respect the Geneva Convention as it cites the fair treatment of all prisoners of war. It is accurate to deduce the truth that the French operation against Malian fighters has exacerbated the tensions in Mali. The French executed an unilateral decision to enter Mali. The Tuareg are known to have a long history of legitimately disagreeing with colonialism and neocolonialism. The only solution to this crisis in Mali is not imperialism or puppet leadership. It has to be a radical political solution. Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of Pan-African News Wire. He wrote great information on the Malian crisis. The war in Mali has to heavily to do with the control of gold and uranium resources in Mali.

Far too often, many human beings for whatever reason refuse to expose the Jesuits and their Counter Reformation in modern day society. For years, I and others have exposed the links between the Jesuits and intrigue. Now, I will continue to do so since it is the right thing to do and God would want all of the truth to be shown among the human race. Protestants, Baptists, and other have used numerous credible sources and the presentation of historical information as a legitimate means to disagree with the Jesuit Order indeed. The Protestants and the Baptists didn't just suffer under the Catholics, but under the Church of England's theocratic agents as well. This has been documented by UK's Troy. It is a historical fact that the anti-Reformist, pro Conformist High Commission English Inquisition killed many believers of the Scriptures and advocates of political freedom. In 1615, Archbishop Abbott, a High Commission Court member, “forbade anyone to issue a Bible without the Apocrypha on pain of one year’s imprisonment” (Moorman, Forever Settled, p. 183). This order was likely aimed at the Geneva Bible with its 1599 edition printed without the Apocrypha. This order was unjust obviously. The Jesuit Order came about in 1540. The Jesuits came when the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order inside of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits' goal since its inception was to destroy the influence of the Protestant Reformation. Despite its imperfections, the Reformation was right to advocate the freedom of religion, free press, and the right of any human being to question the superstitious doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Jesuits and other agents infiltrate world societies today. For example, Vatican agents were key in the execution of the Vatican Ratlines wherefore the Vatican allowed Nazis to escape justice from Europe. It was the Roman Catholic Knight of Malta & German Vice Chancellor that once gave power to the baptized Austrian Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler. Diem was a Jesuit trained dictator that caused a huge amount of persecution against the Buddhists in Vietnam. Ironically, the Jesuits made communes in Paraguay before Marx was born. Marx hated his own people as documented by the pastor Richard Wurmbrand in his book entitled, "Marx and Satan" which was published in 1987. He or Diem caused so much chaos, that he was assassinated by members of his own people (and the assassination was supported by Lyndon Baines Johnson as he admitted it on tape). After his assassination, South Vietnam suffered a defeat by 1975. Like a Hegelian Dialectic, the establishment funds the Ecumenical Movement, the CNP, and the left gatekeepers via foundations, corporate interests, and other powerful individuals. The Jesuits aided McCarthy in his reactionary rants about Communism and similar Communists philosophies have been espoused by the Vatican's Sir Thomas More in his Utopia as well. The Cold War hysteria was created as a means for the establishment to use its intelligence community to control world society and to flush out genuine nationalists in the world. In other words, the extreme laissez faire cartel capitalist system and the radical Communist system were used as control mechanisms to strife real solutions in the globe (and to centralize power in select banks and select high level political, economic, and religious organizations). It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, many secret orders and international bankers have exploited the legitimate grievances of human beings to ferment revolutions in the world. For example, the Order and the big banks funded the Russian Revolution of 1917 (under the guise of legitimately opposing the tyrannical policies of the czars). To this very day, the Jesuits and their allies have had an influence in the economic, political, religious, and social affairs of the world not only in mostly Catholic nations in the globe. The Jesuit Georgetown Law professor Louis Michael Seidman writes that the time has come to scrap the Constitution instead of trying to improve upon the Constitution as the Constitution says and encourages. What more proof do the skeptics need? They or the Jesuits were banned form European nations in the 18th century for their nefarious actions. One of the greatest pro-Jesuit agents was the Roman Catholic William Schaw. John Daniel's book entitled, "Grand Design Exposed" presented a lot of missing links between the Jesuits and the power structure of the modern world indeed. It is claimed that he or William Schaw was a great influence in the modern existence of Freemasonry. For the elite always uses the spiritual sword of evil and the temporal power of control as a means to rule over the masses. Now, this doesn't mean that we exclude fascism from the equation for fascism is still a great evil and great threat in the world as well.


Secret Societies and the occult have had a presence in film and television all of the time. Numerous arcane symbology have been placed in popular culture all of the time. Film is a known medium where certain archetypes are sent into the subconscious mind. Now, in our time, we have some in the media advancing a consumer driven culture where there is a desensitization of morals. One example is how anti-intellectualism and a debasement of males and females are common in movies and television (not just in the mainstream music industry). Far too often, we have an excess of materialism instead of living in a more people orientated society. Some movies talk about some Messiah figure to led humanity into freedom or enlightenment like the Matrix with Neo. Neo Anderson is the Matrix character that acts as an anti-hero. The Matrix Trilogy makes references to the Merovingian, Seraph, and it showcased Neo's supernatural abilities to kill to electronically stop the Machines temporarily. Even the X-Files years ago talked about the infant named William. This child was a child of an otherworld influenced bloodline born to Dana Scully character. Another theme in occult influenced Hollywood deals with a post-apocalyptic film. Even 1979's Mad Max described this world filled with revenge, violence, and lax legal enforcement. NBC in 2012 created the show called "Revolution." The television show describes the city of Chicago 15 years after the Blackout. It shows human beings striving to survive in a world that was nearly destroyed. Mel Gibson was the leading actor in that film. He is known for playing the alien agenda film called Signs and the film about William Wallace called Brave heart. Other actors who acted in similar occult related films range from Johnny Depp, Ian McKellen, John Geiglud, Sean Connery, and the list goes on and on. If you deny that Hollywood doesn't deal with occult themes, you can just know about the Exorcist and Poltergeist. The ABC/Disney Network is known as well for covering topics like Atlantis, the Holy Grail, and other supernatural subject matters. The global popularity of the Davinci Code movie series outlines the huge interests of human beings in Secret Societies. Da Vinci Code delves in to the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Vatican, and other issues in the world. The book and the movie portrays Christians as intolerable reactionaries that seek to hide the truth of spirituality from the world and it outlines the Illuminati as scientists seeking to preserve the truth to the masses. The folks who own the television networks are in the Western elite bloodlines for the most part. Therefore, the networks want to present their ideas or their interpretations of reality in front of the public space. Da Vinci Code came from Dan Brown's literature, which used a large amount of disinformation and outright lies about Christianity (as a means to advance a Gnostic, pro Goddess spiritual system in the world basically). Secret Societies are ever real in our day, but we have to use accuracy in the 21st century as a means to fully describe the real compositions of these occult, arcane Secret Societies.


By Timothy





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