Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Very Interesting Article (Whether you agree or not with it)

Ali McBride Kitsy2 days ago
I don't understand how anything that you just referenced has anything to do with Michelle Alexander, Dr. Claude Anderson, Runoko Rashidi, KRS-1, Tony Browder, Professor James Small and others.
Hebrew Israelites? This is about as bad as the new Rush Limbaugh rant, where he declares Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson as "activist who are trying to convince the Black community that they are still slaves." One thing has nothing to do with the other.
I'll admit, I had no clue who Tariq Nasheed was prior to seeing Hidden Colors 1 & 2 but regardless of what his shortcoming were, it didn't negate from most of the information presented in both films. I later found out what Mr. Nasheed was all about and although I'm not "bout that life" it doesn't take away from the films information and I don't think that it is fair for the writer and some of the folk that have posted to categorize all that appear in the film as the same. None of the participants in these films can or should be compared to corner Hebrew Israelites.
Runoko Rashidi, whom I know personally has been to over 100 countries and has lectured in at least 80 of them. Are you really going to compare someone of this stature to a non-working, corner dwelling, Hebrew Israelite? Michelle Alexander a "mis-guided" scholar. The same "woman" who is responsible for publishing one of the most comprehensive and intellectual looks at the prison industrial complex in the United States?

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