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Nixakliel on Django Unchained

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January 7, 2013
From The article You linked to: See how {San}Quentin on the QT disses ‘Roots’…
} The audacious release of the dolls could be perceived as adding insult to injury, especially considering Tarantino’s lack of regard for the legacy of Alex Haley’s epic 1977 mini-series Roots, which is American pop culture’s most prized depiction of slavery.
“When you look at Roots, nothing about it rings true in the storytelling, and none of the performances ring true for me either,” Tarantino told The Daily Beast’s Allison Samuels. “I didn’t see it when it first came on, but when I did I couldn’t get over how oversimplified they made everything about that time. It didn’t move me because it claimed to be something it wasn’t” [WHAT! This guy has got a Whole LOTTA of F-ING Nerve!].
Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr., who starred in Roots, dismissed Tarantino’s critique, he was just “stirring stuff up” and making a “mockery” out of racism.
Gossett revealed that after seeing ‘Django Unchained’ at a Malibu movie theater last weekend, he walked out within the first 20 minutes. “Django is a very small speck on the horizon to what we should be giving energy to,” Gossett said… {
I can name at-least 3 gut-wrenching scenes from ‘Roots’ off the top of my head, that I’m sure has more meaning RE Slavery & its devastation of African civilization / culture & the Black Family- than anything in QT’s ‘Django’. They are: 1} When the slavers caught Kunta Kinte & put those chains on him, -2} When that ‘N_-------Breaker’ whipped Kunta to make him stop saying Kunta & answer to Toby, & -3} When they sold Kizzy away from Kunta & Belle & ‘Ole Massa’ turned his back on Kunta as Kunta begged him not to send Kizzy away [& 'Massa's daughter 'conveniently' dissed Kizzy too].
The arrogance of this Guy! He Disses ‘Roots’ as NOT authentic while pimping ‘Django’ dolls- It’s enough to tell {San}Quentin to his FACE- N_________ PLEEZE!!!


NixaklielJanuary 7, 2013
2 Other gut-wrenching scenes RE the infamous middle-passage, were from ‘Amistad’ -1} When that dying slave-mother lifted her new-born baby up from that dark filthy ship’s-hold that she was chained to the bottom of, & -2} When they tied 20 weak / sickly slaves to that sack of stones & dumped them over-board- Like GARBAGE- While They Were Still ALIVE!
Those 5 scenes seemed ALL TOO REAL TO ME QT!

NixaklielJanuary 7, 2013
IMO QT’s dissing of ‘Roots’ & Lou Gossett’s counter-comments should be spread thru-out Black communities & near theaters showing ‘Django’ where Blacks frequent.
I suspect this is not widely known in the Black community, & when it is I suspect that Blacks will agree that Spike had good reason to Hate on QT’s ‘Django’!


Jared A. BallJanuary 7, 2013
this is hilarious!(http://mije.org/richardprince/django-both-flash-point-free-all) Reed mentioned the hostile exchange between tarantino and Black attendees at a screening and q&a with the director. thanks to Richard Prince for his coverage, but Bill Rhoden walked out and Toure’ says he will see it more than the 3 times he already has… let me rest my case again!
“” ‘[A] black woman interrupted their conversation, saying, “A lot of black people are not going to like this movie. I’m about to have a heart attack,’” wrote Crosley, who defended the film. ‘Then a few audience members began to heckle Tarantino from the balcony, shouting: “This is bulls—.” ‘ Tarantino, she said, offered to speak to the hecklers later.
“The movie has become both a flash point and a free-for-all, and the issue is particularly sensitive among African-American viewers — not a large audience for the film, but a key one for principals like Jamie Foxx, who plays the title role.
” ‘If this movie does what it does and black people hate it, that doesn’t do nothing for me,’ Foxx said on BET. ‘Because I feel like the reason I exist is the black audience.’ ”
Released on Christmas, “Django Unchained” ranked second in weekend box office receipts, behind “The Hobbit.”
Black writers were of several minds. Every point raised in a given discussion — that “it’s only a movie,” that it’s really a love story, that it’s like a cartoon, that the use of the ‘n’ word is historically accurate — could find someone taking an opposing position.
[William C. Rhoden, New York Times sports columnist, tweeted Saturday, "...I walked out...is this what we've come to?" while TourĂ©, who opines on MSNBC and in Time magazine, messaged Thursday, "Watching Django for a third time. Won't be my last."]“


NixaklielJanuary 7, 2013
‘The first person to own black slaves in the pre-America Colonies was a black man.’
Where did you get that from, name a source & the person you’re referring to?
By Pre-America do you mean British colonies pre-1776, or do you mean N. & S. America pre-1492 [ala the Olmecs]? Because post 1492 Blacks came to the Americas as slaves & servants- NOT initially as free-persons. Though a few at-times [but rarely] gained a degree of ‘freedom’ pre-1865.
FYI: Revisionist historians [ala Skip Gates] hype that a handful of ‘free’ Blacks at-times owned slaves. What they fail to say is in most of those cases those ‘free’ Blacks purchased their own wives, children & family members, as a ‘tactic’ to secure & insure their families’ protection from being sold off beyond their reach.


NixaklielJanuary 6, 2013
Being College Educated [but not a PhD], I’m not apt to hate on Blacks just because they may [or may not] have college degrees [especially considering that currently sisters w degrees largely out-number us brothers w degrees which has caused it's own issues]. For me its not whether one has a degree or not, but what one does, says, writes or presents as relevant / of benefit- to our cause [or to people in general]. IMO Bro Dr Ball fits that bill. His et-al’s book refuting Marable’s pseudo-intellectual ‘Re-invented Malcolm’ hit-job, is essential for Intellectual & Spiritual Warfare against Mis-Info masquerading as ‘relevant’ info. I’ve witnessed a lot of BS posturing as so-called ‘intellectualism’ in my day.
Bro Dr Ball specializes in mass-media’s impact on our [IE: Black] contemporary culture. IMO He’s doing his job in critiquing Holly-weird hyped movies especially when they purport to speak to &/or for &/or about Us or portray important events RE Us. 2 such movies this yr are ‘Lincoln’ & ‘Django’ which claim to say something important about slavery. Now YOU may know about slavery &/or how to research its history, but I know that many / most of our youth today don’t know. Black studies is being slashed in many / most inner-city schools even at the college level, & under the NCLB / RTTT regime its all about ‘Teaching to the Test’- Meaning there’s only room for ‘teaching’ some so-called US ‘History’ [basically US propaganda & Myths] & thus little if any time for teaching Black students our History- either contemporary or ancient.
So you may understand that when you go to see a Holly-weird movie, unless stated unequivocally it’s a documentary, that it’s just entertainment -BUT- Most kids today minds are so consumed in Contemporary Pop-culture [MTV, Nintendo, American Idol, Snoop-Dog, etc], & that many don’t take the time to do any serious historical [or any other] research- even via the internet! So when movies come out that claim to be ‘historical’ [ala 'Lincoln' & 'Django'] IMO the youth are apt to take them as ‘factual’ [I suspect many/most young folk know about Malcolm X from watching Spike's movie- not from reading his Auto-biography nor other books about him].
It’s a sad state of affairs when folks are convinced they’re actually informed when they’ve actually been woefully Mis-Informed [ala 'The Mis-Education of the Negro']! But that’s too often the way it is.
So since so-many depend on mass-media [TV, movies, twitter, etc] for ‘information’, yet knowing Holly-weird’s woeful track record RE propaganda & misrepresenting Blacks & Browns, IMO it’s folks like Bro Dr Ball job to critique films from a positive Black & revolutionary perspective. I’ve not seen ‘Django’ & may not ever see it, but I’ve read enough about it & know enough about {San}Quentin’s other films to know that- He deliberately Mis-Represented ‘Django’ as confirmed by Bro Dr Ball, Ishmael Reed & others. He first claimed it was about slavery, but when called out that it was A-Historical & seemed to turn the Horrors of Slavery into some-kind of a QT style JOKE, he then says it’s just a spaghetti-western / blaxplotation film w ole Dixie-land & slavery as its back-drop. Well which is it QT? You can’t have it both ways!
Then Jamie Foxx is billed as the star [again targeting a Black audience], but it’s the white German Dude who- Frees Django, confronts the film’s main villain [DiCaprio's Candie] both intellectually & ultimately vindicates ‘justice’ [takes Candie out]- NOT Foxx’s Django! So how’s can Foxx actually be the main star then QT??? IMO QT just MisUsed Slavery as an EXCUSE to do what he always does in his movies- Show a bunch of BLOOD & GORE in a supposedly ‘artistically humorous’ fashion & ‘Liberally’ use ‘N______’ in his Dialogue!
IMO it’s a sad state of affairs that probably the 2 most Holly-weird hyped movies claiming to be about slavery since ‘Roots’ [35 yrs ago] is Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ [which actually wrote Fredrick Douglass out of its script] & QT’s ‘Django’!
Spielberg’s ‘Amistad’ [1997] though IMO has got its own ‘issues’, is more important [but less hyped] on the topic of slavery than ‘Lincoln’ [timed for the 150th anniversary of the so-called 'Emancipation Proclamation'- which in fact did NOT even immediately free any slaves & was designed to exempt border slave-states].
AND the 1993 film ‘Sankofa’ was in some ways even better [though far less known] than ‘Roots’ [or any of the others] w a far smaller budget & NO well-known stars / personalities [It was independently made by an Ethiopian Brother]. IMO if you want to use movies [outside of documentaries] to teach the youth about slavery- let them see ‘Sankofa’, ‘Roots’, ‘A Woman Called Moses’ [about Harriett Tubman], ‘Amistad’ & maybe ‘Glory’ [1987- though it too has its 'issues']- NOT ‘Lincoln’ & ‘Django’!



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