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Corporate Welfare

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Corporate welfare is notoriously poor at job creation, you are usually paying $100,000-$500,000 per job. Alcoa, a company that employs almost entirely white people, gets 5.6 billion in FREE GOVERNMENT  money a year. It has 60,000 employees. This works out to about $94,000 per employee. This is the true welfare that is destroying America. Not some poor women in a trailer park, or barrio or ghetto getting $18,000 in federal aid. Corporate welfare is far more than poor welfare even proportionally.
Corporate welfare rarely provides jobs to inner city folks because the reality is companies like Alcoa (mining) aren't mining in new york or chicago, they are mining in wyoming, and we know what race lives there.
When you consider over 305 billion a year goes out in corporate welfare to mostly white companies, with mostly white employees, and the job creation isn't even there, it would be better to just give out $50,000 checks to everyone and end corporate welfare.
As for America being fine when it was ran by white people, ever heard of the wild wild west? Ever heard of pioneer and settler times when 50% of the population was dying off from basic things like exposure and starvation? Ever understand that there are no trees naturally in places like nebraska and when homesteaders started showing up in planes states they mostly lived in mud huts because there were no wood to build houses. Oh, and don't forget that their irresponsible agricultural practices of white americans in the heartland turned what was the breadbasket of the world into what is becoming the world's largest basket case and desert aka the dust bowl on the planet.
America was falling apart at the seems when it was white run, even as far back as the 1930s the lowest point in the country's history, the leadership was mostly white and they ruined america and ran it straight into the ground.
As for black and brown run countries. It is quiet ironic that you mention that, because Mexico is a brown country with a white leadership, go ahead and google it, their leadership is whiter than texas's. And the whites there have managed to run it into the ground. As well Lulo da silva president of brazil points out that blonde hair blue eyed white people created the financial crisis of 2007 and once again ran the economy of the entire world into the ground.
When you look at the top 10 economic countries in the world, about 1/3rd are arab brown oil states, 1/3rd are carribean black offshore havens or african oil states and the other 3rd are white banking centers where rich whites in neighbouring states run to (like luxembourg or liechtenstein)
There are alot more factors than race in determinging a country running. But the soviet union certainly is a hell hole given all its resources and it is white run.
When speaking of the future economies of the world, the experts tell you the future is as such:, you usually get BRICS
South Africa
Followed by MINT
Finally you have the CIVETS
South Africa
No matter how you slice it, I don't see a single white majority nation counted in the future growth of the world economically speaking. When speaking of white countries, bankers do however talks about the PIIGGS failing economic states of the world, who are failing due to financial irresponsibility of its citizens and politicians. They include:
Great Britain


Carl Hankins:

Wrong! Whites are killed by other whites 84% of the time while Blacks are killed by other Blacks 86% of the time according to DOJ data. It would seem then, that White on White crime is just as big a problem as Black on Black crime but where's the news story? White's make up 61% of the total jail population in America but who gets labeled as thugs? Whites make up 70% of child molesters, 93% of mass murderers, 64% of rapist, 71% of serial killers, 53% of deadbeat Dads, 52% of wife beaters and 57% of murderers in America according to data but who gets labeled as "thugs" and "animals"? White people make up 61% of American citizens receiving government/welfare benefits yet who gets labeled as "lazy", "deadbeats" and "welfare queens"? America and White Americans see and believe what they want to believe and facts don't matter. So if the attackers were white, it wouldn't have made the news. The only reason it did this time is because the mother made noise about it. Otherwise, this crime would have been swept under the rug too. The schools and police are already denying any crime happened yet no one is investigating the mother for child abuse. Something is wrong with that picture. This child suffered blunt trauma to more than one spot on her face indicating several blows to the head. You won't get that from simply falling off the slide. That is unless there was a cliff right by the slide and she tumbled off that too. Truth hurts doesn't it?

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