Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brother Savant's Words

Salut, Attai. Cava? How was your trip in West Africa? You know, today is the anniversary of the famous 1963 March on Washington. Many people--including freddy the fool who think that King's comments about the "content of their color, not the color of their skin" sums up the meaning of King aims and ideas--really have at best a superficial grasp of what meaning to the Movement was about, or what the vision of King was about. Hence those of us who continue and uphold that legacy of struggle are now maligned by reactionaries who pretend to uphold that legacy. You and a few others have read some of my work on King, and I need not explain here what I am getting at. But a colleague of mine got some info from the German embassy in Washington, DC--connected with some German cultural institute--about the influence of King and America's freedom movement on movements in Europe. I don't have it on me right now, but will share the info when I get chance Maybe check your email outside this Topix madhouse.



87% of all white victims are killed by other whites. Why don't you paranoid white racist screwballs worry about WHITE CRIME? Fact is, much of white America is paranoid to the point of pathology over Black crime--which affects them the least--but not about THEIR crimes against each other, which affects them the most. We simply don't worry ourselves about white crime, and don't lose any sleep about how much to kill and rape each other. Which makes us more SANE and INTELLIGENT. We are more concerned about WHITE RACISM and ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION. We let you morons worry about black crime. But one thing is interesting--and this has shown itself repeatedly since the protests and uprisings in Baltimore--the BLACK POOR, so often disdained by both the morally bankrupt negro bourgeoisie and you white racists (who disdain Blacks as a whole, including our respectability obsessed Negro elite)=--those disdained Black masses DO see a connection between police terror, poverty, crime and racism. They may not have read Frantz Fanon, Michelle Alexander or Gramsci as I have, but they get it. And we're creating a new movement. And we don't care if we have to take on you white racists and opportunist elements within the Negro elite as well. The masses of our people are fed up with the whole mess, and many have decided to act. And we're finding in our just struggle allies who are white, Latin, Asian, Jewish, Arab and other. Do you remember those Syrians, immersed in their own troubles, who appeared with signs like "Black Lives Matter" and "We also can't breathe." Mock all you want. Justice and History is on our side



Republicans used to be the most PROGRESSIVE of the two bourgeois parties. Do YOUR homework. Black America, at least in politics, have been overwhelmingly center-left. And some scholarly studies have shown that even MARXISM --which is marginal everywhere--has more support in Black America than does conservatism. Conservatism has more support in the working classes of a backward white America than in our opportunist bourgeois and petty bourgeois classes. It is not a coincidence that Blacks are found disproportionate to their numbers in progressive causes since at least Reconstruction. Hence it is not surprising that as the Republicans moved to the Right, extinguishing his liberal and progressive elements, it lost its support among Blacks. Only problem is that liberalism is also exhausted, while conservatism is becoming fascistic. A revolutionary alternative is now needed. It is either that or disaster.



You're beneath my level; and even much better men than you are incapable of shutting me down. Moreover, I am still INVOLVED in my community's struggles. You're involved with NOTHING unless it is BETRAYAL. You have 3 choices: 1. Solidarity with the Struggle 2. Irrelevance 3. Being an ENEMY of the people In short, you're either a pig or a fool---maybe BOTH.

-Savant (he responses to a reactionary extremist)

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