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Freedom Rider: Bernie Sanders' Conservative Foreign Policy by Sister Margaret Kimberley (A Must Read)

On Bernie as [white] 'Progressives' New 'White Hope'-
Submitted by Nixakliel on Wed, 08/26/2015 - 08:43
They've Bought Into & are Trying to Sell the HYPE!

IMO the fact that so many 'liberals & even so-called 'progressives' are so hyped-up on Bernie, shows just how pathetically empty, weak & lazy [& NOT just politically but even intellectually] so many 'progressives' have become! Bernie's getting so much hype at supposedly 'progressive' alternative web-sites [IE: TRNN, DN! & AlterNet] that GP Party candidate Jill Stein is barely even mentioned [let alone others even to the 'left' of her]. Over @ TRNN when Paul Street critiqued Bernie as 'No White Hope for Black People' in an interview w Bro Jared Ball, most TRNN commenters responded w knee-jerk criticisms or even out-right ridicule of Mr Street- for even daring to criticize 'St Bernie'!!!  And let's be clear- Mr Street clearly stated that on domestic policy, Bernie's record & what he says is good- but re his foreign policy track record & re: the US Military Empire State, it's lacking [In fact he's NOT really even talking about those issues]. Typical response from the 'Go Bernie Go' crowd: 'That's the problem w guys like Street, there's NEVER going to be a candidate 'perfect' enough for him / them. Bernie's the most progressive candidate we've had in decades w a 'real' chance of winning'... [OH Really?]  

Some so-called 'socialists' are even falsely claiming that Bernie's running as a 'socialist', when in fact he's obviously NOT. He's NOT even running as an independent. Bernie's running as a [corp] DIM, w a populist flavor! As such Bernie's obligated to endorse the Dim's POTUS nominee which will most likely be Billary / Killary Clinton- NOT Him-& he's already on record for that commitment! IMO this explains why Bernie won't critique Billary's & Obama's records, even re: issues which he articulates 'passionately'!

Another so-called 'progressive' Bernie fan claims his anti-war record is 2nd to none. But Paul Street, Chris Hedges & others [IE: BAR's own Sis Kimberley here] beg to differ w that. Sis Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Lee, Jill Stein, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, & even Ron Paul clearly have better anti-war / anti military-industrial- surveillance-security state / empire records &/or positions than Bernie's. And most of their records [except for Ron Paul] on domestic policy issues is just as progressive as Bernie's- if NOT even more so.  And as Sis Kimberley states Bernie's NOT even mentioning foreign policy &/or US military empire issues, NOT even on his web-site!  So how serious of a candidate can he really be? I've never heard of a 'serious' POTUS candidate who's Failed to articulate any position(s) on FOREIGN as well as domestic Policy!!! But based on what Sis Kimberley has outlined above there's NO real difference to speak of between Bernie's foreign policy positions & Killary's NOR OBomber's!!!

Thus- As BAR's own Bro Bruce Dixon says, we know what Bernie's real role is once he decided to run as a Dim- that as 'sheep-dog' to keep 'progressives' from straying from the Dim's corral. One would think that after 2 terms of being snookered by 'Slick Willy' & Drone-Bomba's 'False Hope & Change, You Can NOT Believe In', progressives would be wary of the 'Ole Okee Doke' again from someone who sounds 'progressive' while ducking certain key issues [IE: foreign policy & rolling-back the US Military Imperial State]- especially if he's running as a DIM [NOT a 'socialist'- DUHH]!


Nixak*77*  lynn • a day ago
Re Pnt 4: He's NOT running as a 'socialist' NOR even as an independent, but as a [corp] DIM, who's already said he'll endorse who ever the Corp DLC Dims nominate- which will most likely be Billary / Killary Clinton! This fact explains why Bernie to-date refuses to critique Billary's NOR Obama's [shady] track-records. Mr Street says Bernie's been a so-called 'independent socialist' in NAME Only but in fact a de-facto Dim for at-least the last 20 yrs!

Re: Pnt-7: IMO Bernie's NOT more anti-war than Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, nor even Ron Paul. Thus far it seems Bernie's NOT even talking about foreign & military empire policy, while all these folks I've named above have &/or had clearly staked out anti-war & anti US military empire [& police-state] positions.

Re Pnt 8: Big city [& even NOT so big city] Police Unions like the FOP, have been among the most Reactionary, Police State / Proto-Fascist, if NOT Out-RACIST orgs- under the color of the US' largely pro-establishment [via union w the Dims] Big-Labor movement orgs. Even Repugs know this, which explains why, when Repug WI Gov Scott Walker went after WI's public sector Unions [IE: teachers' unions]- He specifically EXCLUDED WI's Police & Fire-Fighters' Unions from his assault on public workers' unions!


Nixak*77*  a day ago
FYI: Under-cover NYPD Cop Gene Roberts, did NOT just set-up NY BPP 21, in the 1970s. This very same Gene Roberts was also Malcolm X's body-guard on Sun Feb 21, 1965 = the day of Malcolm's assassination!!! Roberts was the first to reach a dying Malcolm!
PS: 'Curiously' the First one to reach a dying MLK on April 4, 1968, was also a Memphis undercover cop who later joined the CIA, named Merrill McCollough.


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