Monday, August 03, 2015

Truth, Wisdom, and Reality.

The brutal death of Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati was unjustified and evil. He was murdered by the officer Ray Tensing. There was a traffic stop by Tensing, who was a University of Cincinnati police officer. Tensing pulled him over for not having a front license plate. He sought to physically remove DuBose from his car. DuBose attempted to flee. A second after DuBose started his car; Tensing shot him once in the head. That one bullet killed him. There was no need to kill Samuel Dubos in the head at all. Tensing made the usual statements about being caught and being dragged along that prompted him to shoot DuBose in the head. Yet, the body camera footage refutes his story. Tensing wasn’t dragged. Tensing intended to kill DuBose since he drew his weapon immediately after DuBose started his car and he fired at his head almost instantaneously. Now, the prosecutor has charged Tensing with murder and voluntary manslaughter. He was jailed and released on Thursday after his father paid $100,085 bond. The other cops were there too named Kidd and Lindenschmidt. Both officers issued falsifications about what happened. The officers lied and said that DuBose was dragging Tensing from the care. These 2 other officers followed Tensing’ story. Eric Weibel wrote the initial police report. Kidd was also involved in the 2010 police killing of Kelly Brinson (who was an unarmed mentally ill black man who had been hospitalized at Cincinnati’s University hospital. He was tasered three times and surveillance video shows officers smothering Brinson. Brinson’s family settled their civil suit against the University of Cincinnati police and the hospital for $638,000. The only disciplinary measure taken, however, was to remove them from patrolling duties at the psychiatric wards at the hospital). Yet, the prosecutor declined to bring charges against Kidd and Lindenschmidt. Grand juries operate under the direct advice of the prosecutor regularly. This could have inspired the jury to not indict Tensing’s two accomplices. The body camera footage from Kidd and Lindenscmidt shows that they were neither in a position to see if Tensing was caught in DuBose’s care. Lindenscmidt was sitting in his patrol car. It was parked directly behind Tensing’s patrol car when the shooting took place. Kidd’s body camera is not turned on until he is chasing DuBose’s car with Tensing and Lindenschmidt. However, the footage from Lindenschmidt’s camera shows Kidd running on the sidewalk, also behind Tensing’s car, indicating that his view of the shooting was obstructed by both Tensing and DuBose’s car. Shocked at learning that Weibel and Kidd were involved in attempting to falsify Tensing’s murder of DuBose, Kelly Brinson’s brother, Derek, declared: “They should be held accountable for perjury and they should be accessories to the DuBose murder.” Weibel wrote the police report so as to bolster Tensing’s false account of the shooting, writing, “I could see that the back of his pants and shirt looked as if it had been dragged over a rough surface.” Kidd falsely claimed to have seen firsthand Tensing being dragged by DuBose’s car, repeatedly declaring, “Yeah, I saw that.” Lindenschmidt also lied in an attempt to bolster Tensing’s story, telling another officer: “I just arrived to back him [Tensing] up, the guy took off. The officer was stuck in the vehicle. He fired one round.” Commenting on the significance of the body camera footage, DuBose’s sister Terina DuBose Allen declared: “I think that if there had not been a body camera that Sam would have been left with the memory of everyone saying he was basically trying to kill a police officer. They would have turned a nonviolent man who was loved into a poster child for violence against police officers.” We want justice for Sam DuBose and for his family.

There is a massive crisis in the Middle East. Recently, some Zionist settlers have burned to death an 18 month infant named Ali Saad Daobasa in the West Bank village of Kafr Duma. The family of Ali includes his parents and four year old brother in critical condition. The Jewish Journal has mentioned the four year old suffered burns over more than 60 percent of his body. Thousands later have demonstrated throughout the West Bank in expressing outrage over the terrorist action against a Palestinian family. One Palestinian was fatally shot on Friday in the midst of the demonstrations. The arsonists are linked to Israeli extreme nationalist groups. These criminals first spray painted the Hebrew words of:  “Revenge” and “Long live the king messiah” on the house’s walls, alongside a Star of David, then smashed its windows and threw in Molotov cocktails. These murdering settlers certainly violate the commandments of the Torah saying "Thou shalt not kill." The Palestinian family was sleeping when the attack came about in ca. 2 am. The family got the four year old out of the house and he was burned badly. The youngest son was burned to death. The family suffered smoke inhalation too. A relative of the family rushed to the scene of the first. He told the Israeli daily Haaretz that he witnessed the parents of the murdered toddler in flames on the ground. There were two men whose faces were masked by balaclavas. On Israeli police officer was killed in the immediate wake of the murder. Many crowds hurled stones and improvised firebombs in eastern Jerusalem in the nearly village of Isawiya and an unidentified gunmen fired on an Israeli patrol vehicle in the West Bank near Kochav. The Israeli political and military establishment had no choice, but to show contrived sympathy for the family. Yet, they wanted to escalate its military and police activities in the guise of “hunting down the terrorists” responsible for the murder. “Terror is terror, and we must fight it in every place,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a public visit to the hospital where the survivors of the attack were being treated. “I am in shock from this criminal and terrible act. We are talking about terrorism in every respect,” Netanyahu said Friday. “The IDF strongly condemns this deplorable attack and has heightened its efforts in the field,” Israeli Defense Force spokesman Col. Peter Lerner said Friday. We know that Israeli forces have used relentless violence against Palestinian and other Arabic masses in the region. It is hypocritical for Netanyahu to issue those words when the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli ruling elite is responsible for the crisis of Israeli settlers killing Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel is doing nothing when some are driving Palestinians from their homes and advancing Israeli expansion. Clashes on Tuesday between settlers and Israeli police over limited demolitions of illegal housing units at a Zionist settlement near the West Bank capital of Ramallah highlighted the potential for the Israeli far right to turn against its masters, biting the hand that has fed it and contributing to the destabilization of the regime. Netanyahu authorized the building of 300 housing units in the same settlement. The PLO has condemned the death of the toddler. Even the Israeli group B’Tselem had condemned the atrocity of the murder of a Palestinian infant. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has recorded 120 terrorist attacks by Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank since the year began, many of them carried out under the armed protection of Israeli security forces. There was last summer murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir (a 16 year old Palestinian He was abducted by the right wing Israeli nationalists in Jerusalem forced to drink gasoline, and then burned alive amid the slaughter of more than 1,400 civilians in Gaza). Hussein Abu Khdeir (or the teenager’s father) said that he felt that his son was murdered all over again (in response to the infant being burned to death) to the Israeli news web site Ynet. He said that the Israeli government doesn’t want peace as half of the government includes settlers. We see settler death squads doing terrorism and this is ignored by the mainstream media. We see a right wing Israeli nationalism as a threat to freedom loving people. Israeli has the higher per capital concentration of billionaires on Earth, but its poverty rate is higher than that of Mexico. Palestinians want democratic rights and justice not oligarchy. Progressive Israelis and Palestinians (who want true peace) deserve solutions not apartheid or any form of tyranny.

There has been a huge discussion about Bernie Sanders. He has caused huge audiences to witness him speak from Denver to Vermont. These crowds never existed out of thin air. We face an economic and political crisis in America. We see the 2 party system dominated by corporate, oligarchic, and capitalist interests. We see the record bailout of financial large banking interests. We see a lack of mortgage relief for people burdened with foreclosures, debt etc. No one in the major 2 party system (among its leadership) is calling for the nationalization of the financial institutions that harmed the economy. People praise a health care reform bill, but refuse to call for single payer health care. There have been raids on union pension funds. There has been the undermining of desperately needed carbon emission reduction efforts in Copenhagen (2009) and in Durban (in 2011). We see offshore and Arctic drilling. This is why grassroots organizing is important. The CIO or the Congress of Industrial Organizations, the SCLC, SNCC, and other anti-war groups decades ago did grassroots work, demonstrations, boycotts, and other forms of social activism to combat injustice. So, we have to work in the streets, in the factories, in the restaurants, in religious locations, and in other locations to get our voices heard and promote political including economic solutions. Bernie Sanders’ strength is that he has talked about the evils of economic inequality that few of the other candidates speak about. He is right to expose the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which has increased the power of big corporations who want political power. His weakness is that many of his policies are pro-military industrial complex. He supported Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s U.S, imperialism and militarism in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, and Ukraine. Sanders refused to expose the truth that the United States’ murderous and expensive global empire must end if a progressive, democratic society will exist in America. Sanders unconditionally supports Israel’s assaults on Palestinian children and other civilians in the West Bank including Gaza. He runs in the Democratic Party when that capitalist party is in league with the establishment just like the capitalist Republican Party. We need to not only fight income inequality. We need regulations to clean up our rivers and streams. We need to end mass incarceration. We need immigrants to have their human rights protected. We need to stop imperialism and any injustice in the world. So, we have to maintain our political independence.

He is a very smart person. We have to have frank, honest discussions (along with structural changes in society) in order for real change to come about. We have to address this issue in our community. Also, we have to treat people as human beings collectively not just individually. Jeffrey told many facts that some males must realize. There is no excuse for the evils of misogynoir, colorism, and any form of evil, false racial stereotypes at all. Anyone who degrades black women is lower than low, wrong, and reprehensible. He's right to say that all black lives matter. Bigotry and oppression (which are deplorable, nefarious ideologies. Every person is born equal and they have inalienable rights) go hand in hand. There are bad people in every race and the more people realize that, the better. The lie that non-blacks have some moral or social superiority to black people ought to be called out. We know tons of black women who are down to Earth, progressive, and honest people. Some people lie and equate the strength of black women with negative terminology. Just because a black woman is strong doesn't mean that she's being rude. She's being real. Jeffrey Almonte courageously has spoken on issues that must be told. Congratulations to Sister Lupita Nyong’o. She is the epitome of class. Her speech about beauty (she accurately states that beauty is compassion) to human beings exemplifies her wisdom and her compassion for fellow human beings. Also, she is not only very beautiful inside and out. She has great love for her family and friends. She has amazing talent and she is inspiring people, especially females, the world over. We all salute not only her wisdom, but her gracious spirit. I wish the best for her.

It’s a historical fact that the John Birch Society was an enemy of the civil rights movement during the 1950’s and during the 1960’s. Fred Koch allied and worked with the John Birch Society since the late 1950’s. The JBS has been adamantly anti-Communist. Fred Koch promoted the theory that President Eisenhower was soft on Communism and that the public school system used many communist books and that many teachers were communists. They acted like being a Communist should be illegal. Frankly, people have the freedom of conscience and the freedom to think. In 1961, the Freedom Riders came about. The Freedom Rides was about African American and white activists traveling to the Southern states to test the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Boynton v. Virginia that the Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (which barred laws requiring segregated travel interstate). The buses were attacked by white racist mobs and the Klan. The JBS called civil rights a communist slogan, they wanted Earl Warren impeached, and they opposed the push for racial integration (via a document called “A Letter to the South on Segregation in 1956). The JBS in 1961 praised General Walker who opposed James Meredith’s right to enroll in Oxford, Mississippi. The John Birch Society always hated the views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They made a very disrespectful remark about the dog attacking a black person in the South as carefully rehearsed. That made me angry and that alone will never make me respect the John Birch Society at all. The John Birch Society front group called JFK a traitor and said that he was soft on communism. The John Birch Society supported conservative Barry Goldwater too, but even Barry Goldwater criticized the JBS. The John Birch Society’s main publication called the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr. King as a “sham and a farce.” That’s disrespectful. The John Birch Society hated President Johnson’s War on Poverty. The JBS opposed anti-discrimination legislation like housing legislation too. Today, the JBS promotes Jesse Lee Peterson (who said thank God for slavery. Jesese is a black reactionary person who made offensive, disrespectful comments about black people for years). The JBS opposed federal Civil Rights Acts (Yes, the JBS opposes the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, which is shameful) when federal human rights are superior to states’ rights. The John Birch Society’s Robert Welch praised J. Edgar Hoover when Hoover illegally violated the civil liberties of American citizens via COINTELPRO and other programs. Hoover didn’t want the JBS to push his comments in book form. Hoover was an evil man. The JBS is a disgraceful group.

By Timothy

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