Wednesday, August 05, 2015

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It has been a year since the air strikes in Iraq. This started a new era in the conflicts all around the Middle East. Today, the Pentagon is proposing the authorization to use U.S. warplanes to provide blanket air covert for a small band of mercenaries sent into Syria after being trained, armed, and paid by the U.S. military. These new rules of engagement specify that air strikes on behalf of this force (which is numbered less than 60) before its commanders and several of its members were captured and others were killed last week. So, Western-backed forces are fighting the Syrian government, so Assad can be overthrown and a pro-Western puppet state can exist in its place. The Syrian civil war has been going on for over four years. Washington and its regional allies have supported Islamist sectarian militias as proxies in order to try to end Assad’s regime. There have been massive interventions in the Middle East which has caused more chaos in the Middle East too. The air strikes in Iraq started when the President said that he ordered them to stop ISIS forces from exterminating the Yazidis (who are a small religious community in northern Iraq). ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  ISIS has overrun about a third of Iraq the previous month. This has routed U.S. trained troops and some have fled in disarray. Many thousands of Iraqis have been killed in this sectarian violence. Iraq is heavily divided along sectarian lines. The CIA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar support regime change in Syria via the funding of various militia groups. This comes after the 2011 US/NATO war to topple and murder Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.  That neocolonial enterprise relied upon similar Al-Qaeda linked Islamist militias. Many of those militias have sent huge stocks of Libyan weapons to Syria. Many Yazidis are dead and some have been saved. There was the siege of the Syrian city of Kobani with the U.S. Air Force intervening to supply close air support to Kurdish militias fighting ISIS. Later, the US used Turkish airbases to fight, but the Turkish forces have bombed Kurdish people in Syria. Turkey wants a buffer zone out of Syrian territory, so the regime change in Syria can come and to prevent more refugees from entering Turkey as well. The Gulf War came in 1991 by Bush’s father, and then the Iraq war in 2003 came by George W. Bush. Now, we have the strikes in Iraq and Syria by many forces. The West wants to compete against Russia and China. The West not only wants resources in the Middle East like oil. They want puppet regimes to flourish in the regime as well.

Many people know about political history. Many of the Republicans that reactionaries have cited (about civil rights, etc.) were more progressive (the Radical Republicans of the 19th century who helped passed the 19th century civil rights laws like the 14th Amendment, etc. were progressives while many Democrats back then were more conservative. Thaddeus Stevens was a progressive Radical Republican). I don't believe that Democrats or the Republicans were perfect at all. There are other facts too. Ronald Reagan was forced to sign the bill (to promote the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday) and at first disrespected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Richard Nixon supported the suppression of the Black Panthers and he was involved in the criminal action of Watergate (he desegregated schools which I don't have a problem with, but he was a notorious racist and anti-Semite as shown by his own words on tape. He isn't my hero). Also, many Democrats were involved in voting for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts not just Republicans. A Democrat signed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act into Law. After 1964, more Republicans became reactionary and more Democrats became more progressive. Therefore, the truth is important to advance. I will not be a Republican or a Democrat. I will be myself. Also, Republicans and Democrats made mistakes too as both parties aren't perfect. Political independence is the way to go. I have no problem with aid to Africa (as executed by George W. Bush) and I have no problem with the white cops who beat up Rodney King being charged with federal charges. Also, Brown v. Board of Education decision was done by the Supreme Court not by Eisenhower by himself. Eisenhower enforced the law. Eisenhower was a moderate on civil rights. Some of the worst race baiters in the world are those who believe in post racial propaganda (and refuse to expose structural racism in society. Also, race baiters will blame the victim of oppression for their own oppression completely). Many liberals are racists not all. Many conservatives are racists not all. We don't need fear. We need justice. We need the system of white supremacy to end. Also, we have every right to promote solutions.

There are many words to be mentioned. First, when Sandra Bland’s mother said that “I’m ready…This means war,” she outlined her bravery as a strong black mother. The family of Sister Sandra wants the truth. We know the disgraceful actions of the officer who treated Sandra as a murder suspect instead of a true human being. We know about the epidemic of misogynoir and the denial of true liberty for black people in the world. We see how structural racism and structural income inequality has existed in America since 1776. So, we mourn the death of Sandra Bland, and we carry on. We will never forget Sandra Bland's great social activism and her wisdom. We carry on for our ancestors who suffered unspeakable pain, but they knew that their descendants will never experience the Maafa again. We carry on, because tons of our Brothers and our Sisters suffer injustice in an evil capitalist, patriarchal society. Sandra Bland’s family has every legal and moral right to bring a lawsuit up. We fight for justice not just for humanity living now, but for the future generations of the human race as well. We are in solidarity with the family of Sandra Bland. I will never sugarcoat my views on this issue. Also, we have to recognize the stories of Ralkina Jones, Raynetta Turner, and Joyce Curnell. Their lives have value too and they passed away in state custody. It has been almost 50 years to the day since the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and I reflect now on it. That act has been greatly gutted by the Supreme Court and we still have a long way to go in 2015. We still witness police terrorism and racism including discrimination in our country. The system of white supremacy is an abominable system that must end. We are fighting for black liberation, justice, and a real change in our world.
RIP Sister Sandra Bland.
#Black Lives Matter.

This is a very interesting discussion. It is not a secret that crooked cops (when cops have experienced massive militarization for decades) have exploited poor communities for generations. We know that gentrification has displaced many poor and many people of color, which has further caused more problems in urban communities. Poverty and other socioeconomic problems have been problems in the world. A global Black Lives Matter Movement that is progressive would look very beautiful. We, as black people, are an international people. I’m in solidarity with not only black Americans, but black people internationally. We want all in the human race to be free and have their human rights protected. We have national and international laws that promote the human rights of immigrants too. There are also black immigrants who need there issues addressed too. Reparations sent to the victims of police terrorism in Chicago are the least that Chicago can do. I wish the best for Darrel Cannon, who is a victim of police abuse. Also, there must be an ending of minimum sentencing laws. We face structural racism and structural income inequality too that many young people are talking about. Opal Tometi is a very intelligent Sister. I love how he talked about NAFTA (which has ruined communities in America including Mexico) and the TPP too. We don’t live in a post racial society, so we need revolutionary change so humanity can have justice. I believe in labor rights and social justice too. Social justice is related to educational justice, universal health care, and other progressive solutions. We want human beings internationally to have justice.

This is an excellent, inspiring story. It shows the great intellectual strength of a black person and it shows how a strong black family can give great love including real encouragement to a student in order for the student to achieve great accomplishments. For anyone to achieve a perfect score on a SAT exam alone is not easy, but to have perfect scores on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP exams is incredible. The story of Love Osunnuga documents that studying, never giving up, and education are always important in life. Love Osunnuga is a well-rounded person who will go into college, so she can achieve her own dreams and aspirations. She wants to help fellow human beings and she's a great person. The family and Sister Love Osunnuga are blessed people. STEM fields are blatantly important to promote too. Love, devotion, and sacrifice are important principles that completely exemplify Love Osunnuga.
Congratulations to Sister Love Osunnuga.

By Timothy

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