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Where's the #BlackLivesMatter Critique of the Black Misleadership Class, or Obama or Hillary?

Bro Dixon Piece Begs the Question re The Real Deal for BLM
Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 12:08
Net-Roots Stage Act that showed-up Bernie Sanders...

I hope I'm wrong about this, & certainly Bernie & that Martin O'Malley dude needed to be confronted re: the unique issues plaguing Black folks [IE: Killer Cops & the so-called 'War on Drugs & Crime' & the 'New Jim Crow'] -BUT- Could the BLM Net-Roots stage act been a 'clever' but 'cynical' ploy to embarrass Sanders to the benefit of Billary / Killary Clinton???  If the BLM sisters NEVER confront Billary re: Her role in backing hubby's Slick Willy's- Welfare Deform Law that had such a detrimental effect on Black single mothers [& working-poor women in general] in 'bipartisanship' w Repug Newt Grinch-Witch; - Slick Willy's role in exploding the Black Mass Incarceration State IE: doubling-down on Reagan era racially biased 100 to 1 crack vs powdered coke law [also in 'bipartisanship w Newt Grinch-Witch - for which he just gave a half-assed {non}'Apology']; Her personally sitting on WalMart's Board for several Yrs as AR's 1st Lady [Walmart's notorious for paying piss-poor wages & benefits to its mainly women workers, many of whom are Black & Latina]; & IMO also Killary ['I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!'] Clinton's personal role in Khadaffi's demise- leading to a Viciously RACIST Backlash vs Black Libyans & African Migrant workers there... - If the BLM sisters NEVER Confront &/or Shames Mrs Billary Clinton re: any of theses &/or similar issues- &/or NEVER insist that Mrs Billary say exactly what she'll do to undue the damage that her Hubby Slick Willy's above mentioned policies helped to create &/or exacerbate vs Black & Brown people- beyond the standard 'I Feel Your Pain' rhetoric- IMO We'll Have Our Answer!!!


Note by Me;

To be fair, many Black Lives Matter activists have disagreed with Hillary Clinton and others from the GOP like Tef Poe, etc. I do find it deplorable for many in the Internet to use misogynoir against 2 black women confronting Bernie Sanders in Seattle. People can disagree with the 2 women's actions, but these 2 women never harmed the man at all. These 2 women definitely shouldn't experience misogynoir in the Internet either. The Black Lives Matter movement is diverse. Folks who demonize everyone in the Black Lives Matter movement for the actions of 2 people are outrght hypocrites and wasn't concerned about black lives at all.

By Timothy

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