Monday, August 10, 2015

Words from Activists.

But what do all your "black friends" think about the reaction of the white leftist Sanders supporters? What do they think of the condescending, patriarchal "He's the only real progressive and you blacks are black, so your votes belong to us, dammit" attitude of his supporters? What do they think of white leftists screaming "Soros!!" like a bunch of deranged Tea Partiers? People are talking about the optics of BLM's actions, but they're not considering the optics of the white left's reaction through the eyes of the black electorate.

It's been a teachable moment...for some black people. It's helped some black people come to the realization that opposition to anti-black racism really isn't a fully integral, natural part of progressivism. That's something we needed to know.

Someone dug up a photo from of her with a Palin button on her backpack. She's 24 years old. She says her parents are Tea party conservatives, and at the time, when she was in high school, she shared her parents' politics. She doesn't now. Elon James White made a good point about that. He said that if she had got up there and declared Sanders to be the most wonderful person in the world, people would be pointing out the fact that she once shared her parents' conservative politics as a positive talking point.

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