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Black Lives Matter and Katrina

Bill O’Reilly is fighting a battle that he won’t win. He just doesn’t get it. Movements for social change will not be intimidated by puppet talk shows hosts (whose own family members said that he was involved in domestic violence against his own ex-wife). This hypocrite and racist O’Reilly (as he said to a black person that he can go back to Africa if he wanted reparations, he said that he hoped that black children won't steal his hubcaps, he called Hispanics a racial slur on TV, and he said other outrageous words) will not prevail. The Black Lives Matter movement came about as a product of black people being sick and tired of oppression from the system of racism/white supremacy. Also, the slanderous lie that the Black Lives Matter movement is a hate group is one of most of the most ignorant views from him that I have ever heard from him. There is so much tea about these right wing talk hosts (like Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, and the rest), that it is incredible. The only reason why I don't show all of their tea is because I'm not a gossiping person like that. O'Reilly's mistreatment of women is well known (as further documented in Gabriel Sherman’s book entitled, "The Loudest Voice in the Room"). O’Reilly (including George W. Bush) is living proof that white intellectual superiority is a total myth. O’Reilly is totally a liar to assume that the BLM movement wants non-threatening cops to die of murder. The deal is that we won’t stop as black people. Back in the day, we protested, we used self-defense, and we demonstrated. Today, we will continue to oppose injustices in a myriad of actions. We want our civil liberties protected, we want an end to the War on Drugs, and we demand that crooked cops (who abuse or kill innocent black people) to be prosecuted. So, the establishment hates the BLM movement as evident on how the FBI, the DHS, and the NYPD have illegally spied on Black Lives Matter movement members. Our ancestors defeated Jim Clark, and many racists. We have truth on our side and we will fight back. We will have justice.
#Black Lives Matter.

This is great news indeed. Sister Duchess Harris is certainly being involved in a historic project, because this will be the first time in American history where a look into the Black Lives Matter movement comes about (in an in-depth way) via a textbook. It is great this book will deal with the War on Drugs and other events in Ferguson, and other places of America. Children need to know the truth and they have the right to be given information about how systematic racism, economic inequality, and police corruption have no place in any society. African American history should be taught more, so people of every color can understand that our struggle for freedom is a real struggle (and in the end, black people will win this struggle). Fox News is known for its race baiting, for its extreme views espoused by its hosts, and for its anti-black extremism. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is wrong and inaccurate to classify the Black Lives Matter movement as a hate group. BLM is made up of many men, women, and children who are tired of police terrorism and racial injustice. In the minds of many white reactionaries, black people standing up for each other is equated to hate (which is a lie). Kevin Jackson is just wrong. FOX News promotes black people who espouse white supremacist views too. Countless members of the BLM have denounced violence and have promoted peaceful protests. Brian Kilmeade is wrong too. Jackson is a liar, because BLM members have used charities, community programs, and other efforts to promote the dignity of black human lives. People like Hasselbeck, Jackson, and others don’t care about ending the War on Drugs, they don’t care about calling out the system of white supremacy, and they don’t care about ending economic injustices. They care about promoting a post racial agenda (which is about the minimization of the greatness of BLACKNESS) that ignores structural injustices. Black Lives Matter advocates promote love for black people, which is the antithesis of hatred of humanity. Many GOP members have been known to express bigotry against black people, immigrants, etc. and members of FOX News don’t call them out. Members of FOX have praised Bundy when he made offensive remarks about black people. Frankly, I take it as a badge of honor when FOX pundits slander the strong, courageous Black Lives Matter movement. We want liberty and justice and the Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay.

Misogynoir is an epidemic and vicious cancer in society. It is obvious that black women bashing comes from many males who have self-hatred, inferiority complexes, and colorism. Also, it is not a woman’s responsibility to allow a man to be a man. A man must have self determination to reach his own highest potential as a human being. Some people should receive credit for publicly acknowledging what has been known for years. That is that males who bash black woman have massive social insecurities (including that they have ironically accept the same views on gender as white supremacists do) and there is no way that the black community can be free unless black women are free. Some folks deserve neither patronize nor excessive, obscene disrespect. No human being should be unfairly disrespected. This problem has to be solved if our black community is to survive. The solution does deal with dialogue, therapy, and self-reflection. Also, more men have to speak up and condemn misogynoir and confront any man (regardless of his skin color) who perpetuates false stereotypes about women and who are outright misogynists (like Sotomayor, Sgt. Pete, and the rest of those deceivers). This is a crisis in our community. The good news is that we can make solutions, so all black males and all black females are free for real. Our enemy ultimately is the system of racism/white supremacy. We want all black people to have equality, justice, autonomy, and their dignity respected wholeheartedly.

Three American Presidents (who are current President Barack Obama and ex-Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) recently came into New Orleans to remember the 10 years since the terrible events of Hurricane Katrina. There has been a new community center opened in the Lower Ninth Ward. President Barack Obama gave his remarks. He tried to say that the capitalist system caused progress in New Orleans. Even he had to admit that he had a long way to go. He cited economic reports released that showed a 3.7 percent rise in GDP in the second quarter, but we face massive economic stagnation. “The United States of America remains an anchor of global strength and stability in the world,” he claimed. “It’s important for us to remember that strength. It’s been a volatile few weeks around the world. There have been a lot of reports in the news: stock market swinging; worries about China, and about Europe. But the United States of America, for all the problems we still have, continues to have the best cards. We just have to play them right. Our economy has been moving, and continues to grow, and unemployment continues to come down.” People in America are struggling for economic survival. He hailed the work of Democratic and Republican politicians who intervened to replace the shattered infrastructure of the city, but there has been massive privatization of public services (like schools, hospitals, and public housing). New Orleans is a victim of neglect and free market experiments. We know that 7,500 public school teachers (most of them are city residents and victims of Katrina. A lot of these teachers are African Americans) being fired from their jobs as the public school system was dismantled and replaced by charter schools. There is a higher graduation rate from New Orleans schools, which should be praised and acknowledged. Yet, nearly half of all children in New Orleans live in poverty and there is massive poverty in poor neighborhoods of New Orleans. Democratic Mayor Mitch Landrieu has praised he neoliberal policies established in the region.

Former President George W. Bush spoke too in praising charter schools as he spoke at a local charter school in New Orleans. During this time, there have been many speeches, parades, roundtable discussions, and other public conferences. The ruling elite is celebrating since they have used policies of gentrification, privatization, etc. in order for their vision of New Orleans to be promoted. George W Bush coming into New Orleans is like him returning to the scene of the crime. He expressed indifference to the plight of the city’s poor, mostly black residents 10 years ago. The city’s Democratic mayor Mitch Landrieu embraced Bush with open arms. Speaking at Warren Easton Charter High School on the edge of the black working class neighborhood of Treme, where he also spoke on the one-year anniversary of Katrina, Bush seemed completely at ease. The polite applause from the auditorium was punctuated only by a small handful of protesters as the event wound down to a close. As the BBC put it, “Ten years ago, the idea that President George W. Bush would receive several standing ovations in front of a predominantly African-American audience in New Orleans, might have been unimaginable.” Warren Easton was closed down and now it is a charter school. Bush spoke about that: “I hope you remember what I remember, and that is 30,000 people were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm by US military personnel, by Louisiana law enforcement, and by citizens who volunteered,” Bush said. Yet, many of the 7,000 National Guard troops guarded private property in the city. Many cops used police brutality against residents of New Orleans. Much of the aid that was to go into the city was prevented temporarily. The New Orleans Police Department was ordered by then-mayor Ray Nagin (since convicted on racketeering charges) shortly after the storm to cease rescue operations in order to crack down on human beings (who were slandered as “looters”) attempting to procure food and medical supplies for their families. So, George W. Bush used his speech to whitewash his role (including the ruling class’ role) in the terrible governmental response to the Katrina disaster. He wants charter schools to be a mandate that is replicated nationwide. No one criticized Bush among the mainstream media heavily since the establishment is in favor of destroying public schools to be replaced with privately run charter schools. Bill Clinton spoke at an event entitled, “Katrina 10 Commemoration: The Power of Community” in downtown New Orleans at the Smoothie King Center, home arena of the city’s professional basketball team. There were many people there from the Democratic establishment and musical performances from local artists. “Lord only knows how many miles I have run through the French Quarter,” Clinton said. “Nothing sounds like the French Quarter. When I was president, I came here 10 times.” Clinton concluded his remarks by saying: “Laugh tonight and dance to the music. You earned it. And tomorrow, wake up and say, ‘Look at what we did. I bet we can do the rest, too.’” Many of the poor are in no mood to celebrate. Corporate-sponsored events aren’t solutions. American capitalism seized on Katrina as a way to make an American city more in line with the interests of the rich. So, that is why people are fighting back against the agenda of austerity, privatizations, and gentrification. Many people in New Orleans want freedom and justice and we are in solidarity with them.

By Timothy

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