Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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There are a lot of words that could be said about this issue. So, I will not compromise in my views on these issues. For long centuries, crooked cops have bullied black people, poor people, and other people. The Black Lives Matter movement existed in response to police oppression, racial profiling, and racial oppression. The BLM is not involved in overt bullying at all. They want justice. They want a society to be transformed where local police agencies are not militarized and where unarmed, innocent black people never should experience murder. There is a double standard in society where there are many instances of white men with guns being readily not killed while we have black people disproportionately being killed by the police. The police have killed almost 1,000 human beings in America during this year alone. In other industrialized nations, that number is much lower. The BLM has gone out to not only issue statements in social media. They have participated in protests nationwide. They have organized forums in talking about real issues and they have created specific platforms in addressing economic and social justice issues. The corrupt social order harming the poor, permitting oppression, and stifling progressive change is the epitome of that capitalist social order using civil disturbance against the common people. Black Lives Matter is a call for society to truly respect the human dignity and the autonomy of all black lives. It is never meant to degrade the human dignity of other human lives. Also, he or Ben Carson talks about Michael Brown, but he never criticizes the militarized police forces using tear gas against civilians in Ferguson (including against innocent journalists and innocent children) over a year ago. He never talks about how the surveillance state is linked to imperialism and that is also linked to the police occupation of our community. We have to fight without fright. When we fight, we will expose white supremacy. Exposing the brutality of capitalist exploitation and police corruption has nothing to do with advancing nihilism. His words represent what many conservatives actually believe in. So, his words are not surprising. Black Lives Matter is not about bullying and it is not hateful. It has inspired a new generation of people who want change now. It has galvanized many across the world to express that powerful, accurate precept that black human lives not only have value, but they deserve liberation. It has shown everyone that many of the youth get it and have a real consciousness about real matters. That’s real and that’s true.

The Black Lives Matter movement has done a lot to expose the systemic roots of police terrorism and racism in the American criminal injustice system during the 21st century. DHS has illegally monitor BLM members too. BLM activists have not only protested. They have established meetings nationwide including forums. They have organized civil disobedience nationwide, and they have organized other programs. So, they haven’t just used social media. Also, Campaign Zero, Hands Up Coalition DC, and BLM websites have explicitly mentioned concrete platforms on criminal justice, racial justice, and economic justice (which many other organizations don’t do and some organizations want BLM to be nothing more than an token adjunct of the Republican or the Democratic parties. This must not happen as political independence is the way to go). BLM is following the model of SNCC. SNCC never had a centralized leadership. Ella Baker taught us that leadership is not about one person ruling over everyone. Leadership is consensus, democratic power, and promoting justice. That's leadership. They had leaders in a grassroots format. SNCC didn't always agree with the SCLC too. BLM is a grassroots movement, so they need leaders being part of the overall participatory movement (not singular leaders dictating people in the movement in an authoritarian fashion). Like any movement, BLM need legitimate critique (like expansion of their platform, more organization, etc.) and inspiration not bashing. These are my views. I am in solidarity with the heroic people of the Black Lives Matter movement too.
#Black Lives Matter.

They (or Kai Davis and Miriam Harris of Temple University) are only telling the truth via their spoken word poem. Equality is never a gender limited ideology. Equality is meant for all. No one can be ‘conscious’ and disrespect the mother of human life, who is the black woman. It is as simple as that. Also, the people found in ISUPK (with one piece of work who calls himself General Yahanna) are the examples of the fake males that the 2 Sisters are describing. I never talked about ISUPK before on here. We know about Tommy Sotomayor, Sgt. Pete, but these ISUPK folks are off the rails too with their misogynist garbage too. They claim to be spiritual, but they curse with vile language and I do mean curse with vile language. Many of their followers say the N word and just call black women every name under the sun. They should be called out. Now, the women made the excellent point that some who claim to be “nice guys” are just as shallow, egoistical, and narcissistic as the “bad guys.” Patriarchal supremacy is wrong just like the system of white supremacy is wrong. Freedom is not about people seeking permission to be free. Freedom is about the right to be free by birthright without exception (and without oppression). There must be societal changes. Laws must be changed and human autonomy must be totally honored. If misogyny and racism are gone, then the world would be a much better place. There are plenty of fake people who use “conscious” rhetoric as an excuse for them to demonize black women (they condemn feminism in inaccurate terms as well). They are totally agents of evil without question. We have to not only defend the lives of black males who are the victims of police abuse. We have to defend the lives of black females too, who are the victims of police abuse. Black people in general (i.e. black females and black males) should have liberation and justice. Society works when people fight injustice, build in communities, respect each other as human beings, and stand up for the truth. I congratulate the two Sisters.

 Racism has no place in any society. Anti-black racism is deplorable and evil. Anti-Latino racism is also evil and deplorable. Trump is a coward, a sexist, and a racist without question. White racists always had anti-Latino bigotry. They just use Trump as a way to try to make their hate socially acceptable, which it isn't. His views on foreign policy is equivalent to the neo cons, so he's a militarist too. You can't be a revolutionary and support imperialism. I will never support Trump at all. I am glad that protesters confronted his hate. A nation which includes the actions of illegal immigrant Founders (who stole lands and whose relatives broke treaties) and these bigots are hypocritical to slander immigrants (many of them are black people too). I believe in black unity, but I don't believe in anti-Latino racism. We can promote our black interests and Black Power too without unfair hatred.

The video (of the rally in opposition to the Iranian deal) says it all. Many people at the rally believe in historical revisionism, slander, and other forms of demagogic extremism. Iranians have been brutalized by Western backed coups (like Operation Ajax in the 1950’s), harmful sanctions, and other forms of injustices. Also, it is obvious that the President is not a Muslim. Many people in the rally refuse to expose how imperialism has harmed Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. Iran has no nuclear weapons while many nations including those in the Middle East plus Asia have nuclear weapons. For that one person in the rally to say that he’s glad that Carter is suffering cancer shows that person in the rally is a total disgrace. The worship of America as God is truly despicable. Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are deceiving others and they are reactionary extremists. The reactionary extremists talk about nuclear power when America has been the only nation to use 2 nuclear weapons in 2 cities in history. The policies of Empire, unjust surveillance, and neoliberal economic policies have existed in both the Bush and Obama administrations. Many Tea Party activists have been exposed as neo-conservatives. The slander of the BLM movement by those in the rally is not uncommon. So, the major point is that we are anti-imperialist, we don’t want war with Iran, and we want justice for humanity.

By Timothy

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