Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

LBM says:
September 15, 2015 at 11:03 pm
“In contrast, the unions between black males and white females in Hollywood films are SELDOM abusive, disrespectful or antagonistic.”…………………Pam, do you happen to remember Eric LaSalle in ER? I believe he brought this very point up in reference to the relationships he was having on the show – I guess they wanted his relationship with the black lady (biracial) to be cantankerous while it was to be peaches and cream with the white one.

Good post Pam. Many of the older brothers are too far gone but we can still at least prepare our younger males on the racist game that’s being played. We need to tell them how their “preference” is manipulated by racists who want males that look like them erased. They need to understand that males who look like them – strong masculine melanated men, by and large, will only be produced by them mating with black women.

The racists have convinced a good number of black males to genocide themselves through the very images Pam speaks of. Has anyone else noticed the number of print ads with highly melanated males with babies/children that look nothing like them. Or, as I witness on these gentrified streets of NYC, dark complexioned black males doting on their “mixed” children. I saw a dark brother carrying and kissing the cutest little chocolate baby and I had to say something to him. The image made my day!

I also notice how many of the black actors, especially the lighter ones, shave their facial and head hair as not to display those naps. Seems they have “issues” with their hair as well but handle it differently than Black women – although some do get a “texturizer” which ain’t nothin’ but a perm washed out a little sooner!

Note: To those who watch Power – please stop saying “latina” as if that makes Angela not white. There’s plenty black and otherwise darker complexioned women who’s first language is Spanish – if that’s what the producers wanted. Ghost has made it clear that the black woman was fine for his “dirty” life but for his “clean” life, he wants the white girl. So much for being the one who “put in the work”, who “stood by her man”–then in walks the white girl to reap the benefits. Power is so blatant with the anti-blackness and anti-black woman that it’s a good study piece but again – these things have to be called out if we’re going to watch at all.


Trojan Pam says:
September 15, 2015 at 11:37 pm

I agree. And the promotion of producing children with white people is so blatant almost every TV commercial features a so-called bi-racial person. The “better’ black” and more and more black people are producing children


And some are proud of this NOT realizing this is the most BLATANT FORM OF SELF-HATRED AND SELF-CONTEMPT AND LOW-SELF-ESTEEM possible

No person with high self-esteem wants a child that looks nothing like them!

And what we are producing — and I’m going to be blunt here –are children who will for the most part want to be white and will side with whites even while pretending to be “black -identified” and will RUSH to breed that hated blackness out of their genetics. Hasn’t anyone seen this besides me?

The smartest ones will play both sides depending on which way the wind blows (like getting “black” scholarships even though they want nothing to do with black people)

and many will feel alienated and distant from their black side because they look different

And most will be used against their darker brethen as they were used in Haiti and South Africa and Latin America to promote white supremacy via them being closer to white than other black people

And while clueless black adults OOH and AHHH over them looking more white they will be DEVASTATING the self-esteem of the children who don’t then wonder what is wrong with them?

No people can survive their own self-extermination and I doubt we will be the exception

unless we shake off these mental chains and get our sanity back.

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