Friday, September 18, 2015

The Second Republican National Debate

The 2nd Republican debate was longer than the first one (with 22.9 million people watching it on CNN). I saw most of the debate. Before I list the winners, I must tell which person was the loser of the debate. You know who that person is. LOL. Yes, I will say his name once again. The loser is Donald Trump. He lacked details in his responses. He defended his despicable and evil comments about Jeb Bush’s wife and against Carly Fiorina. He was tired and flustered by other candidates refuting him every step of the way. Trump promoted his irrational policies of eliminating the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship part and wanting to deport millions of people immediately (which will cause a police state in America. Trump refused to apologize for his evil comments about Jeb Bush’s wife. He is a racist and a sexist. Trump’s patronizing words to Fiorina were apparent). The debate happened in the Reagan Library and Ronald Reagan was responsible for union busting, race baiting rhetoric, Iran Contra, tricked down economics, and other evils in our society. Also, Ronald Reagan (as Governor of California) slandered the Black Panther Party during the 1960’s. Carly Fiorina came out strong in the debate. I don’t agree with her agenda, but throughout the debate, she outlined a strong tone and defended herself (yet, the HP situation will come up during her campaign). Rubio was strong in the debate in outlining his story and vision even though he is a notorious war monger. Ben Carson was in the middle. He didn’t do terrible, but his performance was more humble. He talked about vaccinations, immigration, and other issues. Jeb Bush was stronger during this debate than the first one. His big mistake was that he said that his brother George W. Bush made America safe. Bush was involved in the disastrous Iraq War, the economic downturn (we know about the big stock market crash of 2008), the disastrous response to the Katrina tragedy, and he promoted torture (many of the laws that he passed violated our human civil liberties).

Jeb Bush is allying with the same ruthless neo-conservative advisers that made so many mistakes involving the war on terror. So, the George W. Bush administration was a divisive, terrible Presidency. Kasich wanted unity among Republicans. He wanted to demand his record as Governor of Ohio. Scott Walker was unapologetic about his union busting and his antipathy towards a real living wage for workers. Chris Christie wanted to target Hillary Clinton and he has an abysmal record as New Jersey governor. Rand Paul wanted to promote his policies on marijuana as he has criticized the War on Drugs. He was constantly criticized by other candidates. I do agree with drug treatment programs and the ending of three strike laws. Yet, Rand Paul wants a harsh response to Iran. Ted Cruz and the overt theocrat Huckabee are stone cold extremists. I think that debate had more detail than the previous one. Many of the candidates wanted to promote a regressive tax policy like the fair tax (which will benefit the super wealthy at the expense of the poor plus working class). I have no problem with taxing hedge funders. The many candidates believe in war mongering while omitting the fact that Western imperialism (along with other forces) are responsible for the migrant crisis, for the Syrian civil war, and for the other forms of chaos in the Middle East. Jindal also cut services in Louisiana too. Even the Iran nuclear deal is very strict. Yet, some of these candidates are war mongers who want to even attack Iran under some circumstances. As other people has mentioned, the candidates didn't talk about Black Lives Matter, police brutality, education in our communities, and other real issues. This could be the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s campaign.

She loves her family. She always respect talent, wisdom, and she has made beautiful comments on the truth on beauty. The cover is amazingly gorgeous (with superb fashion). I greatly respect the compassion and the strength of the beautiful Sister Lupita N'yongo. Our ancestors suffered the worst forms of slavery in human history, but we are here. If the inexpressible cruelties of slavery couldn't stop us, the agenda of the bigots will surely fail. We do this for our ancestors too. Our ancestors lived, they suffered, and they died. Our ancestors experienced oppression. Yet, they also realized that during the future, people like us would exist to show a light. We will continue to show that light of truth, inspiration, and progressive insights, so the world can exist in true liberty and justice. We are a diverse people. We look at reality through our own eyes. I never agree with spewing FOX News talking points about black people. We are a strong people and the system of oppression has the goal of destroying the black community. There is a difference between individual responsibility and collective, systematic forces of oppression that must be fought against. We love truth and we believe in building in our black communities via self-determination.

We, as black people, are tired being condemned collectively for the actions of a few. We are tired of some who want to ignore the gallant efforts of black people who are actually fighting against intraracial crime. We are tired of the BLM movement being slandered by ignorant people and by white racist reactionaries (from FOX News, etc.) who don’t know a single, solitary thing about what the Black Lives Matter movement represents. BLM existed in the past few years. It was established with a specific goal which was to liberate black people from police terrorism and from any injustice. Overall crime rates have been going down for the past three decades in America while the police have killed almost 1,000 people in 2015 alone. As you have mentioned, crime is never limited by race. Crime is caused by socioeconomic factors. When our schools are rebuilt, when living wages come about, when illegal gun trading is truly fought against, and when real investments in growing jobs exist, and when ending poverty comes about, then a radical decrease in crime will happen. We know what works. The constant victim blaming (as embraced by extremists) is a disgraceful ideology and it is a sick slander that is found not only expressed by racist white people, but it is embraced by some black people too. The Black Lives Matter movement is still here and it has condemned murder (no matter who does it) in explicit terms. Before the BLM was established, black people have constantly been in the trenches fighting back against intraracial crime.

It is disrespectful to ignore the great efforts of black people who are building in our community. We are tired of being lectured by conservative pundits who believe in the myth that respectability politics is the panacea to our entire problems when we know that people like Aiyana Jones, etc. were murdered by the police when they have done nothing wrong. Black people, who do crime, are readily prosecuted nationwide, but the police, who swore an oath to protect citizens, are readily not prosecuted (if they committed an injustice) since they are defended by the establishment readily. Many of these people (who lecture us on black on black crime) want to blame black people collectively for the actions of criminals. What the haters don't get is that we oppose intraracial crime, economic inequality, poverty, discrimination, and police brutality simultaneously. Worshiping the police is an action which is embraced by many unfortunately. Just because someone disagrees with one athlete, doesn’t mean that we are upset with him. We are disappointed at him. Jesse Lee Peterson is black. Yet, he thanked God for slavery. Just because we criticize the ignorant words of Jesse Lee Peterson, doesn’t mean we want permanent divisiveness in our community. We want solutions. We want the poor to not be bashed unfairly, but treated with dignity and with respect. We promote justice and we have every right to disagree with certain viewpoints. Also, we have criticized white racists strongly. We want any oppression to be attacked on all fronts. We will get over not a single thing and the Jewish people never get over the Holocaust. Society must change and structural change is a necessity so capitalist exploitation is gone.

By Timothy

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