Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wisconsin Political News

The primary in Wisconsin has been historic. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential primary in Wisconsin. Ted Cruz defeated Donald Trump and John Kasich in the Republican primary in Wisconsin too. More than a half of million voters supported Bernie Sanders. Sanders won a margin of 56 to 43 percent, which is his widest victory margin in a primary contest. Sanders won 69 out of 72 counties in the state. He lost only in Milwaukee County; the state’s largest, by a narrow margin, and in two small rural counties. He dominated the vote in Madison, the state capital and site of the main campus of the University of Wisconsin, and won all of the smaller industrial cities: Green Bay, Appleton, Sheboygan, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Racine, Kenosha and Janesville. Exit polls documented the widespread support for Sanders among younger voters as well as a significant shift among younger African-American and other minority voters, who backed Sanders over Clinton for the first time. Voters are concerned about standard of living issues, health care, the economy, and other important issues. As for Ted Cruz’s victory, it was historic. He celebrated it and he must campaign in New York state. Bernie Sanders have to campaign in New York too. Sanders has won 7 out of the 8 previous primary races. Hillary Clinton is continuing in her campaign and Hillary has increasingly gained more superdelegates. The superdelegates are key in winning the nomination campaigns of the Republicans and the Democrats. Donald Trump has complained and his hate speech is disgraceful and evil. Ted Cruz is an extremist too. We shall see what the future holds.

First, a solution will not be one thing or one action. What can be done in Chicago include a multiple amount of actions. The crime in Chicago has come about via the illegal drug trade, the illegal gun trade, family problems, socioeconomic issues, lax living wages, crumbling schools, poverty in general, and other complications found in the poorer communities of Chicago. A combination of addressing structural economic injustice and building communities are necessities in being part of the solution. Also, we have to address the illegal drug trafficking (El Chapo is one evil man who is complicit in the drug trafficking in Chicago) and illegal gun trafficking that is fueling a lot of the violent gang activity in Chicago. There is no excuse for intraracial crime or any crime period. One death of an innocent human being is one death too many. In these circumstances, certain areas of Chicago should be declared a state of emergency and all levels of government should be involved in the solution making process (including us as members of the black community). I also commend the heroic efforts of black people in Chicago who are working day in and day out in fighting the violence in Chicago. Their names and their actions ought to be fully acknowledged. We do realize that we have a long way to go. This is a national and a global problem. Families must be improved and anti-poverty efforts should be enacted, so the people in Chicago (especially in poor communities) can have jobs and a livable income. Also, investments in mentorships should grow. This process will take some time and for right now, (in my opinion), certain places in Chicago deserved to be classified as a state of emergency where emergency resources are given to these locations ASAP. Schools need to be modernized, affordable housing must be built, and other solutions must come about. The community must always take a huge role in the solution making process. In the final analysis, we, as black people, must address this issue.

Involving love and romance, no human being should be fetishized. Unfortunately, we live in a society filled with excessive materialism, the exploitation of females, and some folks embracing the evil fetishization of black females. The photo shows that the white male is completely wrong and he's disrespectful. Love is not about viewing a person as a piece of meat. Love is about treating people as human beings. The more people realize that and follow that premise, the better off society will be in general. Many white guys want to view black girls and black women as people to exploit for sexual purposes and for cultural exploitation. Any relationship, regardless of its composition, has to be based on love, respect, reciprocity, and human integrity. Being real is about being honest and being true to honoring the essence of human value. We have a long way to go in our society where all people can have justice. Being part of the solution is about confronting ignorance, confronting bigotry, and respecting black people. Anyone that doesn't respect black people (especially black females) doesn't honor the human race in general. So, a black person has the right to be respected as a human being and to live in the realm of the pursuit of happiness without injustice. We know that whiteness is not divine and that Blackness is forever beautiful.

The white far right hate group in Dallas, Texas has some nerve to talk about opposing terrorism when many of their ancestors committed terrorism against Native Americans, black people, etc. in the Americas (plus throughout the four corners of the Earth) for centuries. Manifest Destiny was an white supremacist, terror inspired agenda. America has committed overt terrorism for centuries from the war crimes in Vietnam to the state sponsored support of Jim Crow terror. Also, America has done illegal spying and is complicit in the bombing of 2 cities in Japan (via atomic weapons, which is a war crime) which killed over 140,000 innocent people in 1945. The far right group wants to make America to be in its image of white nationalism, austerity, xenophobia, the near deification of America including white people (which is sick), and overt fascism. To me, they aren't my allies. The New Black Panther Party group has been around since the late 1980's. The truth is that most Muslims aren't terrorists, rapists, and murderers. We should fight for black liberation and not be puppets of others. I believe in Black Unity and Black Power. Yet, my liberation shouldn't be made at the expense of the violation of the liberties of others. The evil actions of Robert James Talbot, Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Page, Holmes, Breivik, etc. will not be exposed by the far right organization because of obvious reasons. If you want to keep it real, Western terror murdered more people than ISIS (and ISIS is an evil group).

The CIA and the FBI has committed terrorism for decades too. Therefore, racism is wrong just like Islamophobia is wrong too. Innocent Muslims should never be treated as second class citizens at all. Anti-Semitism is wrong just like sexism is wrong. The Arabic slave trade is wrong just like massive attacks against Muslims in America is wrong too. Many black people are Muslims. Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abudul Jabbar, and other black Muslims are not equivalent to ISIS (which originated from the bad policies from the West. The unjust Iraq War caused the development of ISIS in the first place. Many Western imperialists have funded terrorist militias in the Middle East too from Libya to Syria). White imperialism, classism, etc. existed long before Muhammad was born. So, we have to put things into context. One problem with conservatives that they view too many things as black and white. Some things are going to be gray or nuance. I don't believe in Islamophobia or evil prejudices. I do believe in building in the black community, having more unity in the black community, and realizing that our real calling is to fight for the liberation of all people of black African descent. What white racists fear is the truth. No none is afraid of reactionary, far right lies. No one is afraid of racist cowards. A real black person don't care if others don't fear them or not. A real black person will fight regardless for the truth. I believe in justice.

Very interesting Interview of Elle interviewing Beyonce. Beyonce is right that feminism just means equality among men and women, nothing more or less. Her advocacy of equal pay among men and women is admirable. She made the great point that that just because she is anti-police brutality doesn't mean that she wants to condemn all cops. She articulated her views in an eloquent fashion. There is no way where humanity is liberated unless all women are liberated. True freedom is liberating women internationally as women suffer bigotry and oppression in the four corners of the Earth. Art and music in general are powerful forces. It can inspire and increase human creativity. There is nothing wrong with celebrating our black humanity. Therefore, we should use our insights to make positive contributions in the world society. Beyonce's words certainly remind anyone that the journey for justice is continuous, but we have the right to express ourselves and use our gifts to transform society in a just way. I wish for the growth of the body positive movement too. Women, among diverse phentoypes, have every right to express themselves and live their lives as human beings. It is the myth that people have to be super skinny in order for them to have value. I remember watching Tia from the Sister Sister show growing up. From those days to our time, Tia has shown a great deal of integrity, honor, and love for her family.

By Timothy

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