Friday, June 24, 2016

A disgraceful verdict and the Brexit situation

With the recent Supreme Court decision that crushes the Fourth Amendment and the continued police terrorism in our communities, we have once again witness how the criminal injustice system is filled with not only corruption, but a total disrespect of black human life. The system has done as it was created to do, which is to promote the myths of American exceptionalism, police infallibility, and injustice against black people (and others). The judge involved in the acquittal of Officer Caesar Goodson should feel shame for practically denying that no one killed Freddie Gray. The truth is that the officers' actions contributed to the death of Freddie Gray. For centuries in America, black human lives have been killed by many means while accountability is nonexistent. Once,we were slandered as 3/5s of a human by the law (which is bounded under the system of racism/white supremacy). Today, we still fight for the human rights that should have been ours by birthright. We have the right to resist evil. When funds are given to fund military intervention overseas (which has murdered millions of human beings overseas), the far right neo-cons don't say a word of condemnation. Yet, when black people want to stand up and resist police tyranny, these same reactionaries want to call black people every name under the sun. That disgraceful double standard should be exposed and condemned. Countless stories from our people describe harassment, abuse, and murder of black people by vigilantes, cops, and other evil folks. We do know that Baltimore and other places of America have been the victims of gentrification, massive austerity cuts, corporate exploitation, poverty, and other evil policies. The working class, the poor, the homeless, and the oppressed have every right to unite and organize plus fight for our human rights. We honor the sacrifice of our ancestors and we desire black liberation without compromise. Therefore, we have to use collective action to stand up for justice. We have to know how the vicious the system is, never support injustice, and create strategies to eradicate the current system, so a system of justice can exist in its replacement.

Today, we live in a new era. There is the Brexit referendum. This referendum has ended. Today, most voters voted for the UK to leave the European Union. This is a watershed time in Britain, throughout the European continent, and throughout the world. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron allowed the referendum to come into existence. Many parties wanted to leave the EU like the UKIP or the Independence Party including other people. The global economy is complex and any radical change can cause economic problems globally. Many of the Leave movement want to leave the EU not as a means to promote economic justice. Some of them want to better exploit opportunities in China, India, and other countries in more nationalistic terms. Both sides (of the Remain movement led by Cameron and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn) and Leave (led by Tory Boris Johnson and UKIP xenophobic leader Nigel Farage) act like they want to defend jobs and vital social services causing property. We know about the imperfections of the EU. The EU has been an instrument to impose austerity in Greece. The EU has done many reprehensible policies. Yet, the Leave campaign wants only to free big business and the City of London to handle economic conditions in the UK. Both the Leave and the Remain movements have people who want a commitment to NATO and its ongoing offensive against Russia and China. The Remain camp argues that British membership of the EU and the EU in general strengthen NATO, while the Leave camp maintains that British membership ties the UK to plans, pushed above all by Germany, to create a European Army, which will undermine NATO and raise the spectre of Germany establishing its unchallenged hegemony over the continent. We have a class war, militarism, and other evils in the world. We see the evils of xenophobia and jingoistic nationalism run around too. Both sides have members who want to erroneously scapegoat migrants for the economic problems in Europe. UKIP’s campaign has been disgraceful in using bigoted propaganda as well. UKIP has support among the petty bourgeoisie in order to promote their exclusive economic nationalism. The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a fascist racist shows how the fascist movement has grown in Europe. The Leave and Remain movement represent the interests of capitalism. Therefore, we want the unity of the European and international working class (regardless of race, sex, or nationality) to unify against globally organized capitalism. In order words, EU bosses should be replaced with the leadership of the working class in an European infrastructure. Now, David Cameron has said that he will resign. Global markets now have declined.  This event will cause an increase of Scottish secessionist movements too. Other nations in Europe may follow in the footsteps of the UK too like France, the Netherlands, Italy, and even Spain. The truth is that the Brexit referendum will go down in history and its consequences will have international consequences.

I congratulate the Supreme Court's decision on affirmative action. With this decision, affirmative action continues in our generation. The University of Texas policies has been so slandered and lied about that the Supreme Court finally shown what it is all about. The University of Texas establishes many factors for admissions not just race. Also, it automatically allows the top ten percent of any Texas high school admission to the University of Texas. In my personal opinion, I believe that race, class, and other factors should be taken into consideration in admissions. We don't live in a total meritocracy, therefore interventions are needed to create a better society. The fact of the matter is that Abigail Fisher was not admitted by her mediocre academic performance not by her race. Fisher failed to graduate in the top 10 percent of her class, meaning she had to compete for the limited number of spaces up for grabs. 168 black and Latino students with grades as good as or better than Fisher's were also denied entry into the university that year too. Once again, she wasted taxpayers' dollars with her desperate actions. In our time even, there is a massive segregation and restriction of funds to schools found in poorer community. School funding heavily deals with property taxes and many schools are neglected while even qualified teachers are laid off because of budgetary reasons. Excessive standardized testings have made many folks apathetic. There have been many reactionary forces who believe in a lot of myths about the policy of U T, but the Court did a great job in promoting real fairness in American society. She was even offered to an alternative for her to be admitted if she done some actions, but she refused to do so. I find it ironic that she claims that she was rejected by race (which is false), but others who were non-white were rejected from UT too (with equal qualifications as her).

Where to begin. First, how dare MIA compare her not being in Afropunk London to the plight of millions of refugees. Her words and her beliefs have to do with her not being in Afropunk. The suffering of refugees have nothing to do with her actions. Tons of black people are included in the refugees' sufferings and many people have expressed sympathy with the plight of refugees in the world. So, Afropunk has every right to drop MIA if they want to. Afropunk London is the celebration of the eclectic culture of black music, black art, and black culture. It is not a celebration of a woman who tries to minimize the suffering of black people (and who uses black culture for profit while lying about the massive empathy that black people have shown towards others for a long time). We, as black people, have always shown empathy to non-black people of color. One example is about how Dr. King wanted Vietnamese people to not experience the Vietnam War decades ago. Another example is how many black people have expressed support of the Palestinian struggle. Another example is how many black people have collaborated with other people (from Asians to Latinx. Latinx is a new word meaning Latino people) in marches and rallies. So, we as black people are more than sick and tired of being scapegoated for the suffering of others. MIA needs to get her facts straight since I and other black people have opposed unjust drone bombings and imperialism for years. MIA’s words haven’t been twisted by us. Her words are very clear about her intention.

Her intention is about her trying to guilt trip black people in submitting to her agenda while ignoring how many other non-black people have not reciprocated support for the black liberation struggle in an equivalent fashion. That is the point. MIA’s lies about the Black Lives Matter movement have been refuted. Black people have talked about the human rights of black people and Muslims (many black people are Muslims) for decades and beyond. Frankly, we are not their mules. We have every right to make black liberation an important, vital goal in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we ignore or disrespect other folks’ suffering. That means that our suffering as black people shouldn’t be placed on the backburner. Azealia Banks is hypocritical to claim to support consciousness, but slandered 2 black females. She has never apologized for her colorist, anti-black statements to a dark skinned woman. It is ironic that Banks (who has admitted that she has bleached her skin) talks about Aryans, but many Indians have used racism, discrimination, and murder against black people and other darker peoples in India for a long time. Also, she lectures about the media when there is nothing liberal about imperialism, the degradation of human life, and corporate exploitation. The Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Clean Air Act, workers’ compensation, other environmental protections, etc. have been created by in part by progressives. Also, M.I.A. never said that she was black anyway, so Banks is wrong on so many levels (instead of her telling us to leave M.I.A. alone, she should tell racists, crooked cops, corrupt Wall Street bankers, and other evil people to leave black people alone. Many Indians will tell black people in America plainly that they aren't black period, end of story). Azalea Banks and M.I.A. would never dare question about why many non-blacks discriminate against black people in many nations or why the 1% has financial exploitation worldwide. M.I.A. saying that asking about Black Lives Matter is less interesting than other questions outlines her regressive views. Black people in America have shed blood and now other people have reaped the benefits (by our ancestors' sacrifices) that many take for granted in America. Black people deserve justice period.

By Timothy

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