Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Politics and Economics

Hillary Clinton gave a speech that heavily criticized Donald Trump, his business record, and his temperament. She didn't compromise in her abhorrence of his reactionary, dangerous economic agenda. It is very true that Donald Trump has formed many struggling business that ended up at Chapter 11. Trump had 4 corporate bankruptcies. Many scholars, from liberals to conservatives, have mentioned that if Trump follow through on his economic policies, then massive debt increases will occur and a recession would ensue. Trump was sued on many times from his corrupt Trump University to housing discrimination allegations. Many painters, waiters, plumbers, etc. said that Trump didn't pay them. Trump's threat of a default on debt to negotiate lower payments violate the spirit of the full faith and credit clause of the U.S. Constitution. Donald Trump has incited political violence, is a liar, a rampant xenophobe, a racist, a misogynist, and he entertained the birther lies as well. He has repeatedly called for a ban of all Muslims from entering America (and is considering the profiling of Muslim communities, which violate democratic rights). He has desired to deport all undocumented immigrants from America which is impossible to do unless a police state happens. This doesn't leave Hillary Clinton off the hook either. Hillary Clinton's foreign policies are militarist. They have been a disaster from her support of the Iraq War, her support of the coup in Honduras, the escalation of done attacks, and her support of the disastrous NATO intervention in Libya. Hillary has voted to strengthen the U.S. border with Mexico. Her economic policy is centrist and filled with neoliberal proposals. We need revolutionary economic changes in America. While Hillary is more slick in her promotion of imperialism, incrementalism, and other policies, Donald Trump is overt in his xenophobic rhetoric. Hillary Clinton doesn't overtly condemn the 1% for its parasitic capitalism, but she wants capitalism to be reformed. As history has proven, capitalism can never be reformed to improve the poor collectively. Not to mention that Trump refuses to believe in an increase of the minimum wage federally.  Therefore, Trump has erratic positions and extremism that I will never support.

For the eons of time, artists have expressed a common chord of creativity and beauty in the human race. Shani Crowe has done a magnificent job in expressing herself in her art. Braids represent the diversity of our people and Shani is expressing her gifts to not only outline her wisdom, but to inspire black women to express themselves in their own ways. The love of our black personhood, the expression of our humanity, and the love shown for our people are sacrosanct, valuable, and inspirational. I certainly agree with her goals and I totally believe in Black Unity. Bless Sister Shani Crowe. No words can describe the pain the friends and relatives of Afeni Shakur are going through. Afeni Shakur was a courageous, heroic black woman who wanted change in our world and sought peace in our land. She stood up in defending the human lives of black people. When she was unjustly arrested by NYPD forces, she defended herself, came into trial, and beat the erroneous, false charges made against her. People should always realize that she was a revolutionary first and foremost. She was part of the Black Panther Party 21. Afeni Shakur was also a mother. She gave birth to two children. Their names are Tupac Shakur and Sekyiwa Shakur. Her children were her joy. Her children were taught by her about revolutionary politics, black liberation, and the growth of the consciousness (which deals with the growth of the soul). Yes, she is beautiful inside and out. Afeni Shakur combined strength and humbleness concretely. She was outspoken and fought evil, yet she expressed an immense amount of compassion for our people in making sure that our eyes are on the prize. Afeni Shakur, throughout her life, believed in justice and human dignity. Her legacy is eternal and it's a wonderful one. We miss her. Likewise, her life inspires all of us to do better and to believe in the principle that we should help one another and fight for liberation.
RIP Sister Afeni Shakur.

She (or Wendy Bell) wouldn't say that about white criminals, because she would talk about how white folks, who do crime, just are having mental illness, and there are other factors related to them causing crime. She wouldn't write about white criminals' family members or talk about if a white worker felt that he was special, because she ignores the fact that black leaders have always fought against intraracial crime and have outlined analysis about the black community. Many people in mainstream society want to degrade black human life (especially the black poor) while propping up non-black lives. We see this in the classist, racist judicial system where black people experience longer sentences than white people on drug offenders even if all are convicted for the same offense. Constantly, when some black people do crime, many whites (and some blacks) erroneously believe that black people have some specific, genetic innate pathology to do the most heinous of crime (when crime is done by people of every race and for various, diverse reasons. Crime is mostly intraracial in America). Wendy Bell speculated on a case when she has no evidence to back up her premises. That is unethical journalism by any stretch of the imagination. That is why she was fired. Journalists have a responsibility to be accurate in their reporting. Also, Wendy Bell issued a token apology and now she has issued a lawsuit. That means that she wasn't sorry to begin with. Some of the most vicious criminals in history portray a certain deceptive exterior, but they are nefarious in their conduct. Therefore, the ex-news anchor is desperate for attention. She was fired because of her actions not because of her skin color. She wants her job back with her excuses, but many folks will never give a struggling poor black person compassion when they seek a job. Many people will say to the poor, "No Excuses." Therefore, the anchor wants black people to act in her image, but black people don't have to follow the image of white people. We are black people and we should follow the goals and aspirations that we desire as one black people. Her suit trivializes and disrespects the real discrimination that black people experience constantly in America and throughout the Earth.

The truth is known and we are all witnesses. LeBron is the greatest NBA player of our generation without question. There is a legitimate debate now about whether Lebron James is the greatest player of NBA history. The Cleveland Cavaliers worked as a team to have their first championship as a team. They Cavs worked extremely hard to beat the teams in the Eastern Conference and defeat the Golden State Warriors, who had the record most wins in a NBA Season. Yet, Lebron James and his team executed teamwork, resiliency, basketball skills, confidence, and strength to win in a historic 7 game series. Lebron James made numerous records in the Finals too. When Lebron James blocked the attempted shots made by Stephan Curry and Andre Iguodala in Game Six and Game Seven respectively, people knew that the Cavaliers mean business. The Warriors never faced a team like the Cavs in the Finals before. The Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland deserve all of the respect in the world for their patience and encouragement along this journey. Lebron James is a very strong, athletic player. He scored back to back 40+ games in the Finals, which no other player has done except for Michael Jordan, Shaquelle O'Neal, Rick Berry, and Jerry West.. This win was achieved by other great players too like Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, and so many other players who did their parts in achieving their goal. So, I congratulate the Cavs on their victory.
We are all Witnesses

Our stories have worth. Frankly, I am not surprised at the racial composition of the staff writers of OITNB. We live in a society where the expression of shows are dominated by the influences of white people in America. The prison industrial complex is very harsh, exploitative, and filled with carnage plus brutality. There are even innocent people who are in prisons too. The actresses in the show performed in a diverse, multidimensional fashion. Therefore, someone doesn't have to watch the show if that person desires not to. We know about the talented black people in OITNB too. Also, we have to do more than critique legitimately. We have to inspire and support qualified, dynamic black actresses, actors, writers, producers, directors, etc who desire to make shows or movies about prison life. It is almost the 40th year anniversary of the Attica rebellion. Nothing is new under the sun. It is always a necessity for us to promote our voices, to support our writers, and to fight for change.

By Timothy

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