Friday, June 10, 2016

The Funeral of Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

Muhammad Ali’s funeral will be held in Louisville, Kentucky. The day before the funeral, there was a Muslim prayer service where thousands of people attended. It occurred in Freedom Hall. It was filled with Americans and international people, with Muslims, with Christians, and with young plus older human beings. “Ali touched on the lives of every creed, colour, race and nationality,” said Muhammad Ziyad, a friend of the boxer since the 1970s. “And he put this plan for his funeral together.” His friend Talut El-Amin, who was part of Ali’s entourage, added: “It was important to him to have people from all walks of life..." He was a champion in more ways than one. In Louisville, gracious people are mourning and celebrating his life. There is a picture of a nine year old girl named Akera Price-King. She held up a sign in front of Muhammad Ali’s boyhood home. The sign reads: “…With the Greatest Respect You shook up the World in Life and Death RIP Champ. “There is a picture of a 2 year girl named Lena Worthington who dons pink boxing gloves at Cave Hill Cemetery. There was a motorcade that traveled through Louisville and his family will bury Muhammad Ali in a private ceremony at a Louisville cemetery. During the route of the motorcade (which carried Ali’s body from A.D. Porter & Sons Funeral Home. It traveled to the hospital where he was born, then the Muhammad Ali Center, pass his childhood home, through his high school from which he graduated, and pass Columbia Gym, and into the cemetery after the public memorial), there are tons of people on the sidewalk. Many people in Louisville took photos, some folks held up signs, and others waved as the hearse passes by. Shortly after 10am. , more than a dozen girls carried a sign reading “Ali is Parkland.” They chanted, “RIP Muhammad Ali, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Some 200 more people began chanting and bobbing with them. There were many rose petals scattered outside of the Cave Hill Cemetery. Mayor Greg Fischer gave his condolences too.

Thousands of people throughout the city gave their final respects to Muhammad Ali. Ali’s cherry red casket was draped in an Islamic shroud. Will Smith, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, and three other family members are his pallbearers. After that, more than 15,000 people commemorated Ali’s life in a public memorial. The public memorial is at KFC Yum! Center. Some 300 dignitaries and celebrities are expected to attend the public memorial. The public memorial is interfaith. Senator Orrin Hatch is expected to speak too. Muhammad Ali is being eulogized by people like comedian Billy Crystal, former President Bill Clinton, and journalist Bryan Gumbel. Poetry will be read by Attallah Shabazz, Malcolm X's eldest daughter, while Valerie Jarrett (who knew Muhammad Ali), a senior adviser to President Obama, will give a statement. Other guests of note include Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan. The service will be led by an imam and will include clerics from multiple religions. Ali's wife, Lonnie, and daughters, Maryum and Rasheda, are also expected to speak. After the service, a private reception for friends and guests is scheduled at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

Right now, President Barack Obama has officially supported Hillary Clinton. Recently, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came to Washington, D.C. to have meetings with President Barack Obama and other Democratic Party leaders. They discussed about how best to support the Presidential nominee former Secretary Hillary Clinton. After the meeting, President Obama gave an online video. In that video, he announcement his total endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate. “I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office,” he said, going on to cite Clinton’s role in key administration military decisions such as ordering the raid by Navy SEALs that killed Osama bin Laden. The video was recorded on Tuesday, even before the polls closed in New Jersey, California and four other states on the next to last day of primary voting. Hillary is the presumptive nominee, because of super delegates and other votes. Bernie Sanders spoke to the media. He read a three page statement (which was written) about not explicitly endorsing Hillary Clinton at that time, but he would not challenge her for the nomination. “I spoke briefly to Sec. Clinton on Tuesday night, and I congratulated her on her very strong campaign,” he said. “I look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and create a government that represents all of us and not just the one-percent.” Sanders also spoke with Senators Harry Reid and Charles Summer. Sanders going into Washington, D.C. shows that Sanders wanted to place the voters’ aspirations to the Democratic Party. There are millions of youth and working class voters who sincerely oppose the agenda of oligarchy. Yet, for decades, Bernie Sanders have been an ally of the Democratic Party establishment. The corporate media definitely supports a Clinton vs. Trump race. Obama said that Sanders have talked about income inequality and moneyed interests in political campaigns, but his administration executed these policies: bailing out Wall Street at the expense of working people; slashing wages for autoworkers to spur record profits for GM, Ford and Fiat-Chrysler; shifting the cost of health care benefits from corporations to workers in the guise of health care “reform”; and waging war around the world to defend the global interests of American capitalism. Hillary Clinton has supported drone missile assassinations, bombings of Libya, Syria, etc. Many Sanders supporters have now declared their support for Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominees like Senator Jeff Merkley or Oregon, Representative Raul Grijalva, etc. Bernie Sanders have postured as an independent and socialist, but his campaign is about promoting and building the Democratic Party. Now, we have major parties with 2 persons who represent corporate parties. Donald Trump is a notorious bigot and extremist. The Democrats and the Republicans have been overt in their advocacy of austerity, capitalist exploitation, militarism, and privatization of our public resources.

There should be a balance. Schools should have fair dress codes to make sure that no student wears inappropriate clothing. We don't want students in any school to wear clothing that is extremely inappropriate. The same type of etiquette applies to adults too. Likewise, an adult should have the sense enough to not sexually exploit or mistreat a teenager because of a teenager's clothing either. That means that if a grown woman or a girl wears more revealing clothing, then that never gives license for anyone to give those human beings cat-calls, etc. Also, any adult who is attracted to a teenager is sick period. So, there should be dress codes and respect given to people regardless of their clothing attire. Elle Varner's words represent a debate that will definitely continue for years to come. There is the double standard where females are told to massively cover up because of the attitudes of males when any male ought to respect female regardless of a female's clothing attire. Boys should be taught to respect people and any adult ought to express integrity, self control, and professionalism in any occupational environment. The rapist only getting a few months in jail is wrong and disgraceful. The father (whose sickening views are embraced by many low down misogynists) of the male rapist is totally despicable too. There is an epidemic in 2016 where women suffer sexual harassment and rape, which is true. Many women (with totally dressed attire) are still harassed in the streets and in their jobs. It is not a woman's responsibility to teach a man to be a man. A man must have the sense to be a man via righteousness. Trolls still spew anti-women lies as well. I read where many people in Stanford University are about to stage a demonstration to protest the judge's decision. That judge should be punished for his actions.

Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous municipality in Brazil. It is the sixth largest city in the America. It is in included in the 2nd most populous metropolitan area in Brazil. Rio Janiero is the capital of the state of Rio de Janiero. It has a lot of cultural influences in the world too. It is a city that is the headquarters of many Brazilian oil, mining, and telecommunications companies. Latin America’s largest telemdia conglomerate, called Grupo Globo, is headquartered in Rio too. It is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere. It has great natural settings. Carnival, samba, bossa nova, and blaneario beaches are found there. It has many universities and institutes and it’s the second largest center of research and development in Brazil. It accounts for 17% of national scientific output according to 2005 data. Rio is famous for the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado mountain, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; Sugarloaf Mountain with its cable car; the Sambódromo (Sambadrome), a permanent grandstand-lined parade avenue which is used during Carnival; and Maracanã Stadium, one of the world's largest football stadiums. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2006 Summer Olympics and the 2016 Summer Paralympics. This will be the first time a South American and Portuguese speaking country will host these events. It will be the third time that the Olympics will be held in a Southern Hemisphere City. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Maracanã Stadium (which also held the finals of the 1950 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, and the XV Pan American Games. Rio de Janeiro also hosted World Youth Day in 2013). Its climate is a tropical savanna climate. The Centre or the core of Rio is found on the plains of the western shore of Guanabara Bay. The greater portion of the city is called North Zone (or Zona Norte) and it extends to  the northwest on plains composed of marine and continental sediments (and on hills and several rocky mountains).

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