Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let the Truth Be Known.

There is something that must be expressed. It's time to expose the lie and the myth of respectability politics. That lie is that if a person isn't wearing conservative clothing, isn't acting in a certain way, etc. then that person's humanity should be questioned and reviled. The fact is that we have the right to protest and stand up for change despite our clothing attire. Also, back then and today, we have many unjust laws. Dr. King made an excellent point about how we should follow just laws (as mentioned in his 1963 Letter from a Birmingham Jail), but disregard unjust laws. That is why Dr. King and others disobeyed unjust laws intentionally in order for them to fight for social change. Courage is not a submission to the status quo, but outright resistance against a horrific system. Democracy is to be vibrant and strong not anemic. Therefore, regardless if we have a suit or worn clothes, we are somebody. Regardless of what zipcode where we reside, we have the right to express our humanity in an unapologetic way. While some want to follow the reactionary, extremist trope of "law and order," we want compassion and justice. As people know, I will never vote for Donald Trump. Regardless of how eloquent we speak, our legitimate aspirations for justice and freedom ought to be respected. We live in a time of change. Social movements are abundant. Likewise, our core convictions remain. We love our black heritage and we abhor injustice. We love black liberation and human liberty. Therefore, we praise the great public school teachers who are educating students greatly. We praise the fitness experts and those who are involved in exercise in general being a blessing and showing videos that inspire people globally. I also praise real friends who have excellent discernment, who send prayers to me, and who have shown a manifold of inspiration. We believe in protecting the environment and we know that the journey isn't finished yet. We witness tensions, economic problems, and many places ravished by wars & poverty. Yet, we still have hope and we will continue to believe in the Dream. For thousands of years, human beings fought for the establishment of the Dream, which desires people to live in a world where racism is extinguished and the full potential of humanity is expressed without discriminatory policies. In essence, the Dream is about caring for people and loving the essence of democratic principles. Part of the Dream is also to recognize succinctly that health care is a total human right not a privilege. Therefore, almsgiving is our way of expressing our compassion and our spiritual power. Those who live with us are our Brothers and our Sisters. This common bond among us is truly beautiful. Collective power to solve problems is better than the evil of selfish individualism. Life is bigger than us alone and we help ourselves by helping others. For decades into the future, I will always believe in my principles and fight for justice for all.

Steve King has said racist garbage for years. His characterization of fellow human beings (who are non-white) as subgroups is the height of bigotry. Anybody who supports Steve King is a traitor. He talks about Western civilization when Western "civilization" was filled with theft, genocide, bigotry, slavery, religious deception, economic exploitation, and other injustices inflicted on black people and people of color. His sugarcoating of the barbarism of imperialists like Columbus, Magellan, and those other criminals represents his overt advocacy of the system of white supremacy. The group of people who murdered more people, stole more land, and caused more imperialism than any other group of people in world history aren't black people. We know the truth. We know how his "Western civilization" wasn't civil and it is the antithesis of true civilization. Many white Europeans were influenced by non-whites in culture, art, music, etc. I know about European history too. I am disappointed in MSNBC's Chris Hayes in not calling King out. Yet, I shouldn't be surprised, because many of the same ones in the corporate media who claim to be "liberal" are some of the most prominent defenders of the Western Empire. The Sister called this man out and Hayes is supposed to be this great "liberal." White people came from us genetically not the other way of around. Steve King ignores real history since he has a warped view of the world. America is multiracial in its composition today. People like Steve King have made it known that they don't care about black people, so we shouldn't endorse his hate speech. Steve King's views can go to hell. There are many words that I can say about him and we know the words. For the record, black people made many contributions in architecture, sociology, science, mathematics, history, astronomy, politics, religion, anthropology, and other matters for thousands of years (long before that reactionary Steve King was born). We will fight for our humanity, because we are in the right side of history. We are right to advocate for freedom and justice. We love and cherish black people and we honor the sacrifice and courage of our black ancestors.

Right now, some people want to blame BLM and protesters in general for this event, which is illogical and evil. First, we live in a crisis of American society. For years, many people have ignored and disrespected the legitimate call of black people for racial and social justice. When police officers are killed, this society shows massive sympathy with the officers' families. When black unarmed people are murdered, their whole lives are investigated (by the haters) with suspicion, scorn, and apprehensiveness. All innocent human life have equal value. Therefore, when cops (who are not harming people) get killed, then that is just as wrong as when innocent black people are killed unjustly by police terrorists. So, I deplore the tragic killing of cops in Baton Rouge and I deplore the murder of our black people by crooked police too.
There is decline in the amount of cops killed as compare to 2014. Yet, there is an increase in the amount of citizens being killed at this time in 2016 as compared to 2015 (in the same time). More cops die of suicide yearly than die of being killed by another person via gunfire yearly. Being a cop isn't the most dangerous job in America. Therefore, we deplore the murders of innocent human life. Yet, solving this problem doesn't mean that we have a fake unity that doesn't address structural problems and ignores the concerns of black people. To have a solution, we must hold crooked cops accountable (when those who murder our people are rarely found guilty like the cops involved in the death of Freddie Gray not being convicted of any crime), progressive policies must exist, and real investments must exist in order for us to build up our communities' infrastructure. To build is to grow. We want to fight poverty and stand up for our human rights.

We should never be quiet. I have respect for Nakia Jones who presented a fair, self-reflection about the situation. Dave Clarke (who condemns protesters in an offensive way) is a person who has nothing to show but vitriol and lies. The situation in Baton Rouge has nothing to do with the BLM movement. The BLM is made up of women, men, and children who oppose police brutality and racial injustice. Also, these same haters always mention "black on black crime" when issues like these come up because they want to scapegoat black people collectively for every problem in America. America itself was created by the violence between the Patriots and the Redcoats. The evil actions of dropping atomic bombs on men, women, and children in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was part of brutal violence too. We are in a war for the survival of our black community and liars like Clarke should be called out. People aren't anti-cop. People are anti-police brutality. Also, that coward Clarke omits that intraracial violence in the black community is reported all of time. There are many heroic black activists who condemn and fight intraracial violence day in and day out. BLM doesn't preach hate. They preach black solidarity and love. Also, Clarke (who doesn't say anything in that interview about black innocent people in Charleston who were murdered by a murderer) has not expressed outrage in a strong fashion when crooked cops kill black people. He has more concern for the lives of cops than non-cops when all innocent human life have equal value. Sheriff Clarke and any sheriff (of any color) with those ideologies are cowards. They care more for the safety of the status quo than freedom and justice for black people. There are things more important than complacency. Liberation of black people is better than complacency. Some of them know the truth and don't care. Some don't know. Regardless, sellouts (like Sheriff Clarke) will continue to sellout. The current, corrupt capitalist system is against the interests and aspirations of humanity. Strategies, political education, economic growth, and organization are necessities to form solutions. People like Clarke are blatantly being used to promote the agenda of police repression and the further suppression of our democratic, human rights. We oppose the War on Drugs, the evils found in the criminal injustice system, and police terrorism 100%. We disagree with the hypocrisy of some who lie and say that BLM promotes hate (when it doesn't), but refuse to expose real police terrorism against communities across America. We are against bigotry. We desire justice.
#Black Lives Matter.

Nelson Mandela was a hero. No words can describe the heroic courage and sacrifice of this man. He was born in a time when our people (in South Africa and in America) were filled with overt bondage and oppression via unjust laws. He lived for decades to promote the principle that equality and justice go hand in hand. Madiba was born in 1918. He promoted the Freedom Charter, which was a progressive document that wanted the end to apartheid and desired the redistribution of the wealth fairly among all people of South Africa. He worked in the ANC for decades. He was jailed and sent into prison during the 1960's. The CIA told authorities where Nelson Mandela was in order for the oppressive regime to arrest him. In jail, he suffered indignities, isolation, mistreatment, and harsh work in the prison. Yet, he never lost his faith. Many people would break under pressure, but he stood firm like a strong human being. His convictions persisted and he was finally released out of prison in 1990. Soon, apartheid was gone and he became South Africa's first black President in 1994. He continued to promote justice. He passed away in 2013. Today, in our time, South Africans are still fighting economic inequality and racism, but our spirits are in unison with South Africa. We want South Africa to be filled with liberation among its people.
RIP Brother Nelson Mandela.

By Timothy

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