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In a police occupation, psychological testing is abundant. There is still an issue of bias and the disproportionately amount of black people being killed by officers is a serious problem in American society. Many cops have a high school diploma. I can't (at this moment) decipher the educational composition of all officers. Many well meaning cops exist. Many cops have been whistle blowers about the corruption in the police institution too from Nakia Jones to others. People have the right to discuss elaborately about the minimum requirement of those seeking the police occupation. Police officers have the power to kill and that is a huge responsibility that should be taken seriously. Likewise, I do feel that continued evaluations are a necessity including sensitivity training. Most important, those cops who do evil must be held accountable. Legislative changes if necessary should exist to promote changes in our policing system, because the system is broken. In a lot of cases, the judicial system either give crooked cops a slap on the wrist or acquit them completely.
That is why many families have no other option but to proceed with lawsuits and civil suits in seeking some measure of restitution. There are many valid questions involving the War on Drugs. Certainly, ending the War on Drugs would require the legalization of medical marijuana and not placing nonviolent drug offenders in excessive prison time. Also, there should be an expansion of facilities to help those with drug addiction. Drug addiction should be treated as a medical problem. Portugal is a success story of one nation that ended the War on Drugs and had positive results with their alternatives. If that ended in America, police would be less used involving certain cases. Economics and capitalist exploitation allow the War on Drugs to thrive. The drug trade exploit many desperate people who suffer addiction. Tasers have killed people before. I'm all for many alternative methods in preventing the loss of life as humanely as possible. There have been task forces on policing too. We have a long way to go and ultimately, the community must be respected involving any future solutions. I have to research about the boycotts involving sports arenas.

Rudy Giuliani is a disgrace. His insulting, disrespectful words about black parents outline his vicious racism and him showing no empathy to the plight of black people in general. Black parents have existed for thousands of years to teach black children about consciousness, about love, about justice, and about integrity. The black life expectancy rate has increased since the year 2000. There is a record increase of black women owning businesses and graduating from college. There is overall decline in overall crime in the black community since 1980. Black parents tell children all of the time on how to interact with the police. Respectability politics doesn't work since evil people will harm innocent people regardless of how a person dresses, talks, or acts. I respect a person who respects me. I will never respect tyranny. We, as black people, should never bow down to the status quo and be some good house slave. We are black and our boldness should be promoted. How dare this male (not man since he isn't a real man) lecture black parents when he is the one person responsible for many of the problems that New York City continue to face. A lot of Brothers and Sisters from NYC outline his revolting legacy when he was mayor of NYC. He announced to the press that he was leaving his wife for another woman in a press conference back in the year of 2000 (after he committed adultery against his wife). That is totally disgraceful for anyone to do. He has the nerve to moralize to black people. For years, he has supported the evil Iraq War and other policies that violate civil liberties in America. Nearly 250,000 people in NYC were forced off welfare during his 8 year administration to be forced to experience further poverty. He promoted stop and frisk policies as mayor and unconditionally supported the police even when they did wrong, evil deeds. Even after the killing of Amadou Diallo--shot 41 times in the hallway of his building in 1999--Giuliani maintained his defense of the police and his opposition to any kind of reform of the NYPD. That's his evil legacy for the world to see. Rudy Giuliani is a liar to call the Black Lives Matter movement racist when he knows full well that he won't call Italian museums or slogans that promote the interests of various ethnic groups racist. Black Lives Matter doesn't promote hatred based on skin color or race. BLM is about ending systematic oppression against black people. It is about promoting the human dignity of black people and it is about making sure that folks honor the memories of Rekia Boyd, Castile, and so many of our black people who lost their lives needlessly by evil people. We want justice.

Our people have been suffering injustice after injustice. The violence of imperialism (which includes drone strikes, cluster bombs, and torture harming people globally) and the violence of police murder should be condemned just like the evil actions in Dallas. There are many double standards. Many folks in society praise cops, but some of these same folks ignore the heroic actions of black people who desire racial justice. Some cops believe in the myth that true activists want to paint them in a broad brush. We just want the haters to stop painting black people in a broad brush. Yet, the haters will continue to do what they do, so we should continue in our fight for liberation regardless. Some folks have mixed feelings about the event and some don't. Micah Johnson was a person who was disturbed as he painting words with his blood on the walls. He wounded a black woman too, so Micah's actions are evil and deplorable. Someone like that was experiencing total emotional turmoil. Micah's unjustified acts doesn't mean that we have no right to resist tyranny. We do. We have the right to disagree with police terrorism and support our black communities. We should resist evil using nonviolent methods and self defense if necessary.

Slandering victims of oppression is the action of racists and bigots who don’t care about black people. The racists don’t care about black pain or black grief, so they want to promote the myth that all cops should be respected (as I don’t respect crooked cops) and that black victims of injustice must be demonized. That is their playbook. It is a disgrace that these racist cowards want to disrespect Jenteel, Lavish, and others because of their Facebook posts. Those posts are irrelevant in finding out the truth and promoting justice involving Trayvon Martin, Castile, etc. No human is perfect. Jenteel graduated from college and is multilingual as she can speak multiple languages. Also, Lavish is a grieving Sister who deserves sympathy not demonization. 515 people have been killed by the police so far in 2016. According to statistics from the FBI compiled by Mapping Police Violence, 346 Black people were killed by police in 2015. Furthermore, Blacks are three times more likely to be killed by police than whites and 30 percent of the Black victims were unarmed. A disproportionate amount of black people have died by the police as compared to the overall percentage of the black population in America.

So, we have racist, discriminatory policies in America. Also, it is important to note that black pregnancy rates have declined since 1992, the life expectancy rate of the black community has increased since 2000, the rate of deaths by homicide for blacks decreased by 40 percent from 1995 to 2013, according to Andrew Fenelon, a researcher with the National Center for Health Statistics, compared with a 28 percent drop for whites. The death rate from cancer fell by 29 percent for blacks over that period, compared with 20 percent for whites. So, that news is not widely reported by the corporate media. Therefore, we should have integrity in our community. I don’t believe in social nihilism. Yet, there is a double standard where cops are given massive support while the black victims of police terrorism experience more scrutiny, more suspicion , and more disrespect than the police (including crooked police). That’s a problem. Many cops have killed black people with impunity and lax accountability is part of the problem. Some Dallas cops even falsely accused the Hughes brothers of being involved in the Dallas situation. This injustice has to stop. More black community unity and growth is a must.

Of course, I disagree with the chief on many issues. The Dallas police chief said more than that too. He said that people expect the police alone to solve certain problems in the community, which isn't the case at all. We want the police to do its job and reign in the crooked officers, because it is a reality that many police officers have killed black people unjustly without accountability at all. The chief ignore many issues and calls for protesters to have self reflection while he never calls out the corruption, the financial exploitation (as the DOJ report documented how many Ferguson officers have used their power to tax citizens unfairly), and the racism found among many officers in his speech. He doesn't want to rock the boat. Also, he refuses to give his position on gun issues (as criminals shouldn't own guns) and on other political issues when people go through these issues all of the time. People like the Dallas Chief (who won't expose the pernicious attitude among many officers who are filled with bigotry, racism, sexism, etc.) definitely ignores the War on Drugs and how economic inequality plague America including the city of Dallas. People know that protesting alone can never solve our problems completely. Yet, people have the free speech right to protest and the right to assemble. Protesting peacefully is not part of the problem of police brutality. That is about human beings expressing disdain for the problem in the first place. Protesters never caused the death of Freddie Gray. Protesters never caused the death of Rekia Boyd. Protesters never caused the beating of black grandmother in California. Black people have called for community development and empowerment for decades. We demand change. We demand legislatures to promote laws that defend the human rights of black people. We demand radical changes in policing. Also, we have a lot of black police officers now. Still, change is difficult, because the police institution is not headed by black people or by progressive people. It's dominated by police unions and other organizations (like the Fraternal Order of the Police who have members who slander BLM as responsible for the crisis that we see) who make it their duty to fight reforms or any legitimate policy that reign in police terrorism. Since the late 1960's, police in America have been heavily militarized in many circumstances. Much of the root causes of this crisis comes from racism and capitalistic oppression against the working class and the poor. Individual change isn't going to cut it. Respectability politics isn't going to cut. Real change must come by collective action, resistance against evil, and structural policy changes in the world (which combat poverty, discrimination, and racial profiling. There is massive austerity and a lack of jobs in poor communities. There is no solution unless we fight poverty as one black community).

By Timothy

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