Monday, July 18, 2016

Political Information

I'm Neither disappointed in NOR surprised by Bernie's endorsement of Billary. This was quite predictable & even actually predicted last yr by folks such as BAR's Bruce Dixon, Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley, Paul Street, etc... [= folks who did real homework & analysis, & weren't drunk on the 'Feel the Bern' HYPE]- As soon as Bernie announced he was running for POTUS as a Corp DIM, & committed from the get-go to back Billary if/WHEN she won the Dims' nomination [as the Dims' price of admission for him to run as a Dim]- An outcome that was also quite predictable & even predicted! [IMO what's actually NOT nearly as predictable last yr, was Trump winning the Repugs' POTUS nomination]!
- Bernie also said several Xs he would NOT run as an independent- cause he did NOT want to be a so-called Nader type 'spoiler'. So why are Sandernista now so surprised & disappointed that Bernie's ultimately done exactly what he said he'd do from the get-go- If/WHEN he failed to get the Dims' POTUS nomination???
So NOW it's all about what's the Sandernistas' Plan B [or GP]? Will they take their marching orders from Bernie & hold their noses to vote for LOTE DLC Corp Dim Billary, or exercise their Indy 3rd party option(s)??!
PS: Voting for Racist Repug Trump is NO real option for 'real' progressives, either. IMO That would be an irrational, reactionary, 'shoot yourself in the foot' move.
- That's the trick-bag the elites are trying to trap progressives into based on duopoly [Dims vs Repugs- Period] thinking. They've served-up Billary vs Trump, a {non}'Choice' we're just supposed to hold our noses & swallow without puking!! Well IMO here's a better choice: Vote for the GP Party's Jill Stein, or even Libertarian Gary Johnson, or the Party for Socialism & Liberation, or even writing in 'Micky Mouse' would be better than voting for either Billary / Killary or Donald [Duck] Trump!!!

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