Friday, July 29, 2016

A Historic Time and the end of the DNC

Hillary Clinton gave her historic speech in Philadelphia yesterady. She is the first woman to have accepted the nomination of the Presidency from a major party. Her speech touched on many issues from foreign policy to domestic issues. The Democratic Party in general has overtly taken on the mantle of patriotism, the military, and other themes. A story about her life was narrated by Morgan Freeman. She was introduced by her daughter Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea has said that Hillary Clinton is funny and is a thoughtful person. Her speech talked about her life story as a person who went from college to being a political leader. She was born in Chicago, Illinois at the year of 1947. Also, Hillary Clinton spoke about the contrast between her vision and Donald Trump’s vision for America. Hillary Clinton proclaimed her vision as inspirational, optimistic, and full of hope for the future. She conversely conveyed Trump's agenda as gloomy, pessimistic, and totally negative. She made many proposals in promoting universal health care and calling on the super wealthy to pay increased taxes. The Clinton couple accumulated $230 million from 2001 to 2014 through their relations, above all, with Wall Street financial firms and giant corporations. The speech was made by Hillary because of many reasons. She wanted to humanize her personality as she has high levels of unfavorability rates. It is also important to deal with reality. Since 9/11, Hillary Clinton has supported the Iraq War, the NATO bombing of Iraq, war in Syria, and other military operations. She focused on the point that the middle class must thrive while omitting the necessity to liberate the poor from poverty. The last day of the convention was filled with stirring speeches and a Muslim family refuting the Islamophobia of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton made overt appeals to patriotism, economic nationalism, and militarism. She wants to stand up to China when there is a difference between Chinese people who want justice and a Chinese political establishment that desires the status quo. She wants NATO to do battle against the Russian policies. We still face gender inequality in our world. The growth in social inequality among women has risen more rapidly than inequality among men—the percentage of total female earnings accruing to the top female one percent has doubled since the 1980's. In the final analysis, we shouldn’t be blinded by theater. We will continue to fight for economic justice, an end to imperialism, and a society where justice for all is made real.

People have the right to believe in what they want. I can't be a conservative on every issue though since I believe in federal parks, I believe in using the government to imprison Wall Street bankers who are criminals, I believe in racial plus social justice, I believe in the federal enforcement of civil rights laws, and I believe in an increase of the federal minimum wage. The weakness of conservatism is that it in many cases refuses to analyze concepts into nuisance, it almost deifies states' rights (when we know how states' rights was used as a coded phrase for states to enact Jim Crow and other racist policies. Human rights is superior to states' rights), it advances patriarchy among many of its supporters, and in many cases promotes the American exceptionalism myth and the Horatio Alger myth. In the final analysis, we face a situation where there is an oligarchy with inordinate power above and beyond the 99%. We believe in transparency, power, and egalitarianism not bigotry. There are many people of goodwill who are among a diversity of political ideologies. I know many of them in real life. Also, we have a situation where some trolls and extremists want to shame progressives and act like progressives have made no accomplishments in American history. That is a lie. Progressives were involved in forming the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Social Security, the 40 hour work week, collective bargaining, environmental protections, and other things that many take for granted. Therefore, we will defeat right wing extremism in the end. Both major parties have mistreated and exploited our black people for a long time. Our allegiance is to black liberation not to the Republicans or to the Democrats. Political independence is fine with me. The problem with Donald Trump is that he's a bigot, a sexist, an xenophobe, a demagogue, and he has no concrete plans to solve our problems. The problems of Hillary Clinton involve her ties to Wall Street interests, her advocacy of overt militarism, and her incrementalism. I will never tell anyone who to vote for, but I will say vote your conscience. As for me, I can't vote for Trump. I'm studying Jill Stein's views now.

The police officers in this situation involving the death of Freddie Gray have shown massive incompetence. They never immediately called an ambulance to help Freddie Gray when he was clearly hurt and wanted help. He was placed in a van and traveled into many locations without regard to human decency and respect. He died in the hospital. His family are still suffering emotional pain for the rest of their lives. Today, we see another injustice by no officers being convicted. Once again, Sister Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been made the scapegoat by some, which is a shame and a disgrace. The truth is about Marilyn Mosby is that she has shown passion, she has defended the humanity of Freddie Gray, and she has still proclaimed the truth that there is corruption found in the police institution of Baltimore via her recent, powerful speech. She's a hero. As Marilyn Mosby has stated, she was stonewalled in many parts of her investigation. The judge was blatantly involved in the maintenance of the system not the execution of revolutionary change. This is personal, because my grandmother (who is almost 100 years old) lives in Baltimore. I'm from Virginia obviously. I have seen the many places of Baltimore from Pennsylvania Avenue to Druid Hill Park. I have seen the row houses, Mondawmin Mall, its Downtown (with many gorgeous brick colored buildings), and its poorer communities where I have seen police in real life monitoring those areas. Therefore, we have systemic problems of racism, poverty, and economic injustice that has harmed many of the people in Baltimore. That is why we abhor police terrorism and desire human dignity, the changing of laws, and the promotion of real justice in our society.

Bill O'Reilly is a low person who is a coward. I have no respect for him and I will go there. Bill O'Reilly unintelligent, racist, and offensive statements is apart of an overall far right agenda to minimize the evils of slavery. Slavery has no justification whatsoever. Also, there was no great housing conditions involving slaves. Slaves were routinely beaten, raped, assaulted, and murdered constantly. Slaves were not fed food for promoting comfort (as there is no real comfort in slavery). They were fed food as a way for them to conduct labor involuntarily without payment. Our black ancestors not only built the White House. They built up large portions of America without pay. He tried to be slick to target the eloquence and the beauty of First Lady Michelle Obama's speech. Frankly, he or O'Reilly (who curses at people and assaulted a woman) should be fired. I don't understand how people can watch his network, especially some black people who watch his show. He told black kids that he didn't hope that they won't steal his hubcaps. He told one black person that he can go back to Africa for supporting reparations, he threatened Jeremy Glick, and his own daughter said that he did domestic violence against his ex-wife. Therefore, O'Reilly has no real character as a person. He is funded by FOX News to spew his hate speech. White racists are jealous of the wisdom, the courage, and the beauty of First Lady Michelle Obama. We won't back down. Right is on our side.

Life is filled with adaptation. We adjust in life all of the time. Yet, some folks want to shame single people into relationships and I can't co-sign that. There is nothing wrong with working together in relationships and to compromise in any relationship. Yet, single people are not monolithic. Just because someone is single doesn't mean that they lack social skills or they can't adapt to the changing surroundings of society. Many single people can enact great relationships in the future. Being single or being in an relationship is a choice and a person's relationship status ought to be respected. Peter used a cop out with his words. Peter cursed Cynthia out constantly and was constantly leaving the house. His statement about "successful black women" is a false stereotype and offensive. Many black women who are rich or have made tons of accomplishments have strong progressive relationship skills. Tons of black women have shown strength whether they are single or not. Sister Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a great athlete and a very down to Earth person. She is one of the greatest sprinters of our generation and of all time. She is 29 years old and she is going strong. She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica as she loves Jamaica greatly. She has won many gold medals and she has shown great love for her family and even for her track and field competitors. Many of her competitors are friends of her. She has graduated from college and has worked in organizations to help with developing education and altruism the world over. She's married and I have great respect for her. Bless Sister Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Karen Jordan is a woman who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Decades ago, she fought for civil rights in order for Girard College to be accessible to all people. The civil rights movement in Philadelphia should be acknowledged. She grew up in the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a Northern city with a large amount of history and culture. We honor the heroes who made great contributions in the overall freedom struggle. Bless Sister Karen Jordan.

By Timothy

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