Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Terrence Crutcher was involved in educating himself. He was a husband and a father to children. He was a religious man and a man who was killed by a police officer. His death is a tragedy and I send condolences and prayers to Brother Terrence Crutcher. He was murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a large urban community. Oklahoma has a long history and a diverse cultural legacy. As usual, the police said that they didn't nothing wrong. Terrence Crutcher was an unarmed black man who was no immediate, life threatening threat to any of the officers in the vicinity (as the video has documented). Many cops will shoot first as we have seen time after time again. It is a shame that in this generation, many people are killed unjustly by those who have a badge. We know that Crutcher had his hands up before he was shot. It is obvious that the officer didn't have to kill the man. After he was killed, the officers never immediately gave him aid or try to stop the bleeding. They stood there while Crutcher's blood flowed in the street. That is a disgrace and the officer should be charged with many things by their callous actions. We live in an age where oppression continues and I'm in solidarity with the family of Terrence Crutcher who desire justice. We want justice. As always: Black Lives Matter. Rest in Power Brother Terrence Crutcher. It's always important to promote empathy. I send all the respect in the world to those who take their time to fight cancer, to promote philanthropy, to work in charities, and to advance healthy medicine for fellow human beings. As we get older, we see how interconnected we are as human beings and we recognize the importance to bless others. We live on Earth not just to live, but to help humanity. We believe in justice for all too.

I think that 2 points should be made. I don't agree with Jay Z on many issues. Jay Z hasn't apologized for blatantly selling poison to our people years ago. His selling of poison to our people caused many lives to be ruined forever. Therefore, there is that contradiction. I don't agree with his lyrics that disrespect women and glamorizes the N word. Second, it is important to expose the War on Drugs as a detriment to social progress. Even the War on Drugs existed before Nixon's time. Nixon modernized the War on Drugs. Back decades ago, Harry Anslinger, was aggressive to prosecute people who suffered drug addiction. According to journalist Johann Hari, Harry Anslinger was so racist that he used the N word in many reports outright. We know that former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman said that Nixon used the war on drugs to try to harm the black community. Therefore, the War on Drugs is a war on civil liberties, on black lives, and a war on people who suffer drug addiction. Ronald Reagan's support of the evil War on Drugs outlines Reagan's extremism once again. Reagan opposed Medicare, he was silent for years on HIV/AIDS, and he promoted a far right agenda that we are still fighting today. Non-violent drug offenders shouldn't be placed into prison in the same length as murderers, rapists, and assualters. The short film accurately expressed how cruel and unfair the War on Drugs is. People from across the political spectrum legitimately oppose the War on Drugs and want alternatives like banning mandatory minimums for non violent drug offenses, investments in drug treatment plus rehabilitation, the legalization federally of drugs for medical purposes, and addressing racist sentencing practices (as black people are in prison more than whites even if all parties are convicted for the same offense . That is wrong. Black people use drugs less than whites overall too in America) that continues today. Yes, Black human lives always matter.

There has been news about the bombings in New Jersey and NYC. First, I am glad that the victims are alive. Ahmad Khan Rahami, was recently arrested by the authorities. He was arrested in Lenden, New Jersey. The bombings in New York City and New Jersey have no justification whatsoever. Many innocent people were hurt as a product of the bombings. We should continue to fight extremism and terrorism. Presently, there are more than 1,000 state police and National Guard troops in NYC. We have witnessed an increased of the militarization of society since 2001. Also, we should reject xenophobia (xenophobia is linked readily to racism and the far right does have many people who are stone cold bigots) as many people are scapegoating all non-Americans and all Muslims for the demented actions of a few. There should be more outreach in the Muslim community. Trump Jr. is a coward and a liar to compare Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles. He's a disgrace and I will never vote for Donald Trump. It is important to find the facts and to promote justice in our society. I'm not going to hold back what I am going to type. Donald Trump is a pervert and a sick person who mentions those words about his own daughter. For years, he has used bullying, bigotry, and egomania to promote his agenda of extremism. Many people support him, because many Americans don't give a (concern) about true tolerance. Many Americans want to condemn all Muslims as criminals, many Americans hate black people (or promote the myth that black people collectively have a genetic pathology for criminality which is a lie), many Americans have bigotry on a massive scale. So, this election doesn't surprise me. The economic issues in America has been exploited by that charlatan in order for him to promote his Republican campaign. Trump is a Republican and he is the face of the GOP as a Republican candidate (who is actively promoted the failed trickled down economics of Reaganomics). His misogyny is abhorrent. His silence on police terrorism against black people is disgraceful. His language is cruel and filled with irrationality. I will never vote for Donald Trump.

It is obvious that she desires votes. Hillary Clinton is overtly trying to gain more support via pandering by talking about Black Girl Magic. Black Girl Magic is real and I want to make that clear. Pandering has existed for a long time among both major parties. It is true that black women are very important in the world and they desire respect and human justice. Also, I will promote social and racial justice forever. There are neoliberals who believe in imperialism and the status quo. Also, there are many far right people who slander anyone who believes in helping the environment or believes in social justice. The far right agenda (which is supported by Trump and his group of deplorables. Trump is a notorious bigot and liar) includes misogyny, theocracy, racial scapegoating, xenophobia, and a promotion of police terrorism in our streets. Therefore, our eyes are on the prize. That prize is about the fair distribution of wealth, living wages, universal health care, strong investments in education, and human justice. Obviously, there should be an appeal involving the case on hair. The court allowed companies to discrimination workers based upon hair, even if locs or dreadlocks are shown professionally. This is an era of the fight for our human rights and survival period as black people. We know that many people of black African descent could be further discriminated against by their hair being in locs or dreadlocks. People can wear locs and dreadlocks in a professional fashion and the court failed to see that truth. I adamantly disagree with the decision and the Army had to change its policies because black women courageously stood up for their rights in terms of their hair. With this bad decision, people with braids, Afros, etc. could potentially be discriminated against by fiat. That is a problem. The love our of blackness is not just about our beautiful black skin. It is about our hair too. Laws must be changed, but courts ought to enact common sense too. Black hair must be respected.

We live in a new age. We have the crisis of capitalism that has contributed to economic stagnation, wars, and many social problems in the world. An unarmed black man being murdered in Tulsa and other black people being killed in Charlotte and Ohio represent an emergency in American society. We, as black people, and freedom loving people in general are in a war for our survival. We have fascists who want to slander refugees and we have many evil people who are hateful against humanity. We know that Terence Crutcher’s death was a war crime and black communities are occupied by police forces for years and decades. These evil executions are not just found in America. It is found overseas too. There is a video released by Wikileaks of a 2007 mass murder of Iraqi civilians by U.S. helicopter gun crews over Baghdad. More people know about the truth. The third stanza of the “Star Spangled Banner” explicitly slanders and denounces black people since many of our black ancestors fled into the British lines during the War of 1812 (and opposed U.S. oppression). The protest of Colin Kaepernick in defiance of the injustices that our people face has spread across the nation. Many players and many cheerleaders have knelled down and refused to stand when the national anthem was playing. Also, Africans are very intelligent people. Africans have survived the Maafa, Jim Crow, and other injustices to be scientists, doctors, lawyers, political activists , inventors, and other heroes. Black people have shown great resiliency. We have a long way to go, but we are still here. We are black people. What I also know is about the GOP's racist southern Strategy, the Iraq War, the failed trickled down economics, the Katrina response disaster, austerity, and other bad policies (that the far right omits). Therefore, I believe in political independence. No one on this Earth will make me vote for Trump. No one real condones Hillary Clinton calling black children super predators. She is wrong to do that. Trump also made a racist remark about he doesn't support an American judge by virtue of his Mexican heritage. There are Third Party options. There are other options. Black people are not hypocrites if black people both criticize Hillary and Trump like I have done in the Internet plenty of times. There is a huge problem when some people view either the GOP or the Democratic Party as divine. Just because many black people oppose Trump doesn't mean that those same black people support Hillary Clinton. Many black people have excellent intellectual curiosity. Therefore, I don't back down from my core convictions and I'm willing to stand for my convictions forever. I believe in racial, social, economic, gender, and environmental justice 100%.

By Timothy

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