Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The First Presidential Debate among Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

I am watching the debate. There are many thoughts going into my mind. First, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton and the moderator Lester Holt constantly. At the beginning of the debate, Trump hit Hillary on NAFTA (which history has shown is a bad trade deal and Hillary was on the defensive on that issue). Later, Hillary just blew Trump away. Trump ran out of ideas and out of gas. Trump was a habitual liar on race, on Iraq, on gender, on taxes (as he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times and he failed to release his tax returns publicly. His proposals to gut regulations and promote economic nationalism will increase the risk of a trade war. He admitted that he doesn't pay federal income taxes, which isn't fair), and on other issues. Trump admitted that he doesn't do excess preparation for debates and that is why he lost.  Hillary Clinton was not overly hostile while Trump is hostile from the gate. Tons of fact checkers will refute Trump for his many lies. I recall so many lies that I lost count. The debate dealt with the economics situation in America, race, and foreign policy issues. Trump was disrespectful to Hillary, and the moderator. When Trump has said that he has great temperament, then the audience laughed. First, the economy is not perfect, but the economy today is much better than 2009. There is less unemployment rates and private job growth has increased. Economic inequality is still very high. Trump acts like tax cuts for the wealthy and austerity measures will bring economic prosperity. The truth is that trickled down economics has never worked to improve the economy among the poor or middle class in a comprehensive fashion. Investments in the New Deal and the Great Society decreased poverty and expanded economic growth. Reaganomics has almost tripled the deficit, grew homelessness, and expanded economic inequality. On race, Trump supported the Birther lies against the President without apologizing to the President. Trump only rejected the Birther lie in 2016. For years, Trump has questioned the citizenship of the President. Donald Trump also wants law and order, which is a coded phrase for the expansion of police powers against citizens. Trump supports stop and frisk in New York City, which has been ruled unconstitutional. He talked about NYC and crime when the crime rate in NYC started to decline under Mayor David Dinkins (which was before Giuliani and Bloomberg). Hillary talked about ending mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders, ending private prisons federally and statewide, ending other evil policies. Hillary Clinton cited racism as a serious problem involving police brutality.

Hillary Clinton's greatest answers on the debate deal with race, Donald Trump's corrupt business dealings, and about situations at the end. On foreign policy, Trump opposes the Iran nuclear deal and wants certain nations to have nuclear weapons. The truth is that a decline of weapons of a nuclear nature is a wise policy to have. Trump also supports torture and has an incoherent foreign policy. The Iranian nuclear deal is better than bombing Iran. So, Trump was more ambiguous in his statements. Trump interrupted tons of times. Hillary was more precise in her words whether people agree with her or not. As for me, I don't agree with the Iraq War and I believe in social justice. Also, he never apologized for his misogynistic statements. Hillary Clinton was more calm in the debate. While I disagree with Hillary's overt militarism and war mongering policies, she exposed the vulnerabilities of Trump. Trump, by the end of the debate seemed lacking in substance and energy. Trump has said nothing on how to improve the black community while Hillary has called for eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent offenders, eliminating private prisons, and wanting investments to make colleges more affordable. Trump (who supports torture and is against the Iran nuclear deal which has prevented war in Iran) genuflects the police while he is mainly silent on the epidemic of police brutality in the world. I don't agree with Hillary on every issue, but Trump's narcissism and egomania caused him to lose the first debate.Hillary Clinton exposed Trump's sexist statements too. She was smiling in the debate. In essence, Hillary Clinton won the debate and Trump just ran out of ideals and gas by the end of the debate. That is why you have to prepare for debates.

We shouldn't compare LeBron James to Jesse Lee Peterson or Sotomayor. Lebron actually supported Kaepernick's right to express himself and he is unlike Mike Ditka. Ditka totally disrespected Kaepernick personally. Therefore, Lebron James eloquently outlined his views. The fundamental point is that we witness police terrorism in the world. We face capitalist exploitation and unregulated capitalism is a determent to human civilization, it has harmed the environment, and it is an enemy that must be defeated totally. I won't sugarcoat my words here. Lebron James should be commended for his efforts to invest in education and scholarships that will help thousands of children in Ohio. He is speaking out and using money to help our community. Lebron James has black children that he loves and he has a beautiful black wife that he loves, so he does love black people. Also, the fight for justice can be waged in diverse ways, but the fight nevertheless ought to be waged. Our people face the enemies of police terrorists, racists, and other evil people who seek the status quo. We reject the status quo and we reject a national anthem created by a slave owning racist who wanted tyranny not democracy. I will never forget about Tamir Rice (I don't agree with Lebron on Tamir Rice and other issues, but I won't equate him to Sheriff Clarke or Sotomayor). Malcolm X was an internationalist. Malcolm X supported an end to imperialism, he promoted pan-African unity, and he criticized capitalism by his own words (that I can quote). Lebron James' comments are not harsh, and they are not brutal against Kaepernick. Also, it is important to note that Black Lives Matter doesn't mean that other lives don't count. It means that black lives ought to be treated with dignity and with respect, nothing more or less. We can be diverse on how we fight for change, but we are not compromising in our goal and in our aim. there is nothing wrong with setting up economic enterprises and allowing black people to have jobs. Also, there is nothing wrong with boycotts, self defense, and resistance against tyranny either.

In life, we get to reflect. Today, as we get closer to 2020, we see a new era. Many young people, who have been told that they lack consciousness, are asserting themselves in fighting for justice in the streets. Many of the older generation have given wisdom to the younger generation. Also, those of us, in our 30's, have seen the transitional phase of American history. We have witnessed the end of the Cold War and the start of the information age. We have seen the Twin Towers fall in our late teens and early 20's. We have seen the growth of technology and social media. It is important to recognize that regardless of our age or nationality, we live on this same Earth and we desire the same goal of liberty and justice. That is why we live on this Earth. This is why our cause is just, because it's based on love and an appreciation of our courageous forebears who desired the same thing that we desire today. 2016 is almost gone. It has been a sad year for many reasons and it has been a year that makes us aware our valuable life is. Therefore, I encourage everyone to keep onward in the work for freedom. The issue of policing and black liberation are many of the major issues of our generation. There ought to be no silence on these issues. Either we want to be free or we don't. I desire to be free. The video being released was done not because of the kindness of the Charlotte police. The police in Charlotte was blatantly hesitant in releasing the footage of the passing of Brother Keith Lamont Scott. The police released this footage as a product of the pressure given to them by the people of Charlotte and the family of Keith Lamont Scott. History teaches us that changes never exist by pressure-less persuasion. Changes come by resistance, pressure, and social activism. The video is a snuff film and the Brother was shot 4 times. The video footage released showed no evidence that Keith was an immediate danger to any officer and there is no conclusive evidence from the video that he had a gun or aimed a gun at police officers. Police corruption has been documented for years and decades. Independent parties should investigate this tragedy and the pain that Keith's family is going through is unfathomable.
RIP Brother Keith Lamont Scott.

Recently was Sister Serena Williams' birthday. She is now 35 years old. Legend is an accurate word to describe her. Serena Williams is a living legend. From the streets to Compton to various places all over the world, Serena Williams exemplifies grace, class, strength, and a great sense of perseverance. Not only is she the greatest female tennis player of all time, she is one of the greatest athletes in human history. Serena Williams won 38 major titles, Olympic gold medals, and 22 Grand Slam single titles. Her power in the court is amazing and her drive for excellence is always inspirational. She has broken down barriers and inspired especially black women to pursue careers in athletics, business, politics, education, legal affairs, etc. Her life also includes the love from her parents. Her mother and her father supported her for decades. Her Sister Venus Williams is also an amazing, great tennis player in her own right. Serena Williams honors the legacies of Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, Zina Garrison, and so many other Brothers and Sisters who loved the game so much. She is a beautiful black woman. Black women are mothers of the human race. Her beautiful physique makes it known that she has the right to express herself and that black beauty is diverse never monolithic. That means that black people are beautiful in diverse sizes and diverse personalities. Beauty also deals with compassion, alms-giving, and the love of truth. I believe in the Golden Rule wholeheartedly. She has publicly advocated for justice and she has condemned evil stereotypes eloquently that some people unfortunately embrace. Serena Williams is the living representation of what overcoming obstacles is. Her kindness and her philanthropy has blessed many people around the world. She's a role model for girls and women. Serena Williams is just getting started. Also, she is an inspirational human being for all in the human family.
Bless Sister Serena Williams.

By Timothy

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