Friday, September 30, 2016

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She (Professor Marybeth Gasman) broke the code among white establishment members. Many people refuse to say what she said in public. The key to her words is that there is a system that wants a monopoly of voices in Ivy Leagues school that caters primarily to white males (and their interests). The power structure is based on not meritocracy, but on connections, class privilege, and many Ivy Leagues intentionally suppress the voices of qualified black people. That is why HBCUs are so important, because some of the greatest black doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, business experts, and other cultivators of culture have graduated from HBCUs. Building up our own institutions is very important. This proclamation has been advanced by our black historical legends for a long time. Collective power is always stronger than individual , selfish pursuits. Also, it is important to acknowledge the many, great black scholars who are doing great work. For example, Sister Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She recently received a grant in order for her to research laser technology in order for her to fight cancer. Therefore, diversity is beautiful. Diverse ideologies and diverse peoples give the world unique perspectives, creative thinking, and makes the world much more enriched socially. Back during the 1960's and the 1970's, many of our people fought for universities to just include Black Studies. Today, we are fighting against economic inequality, racism, discrimination, and other injustices. Our cause is just, because when black people have freedom for real, then the human family in general will be blessed indeed. Our minds, our voices, and our intellectual curiosity as black people always matter. We matter. Our black lives are not based on subservience to tokenism. Our black lives are valuable, honorable, and we will keep the faith. Not to mention that our ancestors suffered a whole lot worst than us and we can build up our infrastructure in a higher level in our time.

Fall is here. Fall is a season where many human beings have cogent reflections about life and a commitment to the Dream that we cherish. We believe in economic justice and social justice. The fall readily show leaves changing, holidays celebrated, and a renewed focus on the love of family. Family is important, because families sustain communities, improve life, and grow the bonds of love in the world. Not to mention that the fall is a period of time where we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Humor, fun, and other forms of enjoyment ought to be expressed and embraced. The reason is that we are not islands and we are diverse in our thinking and our other attributes personally. Therefore, I echo the sentiment that humbleness, wisdom, and honor are concepts that we believe in wholeheartedly. One of the biggest myths promoted is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, so all black people must be Republicans in order for us to be real. The truth is that Dr. King was never a Republican. Dr. King has made it clear that he doesn't view either major party as God. He voted for JFK, and Lyndon Baines Johnson. He said that he was willing to support RFK or McCarthy for the Presidency in 1968. Also, Dr. King supported civil rights, labor rights, he was against the War in Vietnam, and he believed in the separation of church and state (while acknowledging the right of people to have the freedom of religion). So, he was not a far right Republican. He was his own man ideologically. We have the right to believe in what we want and we have the right to reject bigotry and promote justice in the world.

Cicely Tyson is a great woman. For decades, she has not only acted in classic movies. She has been an active proponent of community work and she has worked in many legitimate causes that has blessed the lives of so many people in the world. Her determination, her grace, and her class can never be duplicated by any human being. She lived during the the times of Jim Crow, but her passion for the arts has inspired many black women to perform excellence in a high level. There is a picture of her from the 2016 American Theatre Wing annual gala in September of 2016. She is celebrated at the gala as well. Before I was born, she was the epitome of courage. She is still the representation of courage in our generation as well. She is 91 years old and she is just amazing as a human being. She is a great black woman and we honor her achievements. It's great to know about international artists. She is Sister Amara La Negra. She is a young black woman as she was born in 1990. She has support among her family and fans too. She has a gorgeous Afro and she is from the Dominican Republic. There are a lot of Afro-Dominicans in the world. She loves her black heritage too. She has said. "estoy muy orgullosa de ser una negra." This is why it is important to not only study about black people in the world, but to express love and solidarity with our people in a Pan-African fashion.
Bless Sister Diana Danelys De Los Santos (Amara La Negra).

There is no question that they targeted her. The legalization of medical marijuana alone (which I believe in) without the dismantling of the corrupt policies of the War on Drugs & the prison industrial complex is no revolution. It is a measure that doesn't go far enough. The young Sister was honest with what her intentions were. She was investigated by the authorities for years and it's clear that she doesn't merit multiple decades in prison for her actions. The criminal injustice system wants to punish her harshly, yet it is rare for corrupt Wall Street bankers (who ruined the lives of tons of people) to receive long term jail time. Many crooked bankers experience a slap on the wrist (for the most part). As many have mentioned, many corporations want profits without investing money in eradicating poverty or ending economic inequality. The prison industrial complex is a horrendous problem where nonviolent drug offenders in many cases are in prison longer than some murderers and assaulters. This situation is an example of double standards and racism. I wish the best for Sister Charlo Greene. The oligarchy established these unfair rules to benefit themselves as many have mentioned. In our generation, more people are exposing the hypocrisies about how many bankers only get fined when they swindle tons of people money while a black woman is facing 54 years in prison and she is not a super criminal involved in massive financial corruption.

I believe that Carson's stereotyping of black Americans as just mental automatons (without intellectual curiosity) for one party collectively is blatantly offensive. Also, there are many black people who are politically independents and know the truth about many things. The media has manipulated many people from across races for years. That doesn't mean that black people collectively are manipulated by the media as many black people have great consciousness to realize that only a handful of corporations control the major media conglomerates in the Western world. Ben Carson says nothing on imperialism, living wages, police terrorism, environmental justice, economic justice, the War on Drugs, and other important issues. You can make the case that Ben Carson voluntarily decided to be a GOP member in order for him to promote the agenda of the GOP. We know that the 2 capitalist parties of the Republicans and the Democrats have done dirt for over one century. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that one political party has the monopoly on corruption. Ben Carson fails to see that humanity is diverse. We exist in different nationalities, different sexes, different ideologies, and different backgrounds. Just because a person of another background calls for an end to bigotry, an end to oppression, an to end xenophobia, and to just promote basic human rights, that doesn't mean that this person is being divisive or wants to promote a wedge issue. The right to end police terrorism, the right to end sexism, the right to end voting suppression, and the right to end discrimination are not wedge issues. They are human rights issues and Ben Carson needs to realize that fundamental truth. Ben Carson has been very gifted in neurosurgery, but I disagree with him on many political issues. Donald Trump is the living representation of white intellectual mediocrity, of sexism, of crassness, and of bigotry. Therefore, we believe in the Dream and we'll fight for it too with stats and with other facts all day and every day (in that order).

By Timothy

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