Friday, September 23, 2016

The Events in Charlotte.

Many words must be mentioned. First, it must be established that the vast majority of the people in Charlotte utilized peaceful protest. The peaceful protesters are speaking their minds and they want accountability to exist in Charlotte. There was violence. Yet, violence wasn't just shown by some non-cops. Some cops used tear gas and rubber bullets in the action of violence too. The Governor of North Carolina talked about there is no excuse for violence. The Governor needs to be reminded that the Revolutionary War included widespread violence. During that time, many people burned homes and used guns to kill the Redcoats. During WWII (or the bloodiest war in human history), violence was used against the Nazis (which was justifiable). Many of the heroic Deacons of Defense used guns to defend their communities against racist terrorists. Therefore, unjust violence against innocent people and against innocent property is wrong. Yet, self-defense used in the right way is fine with me. Violence is found in drone strikes and torture too which is found in the war on terror. People must be consistent. If violence is wrong, all forms of violence must be condemned (including the unjust violence done by many police officers). That is why I respect a pacifist. I don't agree with pacifism, but a pacifist is consistent to oppose all violence out of his or her moral convictions. No successful change in society came about by submitting to the oppressor. Change can either exist by peaceful nonviolent means or by self defense. The rebellion of Charlotte is representative of the crisis of police terrorism in America and it shows how many voices have been neglected. We need investments and crooked cops must be punished. So, while I don't agree with innocent property being harmed, damaged property is not more important than human life. I send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Keith Lamont Scott. RIP Brother Keith Lamont Scott.

I agree with Sheryl Underwood's words about police brutality. She spoke from her heart and she said that cops, who brutalize and kill black people, should be in prison. That is what we want. We don't want tokenism. We want justice and human liberation. Also, she was hurt and we're all hurt all the problem of cops murdering innocent black people. It is a shame that some want to scapegoat the victim of this situation. Some even want to blame black people for the problem of police brutality, which is wrong and evil. When a white person kills a white person, people don't call it white on white crime. Every time someone of our race does wrong, then society blames black people collectively for it. That's wrong and it's racist. The truth is that most crime in America is intraracial and are in close proximity to each other based on socioeconomic factors (not by inherit genetics). Also, to end police brutality is to make sure that the police are made accountable for their actions. That means that cops who do the evil of murdering people unjustly must be stripped of their jobs, stripped of their pensions, and sent into prison. Any police union who supports crooked cops must be boycotted. The Blue Wall of Silence must end. There must be investments to build up our economic and political power. Also, respectability politics doesn't work. It is fine to have integrity and ethics. Yet, all of the ethics in the world didn't stop one cop in shooting a black man in Florida who followed commands and held his hands up. Therefore, ethics must be embraced by us, but showing ethics can't stop all forms of police brutality since crooked cops by definition don't respect morality or ethics. Black people are still murdered by evil cops when they did everything right. So, we face police terrorism in our communities and we must resist evil.
Black Lives Matter.

Colin Kaepernick has expressed personal courage to stand up against racial injustice and police brutality. His protest is peaceful and legitimate. Regardless of the words from the haters, Kaepernick has outlined sincerity, determination, and a strong human sense of consciousness to recognize that America is still a place where black people face oppression. Also, it is important to fight for economic justice too. The vast majority of police brutality occurs in poor, working class communities and help to the poor is one of the most important things that we should do. Not only is Kaepernick spending 1 million dollars, but he is using transparency to show where that money is going to. Many other players like Brandon Marshall are making their voices known too. The National Anthem was created by a slave owner and a racist. One verse of the national anthem explicitly supported slavery. Anyone of black African descent and any freedom loving person period has every right to not respect an anthem that supports the oppression against our black ancestors. We know that the psuedo-patriotism that the bigots supports is nothing more than the agenda of white supremacy (as Washington and Jefferson are scoundrels and white supremacist racists). Our black human lives are more important than post racial myths and acceptability to the status quo. We don't support the status quo. We want justice and human liberation. Kaepernick experiencing death threats is truly sad and it shows how the far right extremists don't care about dissent or freedom. Dissent is a human right along with making sure that the oppressed are respected. I certainly honor Colin Kaepernick's actions.

Don King is known for his shenanigans. Not only was he was once an ally of the Mafia (which is known to use drugs and violence to harm many people in the black community), but he has economically exploited many boxers for decades. He also beat a man to death during the 1960's. Don King is not only a Republican, but he said tons of garbage that no rational person can support. He called black people 'Negroes' for life. Don King also used the N word, which is wrong. First off, I am not a Negro. I'm a grown black person with great intelligence and a lot of determination in my spirit. Second, Don King should be ashamed of himself with his submissive token act. He also made white folks in the audience laugh, because those white folks know that he is saying words that they think and have said in private. Don King's words and mentality is representative of some black supporters of Donald Trump without question. Don King has been tap dancing for decades. Many of the cops will still lie even after the video footage is shown publicly. It seems like that they or the cops can never find any imperfection with their conduct. Meanwhile, the families of the victims are mourning and experiencing a great deal of pain. They did the same thing to Tamir Rice's family. Tamir's relative was almost arrested and the cops blamed Tamir for his own death, which is a lie. Terance's family and Philando's family deserve to be treated with much more respect by the authorities. Also, I have noticed that authorities don't tell slain police officers' families in Dallas if they forgive Micah Johnson. The authorities don't ask the families of dead cops if they forgive the cops' killers. Therefore, black people shouldn't be asked questions that have nothing to do with the situation at hand. We face a serious problem when cops unjustly kill our people at will without any real accountability.

Everyone should be outraged at this. We, as black people, face a war for our survival. Terrorist cops are terrorizing black men, black women, and even black children. The police officers disrespected black people and offended a grieving black family. I agree with the late Brother's sister 100%. Shelby should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A terrorist was arrested in NY (who was shooting at officers. The cops there were focused to injure him not kill him) without his death, but a non threatening, unarmed black man was killed when he held his hands up. The Brother Terrence Crutchers was no threat to any of the officers. Just because a black person is tall and a bigger person doesn't mean that he is trying to harm someone. There is no excuse for his murder. There is no excuse for the officers to do nothing, but redirect traffic for minutes after the Brother was shot. The late Brother was falsely labeled a threat by the officers without proof and he was murdered by one white female officer. He was bleeding and the officers never immediately came to his aid. Shelby and other officers ought to be brought up on charges. This story is why we fight for the rights of black people. This is why we oppose police terrorism and we should resist this tyranny by using our economic and political power. We have a lot of economic power in America. Crooked cops should be prosecuted. The haters lecture us about "good cops," but they fail to realize that not every black person is a murderer or wants to harm someone. Cops have tons of privileges that an ordinary citizen doesn't have. Also, these haters lecture us on respectability politics when a black man in Florida held his hands up and complied to all commands. He was still shot. I send condolences to Tiffany Crutchers and her family. The life of Terrence Crutchers mattered. We want not only equal protection. We want liberation and real freedom.
Rest in Power Brother Terrence Crutchers.
Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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