Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Information.

Yesterday was the birthday of the late Brother WEB DuBois. He was a genius and one of the greatest intellectual scholars of human history. He was a man who lived among 2 centuries, who lived to be almost 100 years old, and developed some of the greatest sociological analysis of African Americans in history. WEB DuBois was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He not only wrote books about Reconstruction, lynching, and other events of history. He courageously came out in public to defend the rights of black Americans. He opposed racism and imperialism. He wanted Pan-African unity and advocated Africa to be free from imperialism, militarism, and exploitation. He always had socialist views when it was taboo for black Americans to publicly support socialism. WEB DuBois didn't care about the haters. He continued to live his life and he spoke in America to promote economic justice and social equality. He said and wrote that capitalism is a cause of racism and poverty. I heard of him speaking in Youtube too. For a time, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a peace activist and believed in nuclear disarmament (as nuclear weapons has been recklessly used in the world). WEB DuBois also spoke about Dr. King and called him a voice for nonviolent resistance. He was blacklisted , slandered, and disrespected by the powers that be (even the NAACP had members who rejected him because of his views), but he stood tall. He was working on his African Encyclopedia in Ghana when he passed away in 1963. He was 95 years old.
Rest in Power Brother WEB DuBois.

You know me. You know about I'm about to show what's real. She said similar comments months ago. Sage Steele wants black people to follow her views, but black people have the right to have dissent with her views on race. Sage Steele have similar views to other people of color who want to blame black people instead of confronting international white racism and economic oppression. They wouldn't dare say those words (that have mentioned about black people) to describe Jewish people, about Asian people, about Hispanic people, about white people, and about other groups of people. We (as black people) are the scapegoats of society and we are sick and tired of it. The truth is that racism can never be eliminated by wishing it away or claiming that every human on Earth is colorblind. Racism must be defeated by fighting against white racism and calling out discrimination. She disagreed with Colin Kaepernick when she falsely assumed that his actions disrespected every military veteran when the national anthem was created by a slave owning racist who didn't care about true racial equality. Therefore, Colin is courageous to stand up for his views. We have to use chess. Many people like Sage desire the world to fit their views instead of the world unapologetically standing up for social justice. All black people don't need to look in the mirror.

America to this very day refuses to look itself in the mirror on how it has mistreated black people. Slavery, Jim Crow, the mass incarceration state, peonage, etc. are crimes against humanity and the far right people of color will never lecture white racists on that history. We, who are black people, are never responsible for the massive slander against Michelle Obama. We are not responsible for Bloody Sunday. We are not responsible for the election of Trump as the majority of white people voted him in office. We are not collectively responsible for the epidemic of police terrorism in our communities. I wanted to mention a whole lot of words. Sage Steele shouldn't be called out of her name, but she should put respect on black folks' name straight up. We are black people and we don't play that. Our response to her is that if you want to disrespect us, we won't support you. People are tired of trying to patronize black people and lecture black people on what we ought to do. We know what we need to do and we shouldn't be scapegoated for every evil in the world period. All African Americans are not hypocritical. Many of us have called out white racism and black self hated. We have called out those who promote discrimination and have shown bigotry regardless of skin color. So, Sage Steele is wrong on so many levels.

There has been many executive orders in dealing with immigration from the Trump regime. These orders are not only draconian. They outright harm the human rights of undocumented workers. His policies have nothing to do with promoting jobs, but it can ruin jobs as immigrants make a huge part of the economy. These policies divide workers based on nationality when the real origin of the problem of economics in American society originated from the policies of the capitalist elites. The Trump regime wants the deportation of millions of human beings and he called the operation as a "military" operation. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly in Mexico City alongside their Mexican counterparts in what was billed as an attempt to strengthen relations between the two countries following a series of blatant provocations over Trump’s proposed border wall, attacks on immigrants, threats to impose tariffs and suggestion that US troops could be sent into Mexico to wage the so-called drug war. The department of Homeland Security memo has talked about crackdowns, 100,000 National Guard troops to retrieve people, and proposed ways to organize other regressive policies. Now, many people are trying to go into Canada as refugees and migrant workers.

Also, it is important to recognize the truth that beauty is diverse. Beuaty is found in many hues and sizes. Carmelita Jeter, Jill Scott, Toccara Jones, Anansa Sims, and other women are beautiful. When we treat our neighbors as ourselves and stand up for what is right, then blessings overflow. Today, many media organizations were excluded from a press briefing. CNN, Portifico, Buzzfield, and other organizations were excluded from one press briefing. This is blatantly morally wrong since even media that you disagree with should be allowed to cover any administration. This is an unprecedented action and it represents the authoritarian, regressive, and reactionary regime of Trump. Trump is the same male who slandered the Central Park Five, said disgusting remarks about women, and has lied continuously (he lied about Sweden and about crime rates in America). The freedom of the press is a constitutional right and a free press is democratic. I do send great admiration and respect to the fitness experts in the world too. They have shown advice to people who love exercise. They have inspired tons of people worldwide with your words, pictures, motivational stories, and positive actions. They have shown the truth that people in the fitness world outline humbleness, have great humility, and enact the necessary strength to benefit the world. The people that I'm talking about know who they are. They are Tennessee, California, London, Texas, and in other places throughout the world.

By Timothy

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