Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday News in mid-February 2017.

There are many points to be made and I won't hold back on what I think. I was about to mention a whole lot of other words and we know what those words are. First, those who lie and said that the film is racist actually don't know the real meaning of racism. Racism involves lynching, slavery, Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex, the peonage system, and other atrocities. The film wanted to precisely make the point that many colleges have anti-black white racists in them who want to make black voices invisible and malleable to the interests of the establishment. The film is a blatant satire and wants to promote reconciliation. The film is far from racist. So, white fragility and white tears are part of the criticism of the moderate film Dear White People. Every time people want to expose white racists, some folks slander those folks as "racist." White people are not immune form legitimate critique. If those ungrateful haters want a boycott, then we have the right to boycott racists who are anti-black people. Our black ancestors build up a great deal of this nation, fought for civil rights, and stood up for justice before any of these haters were born. We sacrificed a great deal with our blood for this nation and others disrespect the contributions of black people. Some black far right people along with their white racist counterparts also believe in the myth that bootstrapping alone causes liberation. We know that isn't true.

Freedom is caused by a demand and by a struggle for justice using any legitimate means necessary. People fought to achieve solutions and we shall fight as black people for justice. The same haters of Dear White People refuse to boycott the cartoon (which supports DeVos) that mocks the suffering of Ruby Bridges. We know how many Trump supporters are. They are giving excuses to a sexist, bigot while ignoring the necessity for international revolutionary change. They follow the words of an extremist white male instead of following truth and honor. Also , it is important to acknowledge the black people now working day in day out in teaching children, in working in community programs, in helping society in general. Some evil people want to ignore their work, but we won't. We will always honor and respect Brothers and Sisters doing hard work in helping black people live and direct. We have a long way to go, but we will continue in our journey. Those, who believe in boycotting the film Dear White House, should be ashamed of themselves. We are strident in promoting our Blackness and we desire real social change in our world. While white intellectual mediocrity is shown in the White House, we believe in Black Excellence and Black Liberation. We need housing rights, economic justice, and the protection of our environment. There is no true, comprehensive freedom without helping the environment in which you live in and the fight for economic justice.

People don't have to be fans of Beyonce, but Carlos quickly clarified, because he knows what he said would cause the Beyhive to respond. Beyonce can sing greatly. Of course, she can't sing greater than Whitney, Aretha Franklin, or Mahalia Jackson. Yet, she does know how to sang. Her songs prove it from I Care, Start Over, Radio, Listen, Hello, Halo, Sweet Dreams, Pretty Hurts, and other records. Those songs don't have struggle notes and her recent live performance has her making no mistakes. Beyonce came from Houston to display sacrifice in utilizing her craft in singing, dancing, and acting. Ironically, Carlos performed with Beyonce, but Carlos is basically saying that Beyonce is just a dancer and not a singers singer, which is very disrespectful. The truth is that Beyonce is more than a dancer. She is a singer too. Therefore, Carlos Santana is a great artist, but many people don't know that Beyonce can actually sing, act (as she has been in multiple movies), and do dancing, which other musicians can't do. Therefore, Beyonce is an artist who should be respected as a black woman and as a musical artist. No one has to bow down to her or even be fans of her. People should respect her dignity though. That is the precise point. These slick shots by Santana is about him supporting Adele, but Adele even made more positive comments about Beyonce than Carlos (who has a black wife). On this issue, I have to pick sides. I'm riding with my people on this one. Beyonce is owed respect for her contributions to music.

For decades, Michelle Obama has broken down barriers, inspired women, and shown her light as a living representation of Black Excellence completely. She came from the South side of Chicago and she has never forgotten her roots. Through determination, hard work, and family, she achieve magnificent accomplishments involving law, and other aspects of human living. She is the greatest First Lady in American history. She has stood by her husband throughout his Presidency. She and her husband love both of their children a great deal. She has enhanced her husband. It is the big lie that a strong woman emasculates a man. In fact, a woman and a man has every right to be intelligent, compassionate, and strong regardless of what society says. Michelle Obama has advanced fitness, education, and the rights of girls plus women worldwide. She has inspired a generation of black people to continue forth in the long legacy of our ancestors who desired justice and human liberation.
Her characteristics definitely include courage, grace, strength, magnanimous compassion, and a sense of purpose to help out humanity in positive ways. People miss her now. She doesn't want to be President and we honor her decision. Likewise, we see the truth and the current occupier of the White House (who is a male who embraces extremism) is antithetical to the progressive values that Michelle Obama represents. So, we give great honor and praise for the historic, awe inspiring legacy of Sister First Lady Michelle Obama.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Levar Burton too. He is now 60 years old. For decades, he has been an actor, an education advocate, and a social activist. He was born in Germany as his father was in the military. He was raised in Sacramento, California. He is famous for his role in Roots as Kunte Kente and for his show Reading Rainbow, which lasted from 1983 to 2006. I was raised on Reading Rainbow when I was a child. He promotes a cure against HIV/AIDS. He has been active in philanthropy and he has a great wife including great children. He played on Star Trek and he is a great role model for the youth and adults too. He is a great Brother. Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother Jerome Bettis. He is a legend and he was a Champion who won a Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. He is also a Hall of Famer. He is 46 years old now. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. The Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation and other agencies sponsor the Jerome Bettis Asthma and Sports Camp annually for children with asthma. Bettis has also delivered over 1000 pairs of cleats to children in the Detroit school system. He's a great person. I wish the best for Sister Mary-Pat Hector (who is 19 years old). We live in a new era of time. More young people should run for office. We need health care, environmental justice, civil liberties protected, housing, and other human rights for human beings. The youth have a vibrant spirit, great intellectual curiosity, and a sense of purpose to stand up and speak up for the real changes that we desire.

By Timothy

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