Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Inspiration, Wisdom, and Living Life

Sister Ariell Johnson is a black woman who created her own comic book store in Philadelphia. We all congratulate her on her love of books and her entrepreneurship. Her store is called Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse. She is the first black woman to own a comic book store in the East Coast of America. She loves to tell stories and we are all happy at her success. Blessings to Sister Ariell Johnson. Schools with extremely high levels of lead should cause alarm concretely. This story (of two Bronx schools having high levels of lead) represents once again the need to care for environmental issues. Fundamentally, we not only want our infrastructure developed and our rights preserved as black people. We want to live in a world with a clean environment and where children are safe from lead poisoning. We want the growth of the hectares of trees in the world and we desire clean water as part of a human right. Drinking water is a human right. Flint, Michigan and other locations nationwide plus worldwide are fighting for healthy water services. I don't want any child to be poisoned with lead. Therefore, massive safety precautions are needed. We need anti-pollution regulations and resources to help humanity.

The U.S. appeals court had to deal with the anti-human rights travel ban executive order. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is made up of 3 judges. The states of Washington and Minnesota brought up a lawsuit against the order saying that it is unconstitutional. The panel was skeptical of the arguments made by the government legal representative, August Flentje, special counsel to the assistant attorney. There is no evidence of an imminent threat on American soil from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Trump calling judges "a so-called judge" is blatantly inappropriate and reprehensible.  Betsy DeVos has been confirmed the Department of Education despite her lack of experience and her plans to change public education as we know it in a reactionary way. The tie breaker vote to allow DeVos to be nominated came from Mike Pence or the Vice President. Neil Gorsuch is a person who admits that he is ideologically akin to Antonin Scalia. Neil Gorsuch believes in originalism. What Gorsuch and other originalists never mention is that some notable aspects of the "original meaning" of "our founding document" were the enshrinement of slavery and limiting the vote to white property holders, ensuring that only approximately 6 percent of the population could cast a ballot at the time. Elizabeth Warren was silenced after she read Correta Scott King's letter to oppose the Session nomination to the position of Attorney General.

Tamron Hall is a very talented black woman. She has a down to Earth personality and she has checked far right extremists like Scott Baio for years. Now, NBC has gotten rid of Tamron Hall to be replaced by the former FOX News host Megyn Kelly. Kelly's disrespectful comments about First Lady Michelle Obama and her abhorrence of racial justice efforts outlines what Kelly represents. Kelly has shown an antagonistic attitude against any black person who believes in total black liberation. Kelly represents the status quo. Tamron Hall has tons of experience and has inspired many journalists for a long time. She has worked hard in Chicago and Tamron Hall has shown grace and humbleness during this time. I wish the best for Tamron Hall. Also, there has been a whitewashing of journalists in NBC in general. Joy Reid is now one of the few major TV show host in MSNBC. This is why many people want the growth of independent black media. Black media is powerful and tons of great black researchers, journalists, interviewers, and producers do exist. The NABJ has certainly made the accurate point that it is imperative for diverse voices to be part of the media in general, so discussions plus information can be more enriched. We want not only more black journalists. We want black media to be grown into the next level.

There is another example of good news in the world too. There is a 22 year old MIT student who is working on the space launch system that Boeing is constructing for NASA. Her name is Tiera Guinn and she has a 5.0 GPA. She is a Rocket and Structural Design and Analysis Engineer. Guin has been doing complicated math since she was 6 years old. After she saw a plane fly in the air, she desired to be an aerospace engineer. She has dream of this moment throughout her life and now, she is fulfilling her dream. We are very happy about her accomplishments and we want her to achieve even more in her life. Her life is another reminder of how we should always show perseverance, follow our dreams, and live life to the fullest. Bless Sister Tiera Gunn. Sister Sheila Fedrick is a hero. She used her instincts and discernment to help a girl to survive. She notified the pilot and the pilot told the authorities about the victim of human trafficking. Courage and quick action were utilized by Sheila Fedrick. We honor her service and her due diligence to save a human life. Her deeds were heroic and magnanimous.

Days ago was the Birthday of the late, great Natalie Cole too. Her father was a legend and she was a legend too. Her voice was one of a kind. She lived her life in musical expression and she carried on the tradition of her father. Natalie Cole made many hits in the 1970's like My Love and This Will Be. She was born in Los Angeles. I remember when I was a child when she expressed her album Unforgettable back in 1991. That was her best selling album. She continued to perform music and she passed away in December 31, 2015. Natalie Cole was unforgettable and a magnificent black women. Rest in Power Sister Natalie Cole. Bob Marley was a legend and an innovator of reggae music. He wanted music to be universal and he rightfully opposed racism and any form of oppression. He loved his family, his children, and his fans. The messages in his songs persist in our time and for ever. He sang about opposing mental slavery as acknowledging our heritage is magnanimous. I love reggae music since it's creative, it sends a powerful message, and it just makes people dance and have a great time to enjoy life. He was born in Jamaica and Jamaica was his home. Redemption song was one of his greatest songs and one of the most powerful songs in human history. He was a Pan-Africanist or he believed in the unity of people of African descent globally. Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq baptized Marley into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, giving him the name Berhane Selassie, on November 4, 1980, shortly before his death. He celebrated the independence of Zimbabwe too. He lived to be 36 and passed away in 1981. He was crucial in spreading reggae globally. Rest in Power Brother Bob Marley.

By Timothy

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