Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Words

It is very important to show the truth. Obviously, Trump and Pence don't care about black liberation. If they did, they would publicly call for reparations and an end to imperialism. They would call for an end of the mass incarceration state and a promotion of racial justice overtly. So, Trump and Pence making ignorant, insensitive statements about black history should surprise no one. Black Trump supporters (and any Trump supporter in general) should know by now that their votes caused many anti-pollution regulations to end, caused more anti-human sanctions against Iran, caused reactionary executive orders to transpire, and caused the promotion of a Supreme Court nominee who didn't do enough to combat police terrorism in our communities. We know facts. We know that Lincoln didn't free black slaves. We know that Dr. King's critique of capitalism, his criticism of war, and his respect of democratic socialism is antithetical to Trump/Pence's debased agenda. We know that Frederick Douglas, in his long life, overtly criticized the July 4th celebrations in strong terms. Our eyes are fixed on the truth. Part of that truth is not only to legitimately criticize extremists like Trump and Pence (who ought to be opposed). It is to cause light to spread by being active in our communities, standing up for our rights, and to speak triumphantly in favor of justice. Part of that goal is to recognize that real Black History has nothing to do with glamorizing a demagogue like Trump. It is about being real and honoring black people year round. We are fighters. We used our hands in slavery rebellions, in defeating Confederates, and standing up against the Klan (like the Deacons of Defense in the Deep South who protected civil rights leaders from Klan terrorism). Our ancestors got hands and we got them hands too. We will use our hands to build, to show compassion to our people, and to be active in living life in the realm of altruism and social justice.

Sister Gwen Carr is a modern day heroine. She grieves of the unjust murder of her son Eric Garner. She has spoken up not only against police terrorism. She desires changes in the criminal justice system where justice for all are not just words, but deeds enacted for real in our society. Today, we don't have justice for all. We have many cops having immense immunity even when they do criminal actions. We have unfairness in the criminal justice system as documented by tons of studies. We have even DOJ reports proving that many police officers in cities like Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, etc. have enacting massive corruption. We even have white supremacists infiltrating police agencies nationwide in America (which even the FBI has discussed for years). Therefore, the fight continues. Gwen Carr has sacrificed her time to battle against the agenda of the fascist Trump. She disagrees with Neil Gorsuch who supported officers in cases using excessive force. He believes in "qualified immunity" which prevents many cops from being sued for corruption (if there is any reasonable "uncertainty" about whether their actions are legal). He has repeatedly ruled in favor of police searching vehicles without a warrant after routine traffic stops. So, we know the deal is and Gwen Carr is a great black woman with her courage.

Today is Black History Month. Always remember that black history should be remembered in February and year round. Therefore, this month is a reminder that Black History is very important and Black History is shown in the past, in the present, and in the future. Black Lives Matter. Days ago was the Birthday of the late, great Brother Langston Hughes. He was a man who was one of the greatest writers and poets of human history. Wit, courage, wisdom, and introspection outline the characteristics of his literature. He not only loved to write. He was a strong progressive who believed in civil rights, who opposed McCarthyism, and who believed in black liberation. He was born in Joplin, Missouri. He lived throughout the Midwest from Lincoln, Illinois to Cleveland. He wrote literature in the 1920's and was a key person in the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was musical, artistic, cultural, and literary explosion made up of African Americans in the early 20th century. His work promoted racial consciousness and a sense of creativity. He wanted the reader of his poems to know who he was while thinking for themselves. That is the gift of Langston Hughes. He passed away in 1967. Rest in Power Langston Hughes. It is important to acknowledge the heroes who helped us along the way. Just because victims exist doesn't mean that victims want no victory. Black people want victory not permanent victimization. Black people want respect not tokenism. Black people desire liberation without racism and without oppression (which is intersectional).

One of the unsung musical artists was Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She sang gospel and she was the Godmother of Rock and Roll. She was very much ahead of her time. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, and Elvis were influenced and inspired by her. She is the originator. At a young age, she played the guitar as a musical prodigy. She loved her mother and her mother loved her. She used spiritual lyrics and great rhythms in the expression of her music. She merged gospel and pop records like her 1939 song and hit "This Train." Sister Rosetta Tharpe performed in religious and secular audiences. She also performed with jazz artists like Cab Calloway too. Therefore, we have to acknowledge the late great Sister Rosetta Tharpe for her contributions. She lived from 1915 to 1973. She was 58 years old. Rest in Power Sister Rosetta Tharpe. To be real is not only to be honest, but to have self reflection, to use correction, to analyze, and to be better in the future.

Jessica Williams is right. Her experiences of are her own and how dare Hayek questions a black woman's pain and her legitimate questions about society. Fundamentally, black women have every right to voice their views in opposition to misogynoir and racism. Some POC (just like white racists) want to silence the voices of black people in order for many of them to promote the lie that we live in a post racial society (or that we must compromise our feelings in order to placate other peoples' interests). The other lie that many people promote is that if we ignore racism and ignore discussions about racism then somehow racism goes away. History doesn't teach us that. History teaches that us that we talk about race and we confront racism overtly in order for real progress to come. We are black people and we are no one's mules. More and more black people are tired of being scapegoated or being told to support everybody (while shutting up about our legitimate interests and our legitimate concerns) when others don't support us. Jessica Williams is a very strong, talented black woman. She is owed much more respect than being talked to in a disrespectful, condescending manner (by Hayek and others in that discussion). We have Jessica Williams' total solidarity and support.
#Yes to Black
#No to being Mules
#We are not your slaves
#Yes to Black Excellence

By Timothy

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