Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Real Information.

Once again, I'm not shocked. The racist once again blamed black people for the water crisis and the billing crisis in Detroit and Flint, which is a lie. The truth is that the water crisis was caused by many political and corporate agents who sought profit instead of promoting human development. The bills grew in such an astronomically rate that many people (regardless of skin color) didn't have the resources to pay for the bills. Also, the people of Detroit and Flint aren't responsible for the water crisis. In Flint, the water is poisoned and people being expected to pay for poisoned water for extraordinary rates is supremely ludicrous. That doesn't make sense. The Flint water crisis has existed by many developments. First, Flint's water supply was switched from Lake Huron including the Detroit River to the Flint River back in April of 2014. The problem was that the water from the Flint River was heavily polluted. Immediately, children and adults experienced lead poisoning, diseases, rashes, hair loss, brain damage, and other illnesses. Many independent researchers (like Hanna-Attisha and Mark Edwards), scientists and activists tried to bring up this crisis up, but local and state authorities in Flint refused to address the concerns of the activists initially. It was only until national media coverage existed (in about late 2015) about this problem when the local and state government issued token actions (without a total replacement and rebuilding of the pipes sent into Flint, Michigan). People of many colors have been the victims of this tragedy including black Americans. Also, it is important to be made clear that black people have paid taxes for decades and centuries in America. Black people are very hardworking. Phil spewed the slander that black people are lazy when black folks built a large part of this country in general. Flint was once one of the largest manufacturing urban centers in the Midwest. Today, it's struggling to rebuild itself. LeeAnne Walters, who is a mother, is one of the many Flint residents fighting back against corporate exploitation. Many from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), and from the Environmental Protection Agency mishandled the crisis too. Private interests and corrupt politicians were involved in the Flint water crisis. The Flint official Phil Stair is not only a racist, but an evil person who ignores how class oppression must be opposed by any means necessary. This story proves that we must be involved in helping our environment.

This story deals with many issues. It is important to condemn Maher's racist comments. Racism isn't just shown from the alt right or from far right extremists like Nugent and O'Reilly. It has been shown for years by those who claim to be "progressives." Bill Maher is a racist and has said racist and misogynistic words on his show for years. This is not new. Even some of his ex-girlfriends have accused him of anti-black racism too. He said that then President Barack Obama should act more like Suge Knight instead of Wayne Brady (implying that a black man must act like an irrational brute in order to be a real man). So, we know of his agenda for years. He is notorious for his Islamophobia (even questioning a Muslim kid involving a clock). He or Maher said the slur with an accent in order for him to mock African Americans. So, it its very clear that his intention was to mock the horrendous experiences of slavery in order to further his agenda. He issued the typical token "apology." This story once again sheds light on how racism is still here and we must use activism to fight and defeat it. One of the easiest ways to fight back is to not watch shows that degrade us, not go on shows that degrade our people, and not send our hard earned money to anybody who disrespects the black community. Al Sharpton and Chance the Rapper are right on this issue. We have power and we have the right subsequently to courageously use our power to build in our black community. Building (via self-determination) is a prerequisite in forming black liberation.

First, I totally agree with the words from Founding Director Lonnie Bunch, Smithsonian Secretary David Skorton, and Sister Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. It is important to make the point clear that anyone who place nooses in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A coward placed a noose in order to promote intolerance, viciousness, and bigotry. The noose was used as a form of assault and murder for centuries. That person was jealous of the majestic, inspiring history of African Americans. I am African American from Virginia and my history is as valuable as others' histories. I am a black person and no noose will turn me around. I have a long history. My ancestors suffered a great deal of injustices, but they still rose to lead struggles for justice, to speak words of power, to write eloquent works of transcendent literature, and to be blessings for so many even in future generations.
That is the passion of my people and the eternal fortitude of the black American experience. My people have been inventors, scholars, athletes, musicians, and a diversity of manifestations. So, we are never intimidated. We are here. We are black and we are Beautiful. The national museum has glorious architecture, gorgeous exhibits, and a profound educational experience that people from across backgrounds have been blessed with. We are in the 21st century, but racism is still in existence. We speak of freedom and we mean it. That freedom is all about the human race witnessing its full potential excluding oppression. Therefore, we are further committed to not only eradicate racism, but to build a real society where communities can grow and human justice is made real triumphantly.

Fredia Gibbs is a legendary black kickboxer. She won tournaments and has been blessed with amazing skills. She is very powerful and shows speed and power with her hands and feet. Also, she is a motivational speaker who has always utilized her time to inspire others and help others in a myriad of positive, great ways. Today, she is 53 years old. She know Muay Thai too, which is popular in America in the past 30 years. She was born in Chester, Pennsylvania and she attended Temple University (in Philadelphia). She is a radio host today. In 2016 Fredia Gibbs was selected as the Top Ten Greatest African American Female Athletes of All time for Kickboxing. She's a legend and I wish more blessings for her. Also, it is important to reject materialism. There is nothing wrong with having resources to help others and ourselves. Yet, resources and material items have nothing to do with spirituality or our value as human beings. We should place justice, dignity, compassion, and love for the poor above material things. The Great Recession of the 21st century taught everyone that greed, materialism, and economic exploitation are evil. Material things pass away, but our legacies are eternal. Therefore, we should take time to show compassion to the poor and reject the ideal that money defines our humanity. It doesn't. Altruism is a preeminent motto that we cherish. Moving forward entails improving our lives and helping others.

Showing pro-black messages is what I do. I was born to do this and I will continue to show pro-black messages forevermore without apology. Showing these messages is about the upliftment of my people not scapegoating my people. This is about showing a real discussion about race not a sugarcoated discussion that deals with the myth of colorblindness (which is about ignoring the system of racism and rejecting the existence of cultural diversity. There is nothing wrong with cultural diversity. Colorblindness is about ignoring the reality of structural poverty, sexism, economic inequality, etc. in order for some to believe that not confronting racism overtly will lead into a meritocratic reality in society. That's another lie too). I have noticed that many who believe in the lie of colorblindess lecture others on tolerance, but some of them refuse to tolerate any discussions on black history or the beauty of black institutions. The truth is that I believe in justice and believing in justice means fighting against oppression. Yesterday was the time of D-Day. (73 years later). D-Day was a heroic time where heroes came about to liberate people from tyranny and fascism from the shores of France. Many people passed away, but these heroes sacrificed a great deal for our freedom. An evil person named Hitler would be defeated in part because of D-Day. World War II was the bloodiest war in human history. It was the most destructive war in human history. WWII always reminds that injustice and bigotry has no place anywhere in this world. Fascism in Nazi Germany was defeated back in 1945, but we still are fighting fascism in our generation. The heroes of D-Day will never be forgotten, because these soldiers made sacrifice and courage real.

By Timothy

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