Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Important Facts.

It's totally despicable actions by the cops. They murdered a pregnant black woman in Seattle. The cops could have easily left the location and called mental health experts to assist the woman. They can get relatives to the house. They can also even use non-lethal methods to deal with the situation. Yet, they killed her first and asked questions later. That is the tragedy. There are many stories where white people aimed shotguns at the police and the police do not kill that white person. Charleena Lyles wanted to allow the police to deal with a burglary and she was a victim of being killed in a sick fashion. The system for centuries in America not only have laws that were oppressive and discriminatory. The state has actually used those unjust laws to execute oppression against black people (from the 3/5s clause to the covenant policies in the Midwest and the West). The Sister deserved much more respect than this. The family of the woman is angry and want answers as they should. It is a known fact that Seattle is filled with economic inequality and racism. This is another story about how a black woman was oppressed by evil cowards. I know much of the black heroes in Seattle who fought for civil rights and against police brutality too. We aren't naive. This is a situation where we are at war against police and oligarchical tyranny. DOJ has mentioned Seattle (who is shown as a "progressive" bastion) has having a serious problem in their police department over racial intolerance and corrupt policies. Massive racism and ableism (i.e. bigotry against those with mental health issues and those with any disabilities) exist in Seattle and nationwide. We have no choice, but to resist this tyranny. The current system must be eradicated and replaced with a progressive system filled with justice and true freedom.
Rest in Power Sister Charleena Lyles.
Black Lives Matter

To racists and reactionaries, it is taboo for black people to express legitimate outrage and anger at anti-black murder. Many people are absolutely right that innocent black people are not only murdered, but many pro-cop fanatics scrutinize the victim more than the cop terrorist who inflicted murder against innocent black human lives. The victims' families are always told to unconditionally forgive the brute brutalizing their relatives (within the realm of respectability politics). As black people, we not only know the history of America. We are the victims of American hypocrisy and American oppression. The same person who wrote the Declaration of Independence was a slaveowner and a hypocritical barbarian. Jim Crow was not only evil and filled with discrimination, racism, and lycnhing. It was executed by the state governments for real in order to deny black Americans inherit freedoms. As others have mentioned countless times before, the system is not broken per se. The system, as it is, has been doing its job to oppress black people since the origins of the modern American nation. A system that maintains the myth of police infallibility and oppression is no system that we respect. Valerie Castile has every right to express her frustration and anger at a disgraceful verdict and a cruel judicial system. As other great people have stated, we have to end misogynoir and defend the human rights of black people in general.
RIP Philando Castile.
Black Lives Matter.

The crisis in Central High School (in Little Rock) was about debates in dealing with education. State and local governments in the South promoted segregated schools and the federal government had little involvement. Many schools refused to enforce the Brown decision back then during the late 1950’s. So, conflicts arose. The 1957 Little Rock crisis in Arkansas changed America forever. The situation started when the Little Rock school board had formed a plan to gradually desegregate its schools. It wanted to start with the Central High School. Nine African American schools volunteered to enroll. They were supported by Daisy Bates and these students had excellent grades. Later, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus said that he opposed integration and called out the state National Guard from Arkansas on September 4, 1957. When the nine students came at Central High, the soldiers from the state National Guard blocked their way. One of the nine was Elizabeth Eckford. She said that white racists wanted to lynch her in screaming. Eckford was spat upon by a white racist woman. On the first day, the Little Rock Nine didn’t go into the school. Elizabeth Eckford was brave and this story was shown in the London Times, the Times of India, and the South China Morning Post. Television coverage was shown of these events too. President Eisenhower before this time didn’t provide great leadership on the civil rights movement. He wanted the status quo. He didn’t urge rapid enforcement of the Brown decision. In private, he criticized the Brown decision. It was when the Governor Faubus resisted the will of the federal courts is when he acted. Eisenhower sent federal troops (from the 101st Airborne Division) to Little Rock to protect the students and to enforce the Court’s decision.

This was the first time since Reconstruction that a President of the United States sent federal troops to the South to protect the rights of black citizens. He gave his federal address on TV to enforce federal law. For the whole school year, federal troops stayed in Little Rock. They escorted the nine black students to and from Central High. They protected them on the school ground. Many of the students still experienced harassment and violence from racist students. They had to pass through a gauntlet of spitting, jeering whites to arrive at school on their first day, and to put up with harassment from other students for the rest of the year. Although federal troops escorted the students between classes, the students were teased and even attacked by white students when the soldiers were not around. One of the Little Rock Nine, Minnijean Brown, was suspended for six days in December 1957 for dropping her tray, on which she had a bowl of chili, on the floor and splashing two white boys, after several chairs had been pushed in her way, withdrawn, and then pushed in her way again, in the cafeteria. Later, in February 1958, a group of girls threw a purse filled with combination locks at Minniejean. She responded by calling the girls "white trash" and she was immediately expelled. That expulsion was unjust. Minnijean Brown-Trickey continues to fight for civil rights and human rights to this very day. Ernest Green was a senior and was the first African American to graduate from Central High School. Southern politicians still found slick ways to not comply with the Brown decision. The journey for freedom continued.

There is news of a U.S. plane shooting down a Syrian aircraft. This is the first time this has happened since the days of Kosovo during the 1990's. Later, Russia withdrew collaboration with the U.S. on dealing with the Syrian crisis. Russian Defense Ministry says this is an “act of aggression” or an act of war in other words. In the middle of April, Donald Trump gave his generals “total authority” to conduct military strikes in Syria without his approval. Also, Russia says that they will treat U.S. military aircraft as targets if they travel to the west of the Euphrates River. This is the world that Trump has created. Trump is a militarist. Trump's irresponsible foreign policy actions are outright dangerous. On a sad note, the rapper Brother Prodigy (Albert Johnson) passed away recently of sickle cell anemia today. He was 42 years old. It's shocking news. That is a serious illness in the African American community. Since I was a kid, I knew about it. Many of our people deal with it all of the time. He was born in Long Island and was raised in Queens. He is known for his lyricism. I send prayers and condolences to his family and friends. Of course, I don't agree with some of the language that some rappers use, but during this time, we all send heartfelt condolences to his relatives and his children. This is a time to honor the value of human life and to send respect to a Brother who recently passed away.
RIP Brother Prodigy.

By Timothy

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