Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mid June 2017 News

The Attorney General Sessions gave his testimony. First, it is important to show who Sessions is. Sessions is the person who agrees with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, the ending of consent decrees (which are used to combat police terrorism), and he believes in the views of Trump. There are many events of the hearing that should be known. Here are some facts of it: Sessions confirmed the existence of the meeting with Trump that Comey said. He said that Comey expressed concern over the Trump meeting, which confirms Comey's prior testimony. He has denied any collaboration with any Russians in dealing with election manipulation. He tried to blame Franken, but this controversy isn't Franken's fault. Sessions is known to have met with Sergey Kislyak at the Republican National Convention. Sessions paid for his travel to the RNC with his campaign funds. Sessions has denied a 3rd meeting with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel. One of the most disgraceful and sexist parts of the hearing is when GOP Senators constantly interrupted and cut Senator Kamala Harris from asking legitimate questions (in dealing with documentation) to Sessions. Harris is a woman of color from California and she is a progressive. A black woman and any woman has the right to speak without inappropriate interruptions. Sessions didn't answer many questions too from the Senator Intelligence Committee. He didn't answer whether Trump talked about Comey’s handling of the Russia investigation with him. Sessions wouldn’t say whether he’d talked about Comey’s handling of the Russia investigation with Trump. Sessions wouldn’t say whether he felt misled when Trump said on TV that Russia was on his mind when he fired Comey. He dodged questions involving many questions about Trump. So, more questions remains and an independent investigation is necessary to find the total truth.

This situation represents the paradox of many people. Some people lust after material items so much that they view paper money as a signal of their human worth or value. I don't know whether Tory Lanez believes in that philosophy, but I do know that I wouldn't spent money in any establishment that was racist towards me. For him to do that is paradoxical. Also, another essential point is to be mentioned. We have massive economic inequality in the world (which includes our community). Many of our people suffer poverty. More people have to set up strategies to end systematic poverty. Money is a resource. It is not divine. It is not a god. Therefore, this solution revolves around a collective response among all of us to go out to fight back against the poverty harming many of our people. That doesn't entail poor bashing or mocking the poor, which is a disgraceful action. It does revolve around pooling our resources to support institutions, organizations, and programs which are legitimately helping the poor. It is about promoting a living wage. It is about advancing infrastructure and enterprises that benefit our community. It's about a change in the system where the 1% doesn't have a disproportionate amount of the wealth of the Earth. Many celebrities want to talk about Louis Vutton and Gucci, but the owners of those products don't care about the masses of the people (and they certainly don't want the status quo changed since they benefit from that status quo). We have to get our priorities straight and not worship money and clothes. We should use money and other resources as tools to try to make real change beneficial to our people as a whole (not just a small section of the super wealthy or upper middle class black Americans). We need more builders, more scholars, more entrepreneurs, more lawyers, more social activists, more inventors, and more engineers (among both black men and black women). We have the spirit, the imagination, and the unwavering determination to continue in this work for freedom.

I saw the trailer of the Black Panther movie. It was innovative, choreographically magnificent, and it has shown many important messages. One message that it outlined is that tons of black people are fans of science fiction. Many black people, who comment on this very forum, love sci fi a great deal among a diversity of quarters. Also, it shows the power, the dignity, and the creativity of black humanity. The plot involves a group of black people trying to defend their way of life in the midst of a threat against their societal system. The cast of the movie not only have tons of experience acting, but they enjoy doing their craft revolving around this unique, powerful story line. The special effects in the film are superb. The cover is legitimate and those who say that it is too "militant" are over analyzing the situation (and those critics are obviously wrong). Some who use "militant" (in criticizing something) use that word as a coded word for you know what. What Huey P. Newton did in his picture decades ago wasn't offensive. It was about showing courage and strength plus passion about what he stood for. Many Black Panthers not only fought police brutality. Many Black Panthers helped to feed the poor, cared for the sick in health care services, established educational centers for the youth, helped people with transportation services, assisted the elderly, and gave many black Americans love for their own heritage (which is beautiful as Black is Beautiful). The words from the haters can never stop the beauty of the truth. So, the movie Black Panther represents another chapter in our history and another opportunity for people globally to appreciate the powerful resolve of Black Excellence.

The day of naivete is over. This is one of the most disturbing stories that I have read in my life. The person or persons responsible for such an evil, heinous murder should be brought to justice and punished. Obviously, such events still go on not only in the Deep South (in Jackson, Mississippi) against black people. They go on worldwide against black people. They have caught people using black people in Libya in a slave auction. Black people have been assaulted by racists in India recently. One black older man was murdered by a cowardly racist in NYC in a hate crime. One Somalian American black woman was assaulted by a racist in Columbus, Ohio recently. The Sister's name is Rahma Warsame. That is why when we talk about these incidents of hate crimes and murder against black people, we are telling the truth. It takes an evil mind to behead a black person. It certainly makes me angry and I have the right to be angry against murder, against hate, and against oppression. We use our anger to stand up for our human rights and defend our freedoms as black people. That is the point. Murderers and racists are always cowards. Black people experienced massive pogroms in American history and we deplore such acts of brutality. RIP to the Black person. News like this should be known, because it outlines the truth that just because we don't live in the 60's anymore, doesn't mean that racism or beheadings are gone. We have the right to live on this Earth and we will fight for justice.

Days ago the date of the passing of the Sister Ruby Dee. Throughout her life, she was an actress, a mother, a grandmother, and a social activist. Long before the 1960's, she stood up for racial and economic justice. She passed away 3 years ago, but her legacy is here to stay. Her love of her life was Ossie Davis, who was a fellow activist in his own right. Their love was great and they cherished each other a great deal. Both of them opposed the death penalty, opposed nuclear weapons, opposed police brutality, opposed the Vietnam War (being involved in protests), opposed the Iraq War, and supported justice for our people. She was a close friend to Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Back during the 1990's (during the weekends), I saw Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee's movie specials too. The movie specials to those in my generation and older showed classic black films from many years ago. Now, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are in Paradise. We are inspired to work and to fight for our rights and to make sure that future generations can see a better world. Ruby Dee combined artistic expression and social activism, which is very glorious.
Rest in Power Sister Ruby Dee.

By Timothy

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